22 thoughts on “BREAKING: IDF Psy Ops Operation, Abu Ali Express, Run by Gilad Cohen – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. But if the IDF gets its info from intelligence, (it acts on the orders of the government which in turn gets its info from intelligence) which comes from sources which can be anyone from cleaners to maids to professionals to businessmen as well as any other civilian then….

    1. Bruh this straight up propaganda just accept it. Like they literally had a commentator pretend to be Arab to gain some sort of fake credibility.

      If the IDF was a reliable source they would have came out as an IDF run news organization but no. They lied and created a fake arab new commentator as a source that published stories on behalf of the IDF while pretended to be independent so that way the IDF can point to it and say this is a credible third party source that isn’t us wink wink.

      This is literally state run propaganda. If they lied about this then they’re lying about everything and new articles themselves aren’t credible. If the Russian government got caught pulling some shit like this you wouldn’t be so naive. Don’t give IDF credit they didn’t earn.

    2. The fact that they made a fake news organization in the first place makes the IDF not credible because if they were honest they wouldn’t have had to hide there narrative behind a fake Arab commentator to point to as a credible source.

      If the russian government pulled something like this you’d need a considerable amount of mental gymnastics to try to claim the russian intelligence community is a reliable source when there not lying therefore we should believe the state run media says,

      Don’t be naive this is what state run propaganda looks like. The information isn’t coming from the “Israeli intelligence community” the intelligence is meant to benefit the military not the new agencies. This information it coming from Israeli political propagandists. This organization was built to make you believe what is convenient for the Israeli government not necessarily what is true.

      That is the reality you need to come to terms with.

  2. I see there is an Eliezer Toledano who is chief of the IDF southern operations.
    Is it him, and in case why, the target of Abu Ali, or who is he Eliezer Toledano?

    1. @ AA: I corrected the post shortly after your comment. But since you’re such a hot shot explain to me why a guy being paid to shill for Toledano would smear a journalist for claiming Hamas wants to kill Toledano. That goes against the propaganda purpose of burnishing the commander’s image and making his appear a hero in the eyes of Israelis. Maybe Cohen is letting his ego get the better of him? And biting the hand that feeds him?

      Oh, and since we’re picking nits here, his name is “Toledano.” You misspelled it.

  3. Eliezer Toledano is the commander of the southern front comand, not a journalist. Also, what you posted is a Hamas/Islamic Jihad welcome for hkm when he began his new position. This is emberassing.

      1. So, I went to the post and what is said is that this is not an official posying by Hamas/Islamic Jihad, and that this wasnt circulating in any main gazan media channels and not in Hamas/Jihad official channels. What Abu Ali is saying is that Nir Dvori took an isoteric post by somr unknowns and reported on it as if it had official credibility. That is all. If anything he is blaming Dvori for fear mongering. Im sorry, but I think you lack context in this situation, and the fact that youbaaid he is calling to murder journalists based on bad information/misunderstanding informatikn that was given to you is just bad reporting, and in my opinikn worse than what Abu Ali is doing (which is badmouthing joutnalists, who scoop him and qoute him daily withkut giving credit by the way).

        1. [comment deleted: No tag team hasbara wrestling. Comments must be substantive and contain an argument. Rooting for your hasbara pals here is not an appropriate comment. Do not post in this thread again.]

        2. @ bob: You’re attempting to distract from the main point. But I won’t let you get away with it. The main point is that Gilad Cohen is a fake and paid to be one by the IDF. The IDF and its generals got themselves into yet another major scandal.

          Whether my first impression of Cohen’s post was mistaken is immaterial. Though I credit you for vainly attempting to make it so.

          You are done in this thread. Do not post again in it.

          1. Wow, look at you oh knight of free speech. What I did was pointing out that you have a misunderstanding of the situation, and are quoting a lot of sources who hate Gilad Cohen because he badmouths them. I didnt say that the IDF is not paying him. I didnt say that there is nothing fishy here. I merely commented abot the fact thatvyou blamed the guy for calling on people to murder journalists based, and you based this on very bad facts. This reminds me of the time you quoted “Fresh” with the “secret” Iran attack plans.
            You dont care about discussion, you just want a circle jerk.

          2. @ bob: Cohen has in fact incited for the murder of journalists. He’s called them traitors. He’s said they’re dupes of Hamas. He is inciting to murder. And given Israel’s past history of political violence, that is a very real threat. There are many Israelis only too willing to engage in such acts of intimidation and hate. Those are very good reasonable facts.

            As for free speech, this is my website. It’s not the public square or the halls of Congress or the Knesset. You follow the rules here or you don’t publish. Regardless of that, there are tens of thousands of comments published here that disagree with my views. So quit whining. It’s unbecoming of the hasbaroid you are.

            And because you ignored my Directive not to comment further in the thread, You are now moderated. Only comments respecting the rules will be approved in future.

          3. [comment deleted: I told you not to comment in the thread. You did. THat got you moderated. You commented once again, Now you’re banned.]

  4. Most of his content is sharing stories and videos from arabic social media with added commentary. There is really no need for a source.

    1. @ Hilda: Absolutely not true. If you’re purporting to have exclusive sources for what you publish you have to authenticate what those sources are. He doesn’t because he posts Israeli intelligence info. It would blow his cover, which I just blew anyway.

      1. Did you ever read any of his posts? I read it daily and out of the thousands of posts the vast majority are just social media references

  5. Israeli Palestiinans should establish a service named Herzl Sharon Express and collect there from the Jewish social media the “best” stories and pubish them in English and Arabic. Without doubt those racist, violent stories with comments would make the international public understand better who are the real problem. If an Israeli Jewish minister has recommended publicly bombing the huge damn in Egypt, it is certain that the Israeli Jewish social media is full of even more macaber “ideas”.

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