16 thoughts on “Israel, Religion and Fascism: Making Treif Kosher – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I have problems with this in that it implies that there has suddenly been a massive change in Israeli politics. In fact the logic of Zionist settler colonialism has been playing out since the establishment of Israel.

    Don’t forget that the Nakba was carried out by ‘socialist’ Zionists not the Revisionists. It was under Labour Zionism that Israeli Arabs lived under military law. It was also Labour Zionism that sponsored the original settlers, inc. in Hebron. In other words there is a continuum in Zionism that extends to Gvir and Smotrich.

    Indeed when Ayman Odeh physically prevented Ben Gvir for trying to enter the ward of a Palestinian hunger striker in hospital, Nitzan Horowitz joined in the general condemnation of him rather than attack Gvir for entering a hospital where had no right to be. That is the extent of how ‘left’ Meretz/Mapam is

  2. About 20 years ago there was a political thriller was published in Israel entitled קוד כחול (Code Blue) about a right-wing religious coup-d’état.
    It starts, “האם תיתכן הפיכה בישראל?”… “Could there be a coup in Israel?”

    אין כל חדש תחת השמש – there is nothing new under the sun

  3. “Here’s a lesson for all you college political science majors.”

    Fascism that is democratically elected IS okay, because the alternative is a violent, anti-Fascist coup d’etat.

    Fascism that is democratically elected, can be democratically unelected, whilst a violent coup d’etat destroys Democracy, and any hope for elections and representative government.

    So easy!

    1. @Bertrand: Baby Bibi calls for hanging police and prosecutors. Jewish Power wants to transform Israel into a Davidic monarchy and you have the unmitigated chutzpah to talk about an “anti fascist coup.” Are the 1,000 IAF veterans including a former chief of staff and air force chief who wrote the Supreme Court asking it to stop the theo-fascist coup, members of Antifa & coup plotters as well?

      You are a liar and fraud of a human being. I would say you are shameful, but it would be a waste of breath. You have no shame

      1. I’ll not allow you to cram words down my throat or misrepresent what I’ve already said.

        I am democrat who resists any form of authoritarianism, whether it comes from the Right, or the Left (think Maduro, Daniel Ortega, or the Castro brothers). 

        Are the 1,000 IAF veterans including a former chief of staff and air force chief who wrote the Supreme Court asking it to stop the theo-fascist coup, members of Antifa & coup plotters as well? ”

        There has not been a theo-fascist coup, yet. 
        The Israeli judiciary should listen to the demands of the 1,000 IAF veterans and must strike down the efforts of Bibi and his allies to re-write the Basic Laws in order to further their Right wing agenda.

        If the Israeli Supreme Court fails to do this, and sides with the Israeli Right, than their decisions must be vigorously protested, but ultimately accepted. 

        You are the monster. You are the one who recently declared that all forms of Palestinian resistance to the ‘Occupation’ are legitimate, thereby condoning the worst terrorist acts against innocent civilians.

        1. @ Bertrand: Normally, I would ban someone outright for violating my 1-comment/thread rule. I won’t do it in this case. But I will moderate you, since I’ve warned you in the past and you deliberately chose to defy it. Not to mention that you use IP proxies, another no-no here. Moderation means I will approve your comments individually. But if you try to publish more than a single comment in a thread, you’ll be banned.

          I am democrat

          You don’t know the meaning of the word. A democrat is someone who believes in democracy. Israel is not a democracy. Once, it at least had some elements of democracy and made a pretence of being one. THere’s isn’t even a pretence left. And the reason you aren’t a democrat is that you will accept a theo-fascist government. You said so yourself.

          As for the Supreme Court stepping in and stopping the coup: they can’t. Not only can’t they, but they won’t. The justices are all right wing apparachiks appointed there by Likudniks like Ayelet Shaked, whose politics are no longer fascist enough to get her elected. Some of them are even colonial settlers.

          The final reason they won’t stop it is simply because they won’t be able to. The override law, which will surely pass, will simply override the court decision disqualifying it. It may set up a crisis (you can’t say “constitutional crisis,” since there is no constitution). But nine justices don’t stand a chance against 120 MKs. No, the court is dead as an independent body. And don’t believe me, many Israelis have said it before me. All that remains is to say a few prayers over it and send it to the morgue.

          You are the one who recently declared that all forms of Palestinian resistance to the ‘Occupation’ are legitimate, thereby condoning the worst terrorist acts against innocent civilians.

          No, you aren’t innocent. Israeli soldiers aren’t innocent. Israeli settlers aren’t innocent. As for the killing of actual Israeli civilians, I might feel differently if so many times more Palestinians “innocent civilians” than Israeli weren’t killed. But they are. So they are the casualities of a brutal war waged by their own government and army. Actually, none of these innocent civilians would have to die if Israel agreed to compromise with Palestine. BUt it won’t. So Israeli civilians will continue to die, needlessly.

          If you are a civilian, you are far more guilty than the average Israeli civilian, for you ratify this mass murder.

          As for “the worst terrorist acts against innocent civilians,” your words are far more apt describing Israeli terrorism against Palestinians. As I’ve written many times here: 20 Palestinians are murderered for every Israeli. That makes you 20 times the monster I am.

          So do I support resistance peaceful or militant? You bet. Here’s a terrific Israeli statement on this issue:

          I value freedom, human rights, and justice far more than I value a tribal colony for thugs, thieves and murderers (and those who offer lies and apologetics for them, like you).

          There is an Israel-Palestine that is possible. But Israel as it is, is a blot on Jewish values. A blot on human values.

          1. Richard said: “No, you aren’t innocent. Israeli soldiers aren’t innocent. Israeli settlers aren’t innocent.”

            What about Israeli infants and toddlers?
            Innocent or guilty, Richard?

            How do you like playing God?

          2. Israeli infants and toddlers have almost never, except in a few rare cases, been victims. On the other hand, Palestinian babies and children have been murdered in the thousands by Israeli forces, not to mention the thousands of them arrested in violation of the Geneva Convention. Over 300 Palestinian children currently rot in Israeli jails. Some as young as 7 or 8. Do stop whining to me about Israeli babies. When you show a hundredth the emotion for Palestinian children as you do for Israeli, then you can talk. Till then…

          3. @ Bertrand:

            Shin Bet prevents scores of terrorist attacks

            Irrelvant. No one knows whether the Shin Bet prevented 1 terror attack or 1,000. Even if it was 1,000, we have no idea whether the militants would have killed 1 Israeli or 10,000. All we have is their word and it isn’t worth a bucket of warm piss, as they say. We have actual dead on both sides we can count. That’s all that matters.

  4. Richard

    I completely agree with your analysis that fascism is never acceptable, even if it is “democratically elected,” and the present Israeli MKs who are promoting fascism were not elected to do that. They were simply elected to sit in the Knesset. I wish the American Jewish establishment (AIPAC, ADL, etc.) would adopt this position, rather than their sort-of reluctant acceptance of the new Israeli government, fascists and all.

    But I am a bit confused by your final paragraph. I read the first sentence as sarcastic as revealed by the last sentence. Being a scientist I find sarcasm difficult to parse in political essays because in science one says what one means in as clear terms as possible.

    best for 2023 jeff

      1. So what do those Jews in America who have been insisting on UNCONDITIONAL support for Israel in view of that country’s settlements in the West Bank and it’s oppression of the Palestinian people have to say about this, now that it came to this? The majority of American Jews as well as the majority of the American people oppose this UNCONDITIONAL support for Israel. Even J Street which is the more moderate of the Jewish peace organizations in the US, has called for reducing aid to Israel as long as that country oppresses the Palestinians.

  5. A survey of young Israelis conducted by the “Yisod” association has shown that 60% of the Israeli public thinks that the future of democracy in the Jewish state is at risk.

    The study asked participants to respond to the statement, “it is important that the State of Israel remains democratic.” An overwhelming majority of respondents (94%) responded in the affirmative. This remained true among the religious respondents, of whom 91% also agreed with the statement.


    Maybe Israel’s young generation will save her, the same way that young Americans helped save American democracy earlier this year.

      1. Polly and Richard, I also would like to be optimistic about this. However the situation in Israel seems to be worse than in the United States. At least in the U.S., in reaction to what Trump did and what the Republicans are doing now, more people turned out to the polls electing a Democratic majority to the Senate and to governorships and other offices around the country. There was no “red wave.” Normally the president’s party loses seats in the first midterm, but that didn’t happen this year. I don’t know how much hope I give to that, but maybe Trump will end up doing time and maybe more of his cohorts too.

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