7 thoughts on “President Biden: Protest Israel’s Fascist Government, Declare Ministers Persona Non Grata – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In 1947 US diplomat Loy Henderson opposed United States recognition of the state of Israel before a representation election was held in Palestine by the UN. Zionists asked Truman to move Henderson out of the way and the Palestine portfolio was taken from him.

    No representation elections have ever been held in Palestine, neither during the British Mandate years nor in any years since – despite Palestinian pleas: from 1919-1927, seven Palestinian Congresses took place – each one ignored by the UK Mandate authorities.

    Second only to Hitler, Israel was probably the most murderous antiSemitic government in the 20th Century and by far, the most antisemitic so far, in the 21st Century. At least 9 million Palestinian semites live in refugee camps in countries bordering Israel; they must be permitted the right to return to their homeland.

    1947-48, Israeli leaders refused to agree to representation elections & instead killed thousands of Palestinian civilians and evicted 700-800,000 of these indigenous Semites.

    In ’67, Israel killed dozens of US sailors & NSA staff on USS Liberty. The Johnson Adm concealed this attack on US sailors and intelligence staff – with complete cooperation from US major media.

    In 2001 Israel sent spies to NJ, who cheered the 9/11/2001 Twin Tower collapse and mass murder. Promptly freed. aftet their arrest, these spies were not prosecuted but quietly returned to Israel & discussed their spying adventures on TV. This is a well documented spy episode which Zionist propagandists in the US keep out of US major media: see ABC News Show, 20/20 “Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?” Aired June 21, 2002 & “AFTER THE ATTACKS” NYT, Sept 13, 2001 “a group of about five men . . under investigation in Union City, . . congratulated each other afterward . .”)

    Despite this breathtaking homicidal criminality Israel receives bipartisan applause in the Congress & from a parade of shamefaced US Presidents incl Biden.

    Israel STILL GETS U.S. $bilions$ ! We in the USA do not have universal healthcare but Israel does.

    When will our government stop fondling Israel’s horrific racism?

    1. America is not racist? Over 200 Indian tribes decimated, not allowed to speak their own language and a federal law prohibiting the Sun dance.
      wake up and look around. No sense in bringing other examples like the Americans stole an
      entire nation. So what goes around comes around.

      1. @jack52: Oh please: you stole American from the Native Americans is one of the oldest hasbara ploys in the book. Nonsense, I’ve rebutted this a hundred times. When Israel does for the Palestinians half the things the US has done to compensate for our crimes, then you can talk. Till then…

        Not to mention that you will never get away with whataboutism here. In other words, comments must be directly related to the topic of the post. Dragging in unrelated subjects because you seek to divert from the subject is not permissible here. Don’t do it again.

  2. [comment deleted: I will not ever permit a comment that alleges that someone has a mental defect or condition. Especially not when they’re regurgitating talking points of FoxNews and other Repugnican bigots. Do this again and you won’t publish another comment.]

  3. It doesn’t matter how many people and organizations sign a petition

    The 1% or 1/10% that run the country through people they allow to be elected don’t give a damn what Israel does or doesn’t

    Think about it:
    “The Washington Consensus aims to create an international rentier economy” (see p 197 of Michael Hudson’s “The Destiny of Civilization: Finance Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism or Socialism”)

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