22 thoughts on “Murder Plot Against Israeli Billionaire Had Iran Connection – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Why would Iran waste its time on yet another 2-bit Israeli ‘billionaire’? They are still owed for Soleimani (the guy who did most to eliminate ISIS on the ground in Syria/Iraq). They have reportedly taken out a couple of top level US/Israeli military officers in north Iraq as part payment.

    The ‘stranger’ being noticed is a dead giveaway. Real intelligence agencies, unlike the Mossad clowns in Dubai, know about secure observation. He either wanted to be seen or was a local pissed at being stiffed by the ‘billionaire’.

    As for the other 2-bit hits on Israeli assets, they are as much a joke as Netanyahu’s cartoon Iranian nuke. If you want to see how Iran actually operates, look at the Pan Am Lockerbie incident. That was payback for the deliberate shooting down of Iran Air 655.

  2. Iran’s intelligence service leaks like a sieve, which explains how Israel so earily penetrates Iran’s security services and nuclear program.

    Iran should clean house before lashing out blindly and targeting Israeli celebrities.


    1. @ Ben G: If Israel had 70 million people and was as large as Iran, it too would be easily penetrated and leak like a sieve. It’s small population and territorial size makes it much harder to penetrate.

      But your Iranophobic contempt will be richly repaid someday when Iran does at settle accounts.

      1. So China, which has a billion people, should be the easiest to penetrate and would leak the most.

        I hope that the Iranian people settle their accounts with the mullahs.
        I hope the Iranian people will be free one day.
        Don’t you?

        1. @ Ben G.: YOu think China is impenetrable? And there are no spies operating there? BTW, you want to talk about domestic terrorism? Look no further than Xinjaing where the Uighurs have mounted uprisings over the years.

          I hope that the Iranian people settle their accounts with the mullahs.

          You have no right to determine what’s good for the Iranian people. That’s for them to decide. And when Iranians need you to tell them who should or shouldn’t govern them, they’ll ask. But they haven’t so far, so butt out. For me or you to advocate regime change (as you are here) is the height of folly and merely repeats the same delusional foreign policy the US has followed for decades in the region.

          1. There is obviously a highly secret and powerful element in the Iranian military and Intelligence services that is so antithetical to the regime, that it is willing to sacrifice Iranian scientists and military assets in order to stop Khamenei and the IRGC.

            I don’t believe that this element is MEK, nor do I believe that they’ve been compromised or ‘turned’ by Israel or that they are motivated by money.

            I believe these regime opponents are patriots.

            Don’t you agree?

      2. I don’t agree with this assessment. Israelis are generally more tolerant of each other. Atheist Israelis are not declared heretics and persecuted, they are still considered Jews by even the most religious person. So there is more unity. Even when Israel reaches 70million population, it is unlikely its intelligence will leak like a sieve.

        It is commendable that a semi theocracy like Israel, a Jewish state has atheist agnostic Jews in power who are not shot or killed for being atheists.

        Where there is internal strife and intolerance, the intelligence services will leak like a sieve as they don’t trust each other.

        1. @Fake Arab:

          Israelis are generally more tolerant of each other.

          Israel is one of the most intolerant countries I’ve ever visited (and I lived there for 2 years).

          Atheist Israelis are not declared heretics and persecuted, they are still considered Jews by even the most religious person.

          Another lie. Orthodox rabbis in Israel not only don’t consider atheists Jews, they don’t consider Reform or Conservative Jews to be Jews. They spew the vilest insults against their fellow Jews precisely because they believe they aren’t Jewish at all.

          1. [comment deleted: I warned you to adopt a non-Arabic handle and you ignored me. An Israeli apologist adopting an Arabic handle is fraudulent behavior and not permitted here. You are moderated. If you attempt to post another comment using the same handle you will be banned outright.]

  3. The headline, “Murder Plot Against Israeli Billionaire Had Iran Connection,” strongly implies Iranian involvement. Yet the alleged would-be killer is an Azeri national with a Russian passport, Sagi has been convicted of stock fraud and his brother of murder, and two motives unrelated to Iran are offered: rival Israeli investors objecting to Sagi’s attempts to get into Forex trading, and debts owed to Russian mobsters.

    “It might be no coincidence that Iran would seek vengeance” for the assassination of Moshen Fakhrizadeh. Or that might have nothing whatsoever to do with this affair. 

  4. You write – “Attacking Israeli business interests is more palatable and less provocative than targeting security or political officials”.
    I find this hard to accept. Why would attacking a civilian would be more palatable than attacking a military or political target. On the contrary.

    1. @ Ariel: Oh I don’t know. Why would there be far more blowback in assassinating Bibi Netanyahu, rather than Teddy Sagi? That’s a tough one, isn’t it? It’s the same reason Iran attacks Israeli cargo ships rather than Israeli naval warships, submarines, or Israeli territory itself.

      1. Oh, I thought you were talking about morals as well.
        What you describe is going for easier targets probably since the Iranian cannot produce an impressive operation.

        1. @ Ariel: So killing a PM is an “impressive operation,” but killing Teddy Sagi is an unimpressive operation? If so, then why did the Mossad warn Sagi about the killers hunting for him?

          When Iran does finally succeed in retaliating for Israeli crimes against it, then you will howl with anger and righteous indignation. That’s when you’ll see what “an impressive operation” looks like as it hits you in the gut.

        2. [comment deleted: read the comment rules. Then read them again. Then respect them. This comment was off-topic. Make sure comments directly address and relate to the post.]

  5. Azerbaijan is infiltrated by spies, both the CIA and FSB are well represented within the Azeri military. So a link to Russian mob would not be very difficult.

  6. If Israeli Intelligence warned Teddy Sagi that he was a target of a hit, then it is unlikely to be a Russian hit. Mossad is hardly likely to be monitoring Russian intelligence with the goal of ferreting out who they are planning to kill. If that were so, then the likes of Alexander Litvenenko would still be living.

    It is likely to be Iran attempting to target a prominent Israeli. Now that would make sense, as Mossad are clearly keeping an eye on Iranian intelligence and would know if an Israeli was a target.

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