6 thoughts on “Jews and Abortion – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Namely, obliterating Roe v. Wade supersedes any halachic ruling which permits or even demands performing an abortion. In that sense, the religious values of Jews and other religious groups are themselves suppressed, causing a fatal wound to genuine constitutional protections.”

    It’s unlikely Congress will/can do anything given GOP control of state voting/redistricting and its advocacy of vote suppression”

    This is a pretty sad state of affairs not only for this issue.

    The issue about abortion rights needs to be addressed more swiftly than long term incremental progress.

  2. failed to mention that there are suits filed in florida by jews and several other groups that contends that the last scotus decision imposes a christian religion over all others which conflicts constitution clause one, the gov shall not force religion .
    further and stomach churning there is this
    Alan Dershowitz rushes to Steve Bannon’s defense after conviction by ‘Trump haters’

      1. what money? from bannon? i dont think so, dershowitz butted in on his own. bannon can, not pay him a penny,
        even maddoff at one point felt the pain of his actions, this guy is worst than trump, narcissistic to no end, an endless pit of lack of everything, not a shred of anything good can be said at this moment of this “guy?”, i am humiliating the noun guy by calling dershowitz a guy. he is really not a grifter he’s a moth eternally seeking a light in order to die on it. so this guy everytime he hits the mike he puts his foot inside his mouth. by now i believe might be at the prostate level for the nth times he’s opened his mouth. nothing smart or good comes out of it. sad

        PPS. – i read somewhere that jewish law ALWAYS PROTECT A MOTHER BECAUSE IT IS A LIVING BEING. WHILST A BABY IS NOT CONSIDERED A HUMAN BEING UNTIL IT COMES OUT OF THE WOMB. although not voiced loudly jewish religion permits abortion based on the LIVING HUMAN BEING definition

        1. boy am not the only dynosaur in this site. “used to” somewhere between cretacious and jurassic, when the men were men and the women oh well you could tell the difference between sexes easier than today without eyeglasses

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