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  1. I appreciate this directory; people
    at my shul are very often
    complaining that there are no
    moderate Palestinians. But I’m
    very confused; you say that you
    never “give their comments any
    you are trying to work for middle-
    East peace. What am I missing?
    David Drews

  2. The best way for Israel to stop terrorist attacks in its territory is by first ceasing its occupation of Arab land in the West Bank and Gaza.

    However, Israel will not pull back to its pre-1967 borders so long as many Israelis and most evangelical Christians in America continue to believe that present day Jews have a biblical right to all of Arab territory in Palestine. For this reason a biblical examination of the issue is necessary.

    As an evangelical Christian, of Indian origin, I wish to set the biblical issue in proper perspective.

    Although the modern state of Israel now has every right to exist as any other nation this does not mean that Zionism ( the belief that Jews have a biblical right to all of Palestine ) is correct. And it is Zionism that is primarily fueling the building and expansion of Jewish settlements on Arab land.

    From a purely biblical perspective Zionism has enormous problems.

    The fact is that almost none of the Jews in modern Israel today are descendants of the original Jews of Palestine thousands of years ago. Most of the Jews in Israel today are descendants of Europeans who had converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages (known as Khazar Jews).

    The last time that God had promised in Scripture to bring the Jews back to their ancestral homeland was already fulfilled centuries ago when He brought them back from their Babylonian captivity. Thus, the Jews in present day modern Israel are not a fulfillment of that ancient promise.

    Furthermore, God’s promises concerning the land to the Jews in the Old Testament were conditional – only so long as they obeyed Him were those promises concerning the land binding.

    Most evangelical Christians today are looking forward to the seven year tribulation period of Israel which would require for the Jews to be in the land. But this period had already occurred in history during 63 A.D. to 70 A.D. ( seven years ) when the Roman army besieged and destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple. It was this destruction that Jesus said would mark the end of the age ( the Jewish Age, that is ).

    Evangelical Christians who are dispensationalists are still seeking for an Israel that the New Testament says is the spiritual body of Christ made up of both Jew and Gentile believers in Jesus Christ and who together inherit the same promises.

    The modern state of Israel, now that it has been established, has every right to exist and almost all Palestinians now will agree to Israel’s right to exist. What they do not agree with is Israel’s continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and Israel’s continued building of settlements there. Most Palestinans will stop supporting terrorism if Israel simply gets out of their “lawn” (the West Bank and Gaza) and that is the best way for Israel to stop the terrorism and preserve its security and peace – not to mention the security and peace of others.

    Babu G. Ranganathan

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