10 thoughts on “Israel Hacked Russian Intelligence, Helped Trump Get Elected – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Excellent stuff Richard, thanks.

    From early 2017 I used the term IntelliGate instead of “RussiaGate” as the manipulation and propaganda has been clear to me from the get go. Easier to observe and write about this from the old country as I got mostly abuse on a “Progressive” blog in the U.S. Don’t touch HRC and her backers!

    The PropOrNot and Hamilton 68 club was led by the military-intelligence crowd that took sides and supported the Democrats ahead of the 2016 election.

    Not only Israel, but the UAE and Saudi Arabia threw their support by anyone other than a Democrat due to the JCPOA deal with Iran signed off by Obama. Russia never ceases to antagonize Western nations by disinformation and hacking.

    Re: Erik Prince and Abu Dhabi, Steve Bannon/Jared Kushner with Cambridge Analytica came under fire with Facebook scandal, Mark Zuckerberg, Robert Mercer had a stake in company,

    Nigel Oakes and Alexander Nix founded the SCL Group in 2005, UK defense contracts, global election interference, Facebook connection. The High Court heard that administrators had deliberately misled a judge during a previous hearing by obfuscating their financial links to Emerdata (Emirates), a company which was set up by Alexander Nix, Rebekah Mercer, and other senior figures who were previously involved with Cambridge Analytica.

    The Netherlands as part of Nine Eyes, are part of the cyber warfare attack team of NATO and infiltrated in the Cosy Bear team of hackers as early as December 2014. That intelligence was shared for years with GCHQ, NSA and Mossad (thru Unit 8200?).

    “The Dutch were spying on Cozy Bear Hackers as they targeted Democrats”

    “Pegasus Incorporated Into NATO Hybrid Warfare”

  2. What is not clear is who ordered 8200 to pass over the intel to Molcho?
    If Gantz himself, surely someone from from 8200 would have leaked the story to the press since most 8200 (privileged) soldiers lean left?

    1. @ Shmuel:

      who ordered 8200 to pass over the intel to Molcho?

      Unit 8200 is IDF intelligence. Any intelligence it produces would have been made available to Netanyahu. Especially something as critical as this.

  3. Richard, Your missive today is perfectly timed. After seeing James Bamford on Amy Goodman’s show last week and hearing his new book Spyfail is out, I’m halfway through it and hoping you review it. What shocks me (and I don’t shock easily) is the impunity of Israeli spies and their accomplices in breaking U.S. laws and the protection U.S. politicians give them due to AIPAC’s financial largesse and the willingness of U.S. Jews to support Israel, even when it breaks U.S. laws and endangers American interests. The accusations of “divided loyalties” is extremely dangerous to American Jews. The blowback from this Israeli policy of interfering with internal U.S. politics and breaking U.S. laws could be severe.

  4. “a startling expose”? Well, sort of. Bamford adds a lot of background, detail, and color, but the FBI affidavit he relies on for the basic facts was the subject of an extensive story in the Times of Israel when it was first disclosed in 2020 (“Redacted FBI document hints at Israeli efforts to help Trump in 2016 campaign” – https://www.timesofisrael.com/redacted-fbi-document-hints-at-israeli-efforts-to-help-trump-in-2016-campaign/ ). That triggered follow-up reports on Mondoweiss, IsraelPalestineNews.org, and other “alternative” outlets. There was even an hour-long discussion of the story on a small Marin County radio station.

    Of course, the corporate media wouldn’t touch it, just as they still won’t. But Bamford and The Nation deserve some credit for trying again to bring it some attention.

    1. @ Henry Norr: With all due respect, I don’t agree. Bamford is the first one to identify not only who the Israeli “secret agent” was. But also identify Benny Gantz as the likely IDF general who accompanied him. No one ever suggested that Unit 8200 might have Russian intelligence, and that it could have conveyed the Russian plans directly to Trump before Wikileaks published them. Bamford did that. The earlier reports, including one I published here and which I linked to, were not at all comprehensive because the FBI filing was heavily redacted.

  5. The prime minister assigned his most secret assignments to Molho and trusted him completely. He has negotiated with Yasser Arafat, arranged the prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit,

    This is fake!!!
    Yaser Arafat was died at this time

    1. @Pablo:

      מלכו ודורי גולד היו נציגיה הראשונים של ממשלת נתניהו שנועדו עם יאסר ערפאת ברצועת עזה, ב-27 ביוני 1996[6]. מלכו קיים עם יאסר ערפאת יותר מחמישים פגישות והיה האחראי לגיבוש הסכם חברון[7]

      From Hebrew Wikipedia. Did you bother to check it before posting your comment? Now who’s the faker. Would be nice if you would apologize for your error.

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