27 thoughts on “Israeli Chief Rabbi Orders Shop Owners Who Employ Jewish Girls Not to Hire Arabs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The more religious they are, the more racist they get. Than again, every monotheistic religion does that at some fundamental level – every religion has it’s own “right” set of values which implies any other set to be “wrong”. You can be tolerant about other religions or bigoted, but you can’t allow AND forbid pork at the same time.

  2. Zionism = Racism
    Does anyone remember the hullabaloo when the UN passed this resolution?
    Israel is proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that those who voted yay knew us much more than us.
    This racism policy condoned, abetted, fomented, fermented and financed by the state is the twin policy of South Africa.
    Do the local jews really believe that a similar experiment will produce a different result?
    With these policies, the palestinians only need wait out and watch us commit seppuku.
    Religion will provide the tools of our destruction not redemption

    1. You forgot that the UN rescinded its motion and cancelled it retroactivily.
      This so-called religious Jew (religious? how can he be called religious?) is probably anti-zionist like most Shas representatives and so can hardly be equated with the Zionist movement which has nothing in its ideology that can be construed to be racist any more than any other national liberation movement (as opposed to some of the Israeli government policies, which is in no way equivalent to Zionism).

      In any case from the comments to the blog on the topic relating to the relations with Turkey, discriminating against other religions (=non-Jews) is to be considered merely “bigotry” and not racism. (per Shirin and almabu).

      1. Bigotry? No it’s racism
        Discrimination against women is also bigotry?
        Discrimination between citizens of the same country is also bigotry?
        Discrimination against conversions done by others than a “chosen” group of rabbis is that also bigotry?
        Discrimination against women praying is that also bigotry?
        At what point all those bigotries turn into racism?
        Rather than trying to vilify others to exculpate yourself better yourself by rising ABOVE other people’s racism.
        Lead by example not by pointing fingers, that’s the way of the coward

  3. About racism: we’re all the same African ape. 😉 100,000 years ago, all of us had common ancestors located only in Africa. The first signs of modern humans show up a whopping 800,000 years ago. Judeo-Christo-Islamic contexts really dwell on the past, what, 10,000 years? Sure, we have creation in there, etc. But, also, stories like the Tower of Babel and indication that Jews were never a homogeneous race, nor the sons of Abraham. From a science perspective, it’s much better to diversify your gene pool. Your DNA is not only stronger when it plays that sophisticated game of criss-cross the telomeres under the microscope, but your child will inherit the best qualities of both parents and likely lose the worst. Thus, all this “racial preservation” actually is deleterious to the gene pool and creates a lot of problems that we can see before our eyes without paying much mind to the genetics.

    From a psychology perspective, if you tell any young girl that they should not be with someone of a [pick one] race, the next thing they will do is either date, fall in love with, or marry that particular man you told them to stay away from. That is why when I have a daughter I am going to tell her to stay away from nice guys who are nothing but nerds and determined to succeed in life and try to force upon her the bums and jerks. And then, I hope she shows me good 😉 Of course, all hypothetical and coming from someone who doesn’t actually have children, so take my joke with a grain of salt.

    1. Bottom line after the history, psychology and anatomy courses jewish racism is created under the guise of religion or in other words hiding behind the good book.
      Every single religion in this world strives with open arms to accept, convert and assimilate those who want to join, jews walk in the opposite direction.
      For some minority to call itself BETTER and SUPERIOR than the rest of jewry I call that racism

      1. Original authentic Judaism encouraged conversion until Talmudic times when rabbis became wary of the motives of the converts.
        “Walking in the opposite direction” doesn’t neccesarily imply superiority, and certainly not racism, but simply a tougher “exam” to get in to the club.
        Judaism was never intended to be evangelical, though, unlike Christianity or Islam.
        This minority does not claim to be “better” or “superior” but intent on its remaining separate, which is a legitimate right of any indiginous group.

        What is wrong with this rabbis obnoxious ruling is that he focuses it in the wrong direction. If you believe that your daughter shouldn’t intermarry, then “order’ her to stay at home until you find her the right shidduch – don’t discriminate against the non-Jew in order to forward your own programme, discriminate against yourself!

        1. # Shmuel)
          “This minority does not claim to be “better” or “superior” but intent on its remaining separate, which is a legitimate right of any indigenous group”

          There’s just a tiny problem: the inhabitants of Rosh Ha-Ayin are NOT the indigenous people of this place. On the contrary, the town has been established on land that belonged to the Arab village of Majdal Yaba whose population was expulsed in July ’48.

          The ones who could legitimately claim to be let alone are thus the Palestinians !

          1. Any group, indigenous or not, has a right to remain separate as long as any measures to achieve this separation are inflicted upon the group and are legal.

            That is, you don’t want your children to marry people of kind X? Fine, as long as it’s not the people of X kind who pay the price.

            Personally, I think that marrying or not marrying someone ONLY on ethnic grounds is a bad idea but i don’t think I have a moral right to force this view upon others.

          2. @Deir Yassin
            Just a few thoughts about the link concerning Majdal Yaba:
            *The site conveniently starts with the historical Roman name and omits the basis of the Roman name – the Biblical Jewish “Afek” (see book of Samuel)
            *the picture of the destroyed village clearly shows the site to be unpopulated today, with the remains of the central building and green wasteland around it. Nothing like Rosh Ha’ayin of today.
            *What the hell was the Iraqi army doing there “defending” it? Maybe this army had previously invaded to help kick out the Jewish inhabitants of Palestine?
            *the Palestinians who left there, according to the site, came from Transjordan in the 17th century to “settle” there. I wonder from whom they bought the land? Sounds like “a people without land to a land without people”.

          3. # Yakov)
            “You don’t want your children to marry people of kind X ”
            Oh, because you would interfer in the choice of whom your kids should and should not marry ? And if they choose a partner without marrying ?

            By the way, I’ve noticed that you’re pretty worried about that intermarriage-stuff.

            As far as I understand the ‘remaining separate’, it goes much further, that is, not sharing the same public sphere as the Other but this place, Rosh Ha-Ayin, happened to be the Other’s land.

          4. # Shmuel)
            “The picture of the destroyed village clearly shows the site to be unpopulated today”
            This is kind of a tautology, isn’t it ? It’s unpopulated because it was destroyed – and by whom ? Guess.

            “Nothing like Rosh Ha’ayin today”
            The slogan of French colonialism was “Mission civilisatrice”, it fits your point of view very well.

            “The Palestinians who left [they were expulsed ! ] . . . came from Transjordan in the 17th century to “settle” there.”
            Are you sure your reading skills are okay ??
            I read:
            “Majdal was repopulated when Palestine was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire in the early 16th century, and by 1596 it was a small village . . .”

            More than 10 lines further on it says that the village was renamed after the prominent Rayyan clan, a branch of the Bedouin Bani Ghazi tribe that emigrated to Palestine from Jordan in the 17th century.

            What’s your problem, Shmuel ?
            That people in the 17th century who moved freely from one place to another within the Bilâd al-Shâm (Greater Syria) shouldn’t do so because two centuries later European colonialism and Zionism would create borders on the land that used to be ONE ?

            I also read:
            “Majdal Yaba was in the territory allotted to the Arab State under the Partition Plan. However it was occupied by the Second Batallion of the Alexandroni Brigade on July 12 1948 . . . after wrestling it from the Iraqi Army who were [was] defending the village . . . ”
            So you’re upset by Arabs defending an Arab village against foreign agressors ??
            You can twist the sources as much as you like. I know, to paraphrase Abuna Elias Chacour that “We belong to this land”.

  4. Richard wrote: “I’m not aware of any traditional halachic violations against having sex with any non-Jew let alone an Arab.”

    There is the case of Zimri, a prince of the tribe of Shimon and Cozbi the Midianite woman. They were speared while in the flagrante delicto by Pinchas, Aarons’ grandson. In that case, the Midianite women were encouraging Hebrew men to worship Ba’al and so Pinchas was seen as a heroic figure. As a result of Pinchas’s action, a plague that had killed 24,000 people ended (chasing Midianite skirt and worshiping Ba’al had become rampant). On the other hand, Miriam the prophetess, sister of Moses and Aaaron, was rebuked for criticizing Moses’ marrying an Ethiopian woman. She was stricken with leprosy in fact. The presumption is that Moses’ wife agreed to worship God and practice Judaism. Thus we can conclude that the proscriptions against sex with non-Jews isn’t based on race or miscegenation but rather on the concern that Jews involved in such relationships would stray from their Judaism. Not that it’s definitive but just the other day I had a conversation with a friend who started seeing an Arab man and she was telling me that she was under tremendous pressure from her boyfriend’s mother to convert to Islam. Obviously the Rabbis would not be too pleased with this, but it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with religion.

    1. Nathaniel, could you provide a translation of those important two articles? And Richard — couldn’t you devote a post to them? A lot is made in the Ziosphere of crazy conspiracy theories on the part of Arabs, and it would be interesting to show how Israeli Jews also have their share of irrational beliefs.

  5. while there probably isnt a halachic basis not to hire a non jew just because a jewish girl or even a man is working in ones shop, to say that assimilation and intermarriage is comparable to miscegenation is just wrong

    there are halachic implications to intermarriage…this has nothing to do with racist policies

    1. to say that assimilation and intermarriage is comparable to miscegenation is just wrong

      Miscegenation is the mixing of races through sexual relations. Of course it’s the same thing as the Jewish view of intermarriage. Just because halacha tells you only to marry a Jew doesn’t mean that this can’t have an element of racism in it if you look down your nose at the Arab male who is allegedly trapping a Jewish girl into getting pregnant.

  6. fyi, the neturei karta have been excommunicated as a result of their contributing to the holocaust denial conference in iran

    and to engage in sexual congress with a non jew is considered a l’av, meaning that one can get malchus (lashes)

  7. To Mr. Yakov

    You wish to be part of “indigenous or not” group so be it but DO NOT RULE OTHERS BY HYPOCRISY.
    The Amish are also a sect and yet they shy away from the government trough they do not inflict onto others as “laws” inventions or fallacies for the sake of power.
    Should the rules be towards inclusions so be it but when they are geared MAINLY AND MOSTLY TOWARDS EXCLUSION then this is RACISM PURE AND NAKED.

  8. @Nathaniel

    The irony is that many of the Fundamentalist Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews believe in Astrology and/or are willing to go to a “wizard” for spell-casting or potions* (all under the table, of course.)


    * Read that in Israel Shahak’s “Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel”, which may or may not discredit my post depending on your point of view.

  9. And you go on about how the “Ashkenazi elite” is responsible for all the racism in Israel. So far all these rabiis have been Sephardic. Hmmm…

    1. Not sure who you’re accusing. But I don’t use terms like “Ashkenazi elite.” Though there have been many Ashkenazi rabbis who’ve expressed these views & worse. Jewish bigotry knows no division bet. Ashkenazi & Mizrahi unfortunately.

      1. Phil Weiss, Norman Finkelstein, Juan Cole do it all the time. I’m sorry I naturally assumed you were in that crowd. They use Sephardim as pawns. They only talk about them when it involves poor, downtrodden Sephardim being oppressed by those evil Ashkenazim. It’s nauseating. They have a very superficial understanding of race relations in Israel. More than half the racism in Israel comes from Sephardim, both with Israel/Palestinian relations and with domestic race relations between different jewish groups. Much has been said about how ultra Orthodox Ashkenazi parents at the Emanuel School parents did not want their children did not want their children to attend school with Sephardim, but little has been said about a smaller school in which jews of Iraqi descent pulled their children out of a school because it was being integrated with a school with a large Ethiopian jewish population and the Iraqi jews did not want their kids associating with Ethiopian jews. Food for thought.

        1. This sort of phenomenon is very common. In America 100 yrs ago or more the whites hated the Blacks, Germans hated Irish, Irish hated Blacks, etc. As far as racism goes it seems to run down the ethnic food chain.

  10. The Jewish halachic tradition is and was always against tight relation with other non-jewish people.
    Take for example the prohibition of Libation wine and oil, If we drink together it make us close, – this is not good.
    Therefore, I can understand the rabbi orders against Arabs in the cities of Israel.
    What I can’t understand is why you care about it?
    This is the Halacha! don’t be good friend with other non-jewish people either you man or woman.
    If you keep the Jewish Law – it important to you.
    If not – it’s not your business!

  11. This just reeks of the same racist mentality as the ‘rape by deception’ case last summer – the smarmy implications that Jewish womanhood must be protected from being polluted by those dirty, horny Arabs. It’s reminiscent of the Jim Crow south. It’s insulting to both Arabs and to women.

    The obsession with Jewishness is in itself racist and xenophobic, which is what I’m seeing here in huge doses.

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