14 thoughts on “Israeli Settlers Are Not Jews, But They Are Terrorists – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. About 8 or 9 years ago somebody told me that I am not a Jew because I oppose Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians and our government’s UNCONDITIONAL support for Israel. A married couple in my congregation who supported my view along with myself criticized him for his remarks. Unfortunately this couple are now deceased. One does not have to support Israel to be a Jew. Jews existed for hundreds of years when there was no Israel. One does not have to be able to read the Torah in Hebrew to be a Jew, as some Jews claim. What is important as a Jew is to stand up against oppression and for Tikkun Olam which means to make the world better. Caring for the homeless and the poor, being for health care for everybody is in the Jewish tradition. Actually during the early 20th Century there were some Zionists that advocated that Palestine be a place where Jews could settle and share the land with the indigenous people there, that included Jews and non-Jews. Unfortunately they were overruled by the other Zionists.

  2. “In short, these are not Jews. They are pagan idolaters. Worshippers of stones and bones. ”


    Jews bemoan the destruction of their Holy Temple and pray for the Mosiach to come and rebuild it.

    As far as the Cave of the Machpelah, which you oddly refer to as the Ibrahimi mosque, archeological evidence shows us that most likely the cave was a pilgrimage site during First Temple times!
    Jews have visited and worshipped at the tomb of Abraham since time immemorial.

    BTW, when muslims venerate the tomb are they bone worshiping?
    Muslims venerate the Kaaba, in Mecca. Are they stone worshiping pagans as well?

    1. “BTW, when muslims venerate the tomb are they bone worshiping?
      Muslims venerate the Kaaba, in Mecca. Are they stone worshiping pagans as well?”

      Maybe. They do it too, whether/if and some do or not, is besides the point. They are human. The point is that Jews are forbidden to worship idols… one of the supposed psychological breakthroughs in the evolution of human consciousness that Judaism brought us collectively. What does that mean? Christ, true Christianity, is not to be worshipped in this way either so the spirit/consciousness can rise,. Therefore one does not abdicate to worship itself. These “stone and bone worshippers” got stuck in that, derailed. But they are and will become representative of what Judaism is now if Jews in organized religion do not care enough to oppose them and their actions.

      To Walter Ballin above- I too have been called not a Jew for other reasons as well. (an excommunication!). Then a “religious” cousin feeling my despair about that assumption/accusation/excommunication wisely said, “you can never leave your Judaism” ; no-one can or should tell you that you are not a Jew.

      1. Thank you Potter. I neglected to mention that indeed it states in the Torah that Jews are not to worship idols. Israel is a piece of land, so worshiping Israel is worshiping an idol. Years ago I watched a segment on CBS’s 60 Minutes, in which they showed a Jewish settler originally from the U.S. literally kissing the ground in the occupied West Bank. Nuts, I say!

        1. We had a short conversation (so many years ago) about with my cousin about what meant: that you can never not be Jewish ( because that is what you are) or/also that you can never really be considered as having left… and if so.. there was always the hope that you will return.( albeit to orthodoxy.) That was his Judaism. At the time I really felt embraced by at least one person in my family- and I made it in my mind to be representative tough it was not really. The family struggled with me, but they came around. It was about love and family above all which should be the wider/higher lesson. But regarding what Richard is talking about above, you cannot talk to these fanatic stubborn people about values.They are gone it seems and they must learn from all sorts of strong pushback— which they should get including and maybe especially formally. Otherwise organized Judaism and Israel gets swallowed by them, anti-Semitism is boosted and it reflects on all Jews.

  3. “No claim from an ancient book–written who knows when, where and by whom–gives a Jew, two thousand years later, the right to usurp, ethnically cleanse, and mass murder another people who has lived in this land for generations”

    Yet, there is a hadith that has Muhammed saying, “You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: Come here, O Muslim, there is a Jew, so kill him.”

    Richard. Can you really say for sure that there is no religious component to Palestinian muslims opposition to Zionism? How would you know that?

    1. @ Chad: You are off-topic. Do not post on subjects unless they are directly related to the post. This Islamophobic nonsense is not. Respect this in future comments.

      I find it deeply disturbing that two purportedly separate commenters are quoting from the same hadith, in the same off topic fashion. Either you are the same person or each were given this hasbara “assignment,” along with the hadith to act as ammunition. Both you and “JUdy Cohen” should know that I am watching your comments very carefully. If I detect further comment fraud I will not hesitate to ban one or both of you.

      Can you really say for sure that there is no religious component to Palestinian muslims opposition to Zionism? How would you know that?

      First of all, not all Palestinians are Muslims. And ALL Palestinians, whether Muslim or Christian oppose Zionism (except for a few grifters bought off by the government or pro-Israel groups). So opposing Zionism has NOTHING to do with Islam. Unlike, by the way, the settlers who exploit religion in order to justify their genocidal goals against Palestinians.

      How would I know that? Because unlike you, I actually know learned observant Muslims and have discussed these issues with them. In fact, you can find regular comments in my threads responding to concocted claims like yours from them.

      So do tell us how YOU would know? tell us what learned tomes have you read about Islam in order to support your thesis? Primary sources? Secondary sources? Islam for Dummies?

      1. [comment deleted: sorry, but a 2,000 word comment is too much for me to bear. Not to mention the Islamophobia. I have no patience for it. That’s 2 strikes. Next time, keep it short. Or at least shorter than this was.]

  4. This Hadith predicting an apocalyptic battle based on theological teachings that on the eve of Judgment Day Muslims would annihilate Jews.

    Rocks and trees will call out to Muslims and say, “O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.”

    1. @ Judy Cohen: If you post a comment is MUST be directly related to the post. This post was about Israeli settlers and their deformation of Judaism. It was not about Muslim anti-Semitism. It was not about the Quran. It was not about hadiths. If that’s what your interest is you’ll do it somewhere else. I do not tolerate Islamophobia here.

      Further, just as I do not believe a BIbilical book gives so-called [settler] Jews the right to steal Palestinian land, I don’t believe hadiths determine what Muslims today do or believe. If we Jews believed everything in the Torah we would be stoning men for “lying with” other men, and even for committing adultery.

      The Islam section of Stack Exchange contains this discussion of the hadith:

      Shia Muslims reject the narrations of both of the narrators from whom this hadith is transmitted, thereby they reject all of the hadiths cited above.

      This hadith has no effect in Sunni Islamic jurisprudence. It is about a future event not law.

      In other words, this hadith has about as much effect on a modern Muslim as the ancient Midrash saying that the messiah will ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, has on a modern Jew.

  5. אין נביא בעירו👏🏼👏🏼
    Unfortunately Richard, the Sabbateans are the overwhelming majority.

  6. “Jewish”??? (Christian??? or Muslim???)

    I gave up on religion long ago!

    I view religion as a buffet – take what you want, interpret it the way way you like, and leave the rest

    While the State of Israel has its official rabbis to define for the State – Who/What is “Jewish,” (Christian or Muslim) in the real world it is whatever you want it to be!

    Regarding genocide, see Deuteronomy Chapter 7, specifically chapter 2, https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/d-varim-deuteronomy-chapter-7

    Richard, you and others may not see that as relevant in the modern world, but many others I’m sure, see it very relevant

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