4 thoughts on “Joe Lieberman: Fading Fast? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There were calls for Eichmann’s head before the nuremberg trials too, no? Was that wrong? In my opinion, those calls were well justified. Personally, I am against the death penalty in this country becuase of the occasional abuse by the courts. But Eichmann’s guilt was assured before the trials too, just like Saddam. This isn’t your run of the mill 1st degree murderer. He’s a butcher, a tyrant. These calls by Bush and Lieberman, though a bit premature, are justified too.

    The trial of a man like Saddam did not come along so frequently in those ancient times.

  2. “it could cause some damage to Dean among Lieberman’s right of center Democratic supporters”

    Dean causes all the damage with his own words!

  3. Eichmann was not tried at the Nuremburg Trials which took place in 1946 and 1947 in Germany. Eichmann was captured by Israel years later (about 1968) I beleive. He was convicted of “crimes against humanity” and was executed. Crimes against humanity is considered to be worse than the usual first degree murder (if such can ever be termed “usual”).

    Trial or no trial the evidence we all know to be true shows that Saddam is also guilty of crmes against humanity. I believe he should be executed as should several others guilty of the same horrific crimes – Chemical Ali, etc.

  4. Eichmann’s trial occurred in 1962 if I recall correctly, in Israel as Charley Davis notes.

    While Sadaam may be guilty of crimes against humanity, so have many other prominent leaders who ended their lives in peace & tranquility never having seen the court of justice. Do you really believe that Sadaam’s crimes rise to the level of Eichmann’s? If so, why charge Sadaam with capital murder when the world did almost nothing to prosecute people like Idi Amin, Pol Pot and Radavan Karatich (I spell Slavic names abysmally, I know)? Isn’t this hypocritical & purely politically motivated revenge by Bush?

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