1 thought on “John Kasich: Economics Wonder – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If what you say is true then how come we where running surpluses in 199, the same year that Bill Clinton proposed in the State of the Union and then signed into law a $124 Billion increase in defense spending, which I believe is about 30-40% higher than Bush’s proposal last year (I don’t know what his proposal is this year).

    The fact is that the balanced budgets did have very little to do with Clinton and Rubin and more to do with the health of the economy. When the government takes in more revenue deficits shrink, when the economy goes south the deficits re-appear with the exception of the 1980s’ when the administration dramatically increased defense funding in order to keep the deficits around as a way to control congressional spending on social programs.

    I am not defending Bush’s spending habits, I think they are terrible, and Republicans that defend them are hypocrites. I just don’t see the dramatic differences in how the two parties manage the economy. In bad economic times government spends, the Republicans by cutting taxes and the Democrats by increasing the size of social programs, this is mostly succesful because both methods improve the health of the enonomy.

    The trouble is ,that in good economic times the politicians get greedy and continue to over spend, as opposed to preparing for a rainy day. Deficits are caused by bad planning in good economic times, not over spending in bad economic times.

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