2 thoughts on “Sheik Yassin Assassination – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I worry that you’re getting sucked into some screwed up media portrayals. I don’t consider myself a conservative (indeed, I am very critical of the Sharone gov’t, and I believe in the creation of a Palestinian state), I have trouble with how the elimination of Yassin, a cold-blooded murderer, is being painted as an act of violent aggression on the part of Israel.

    From the link below:

    Nearly all news reports claimed within the first two sentences that the IDF strike is “likely to escalate violence,” and constitutes “an enormous gamble by Sharon” that “risks triggering a dramatic escalation in bloodshed.” (Associated Press)

    This claim ― which belongs on the editorial page, not in the same breath as the actual news report of the event ― was so widespread that one almost forgets that it represents only the Palestinian position: The official PA statement characterized the Israeli strike as inviting “more violence and further escalation.”

    The absent Israeli position: Though terrorist efforts may increase temporarily, in the long run the elimination of Yassin will upset Hamas’ leadership and violent capabilities, and serve as an essential deterrent to ongoing Palestinian terror. As Israeli spokesman Avi Pazner said:

    “His elimination will serve peace in the long run. He is personally responsible for all the most dreadful attacks in Israel. He was a dangerous extremist Islamic ideologist. He was danger to the entire region. By eliminating this threat to peace we will improve chances for a better Middle East.”


  2. I just found this link on your page from a survey of the
    Technorati.com service where you can check the web for
    sites that mention your blog. How did you happen to find
    it? I am guessing that it is due to my association with
    leftists…er…I mean, “progressives” in Open Source Politics
    at http://www.ospolitics.org. So, I’ve read your post on the
    murder of the Palestinian leader, and I am glad to see your
    comments and link. I don’t see too much on blogs or the web
    right now about all this. Yet it is another MURDER sanctioned
    by the US administration. I’d find it hard to believe that the
    Bush folks did NOT know about this plan, ahead of time. So, the
    US officially murders those two sons of Sadaam Hussein, and the
    Israelis murder the spiritual leader of the Palestinians. And
    no one much blinks. I’ve been wondering about the whole “eye for
    an eye” concept. How can this revenge serve modern humanity? I
    despair for the future of the world.

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