7 thoughts on “ יעילות כיפת ברזל במבצע שומר חומות – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Amnon: Anecdotal evidence is just that, based on a single person’s experience. Not decisive and often not even reflective of reality. So no, your observations are not “facts.” They are observations from your own experience.

      The US defense department pays for Iron Dome, so of course they are going to buy it. Are you claiming that every weapons system the US buys & pays for is effective? Cuz you know that ain’t so. If you knew how Pentagon weapons systems
      purchasing decisions are made you’d Blanche in embarrassment. It’s far worse than the way they make sausage. And that’s bad enough in itself.

      You are done in this thread.

  1. The Gaza rockets are cheap and the Iron Dome is expensive, so there is the deadweight cost to the Israeli government. If it only hits targets half the time then it is a pretty random defense. I would argue that Israel would be better off talking to the Palestinians than shooting at them, but that cuts against the mindless machismo of the Israeli ruling class who cannot see the possibility of the day when they will be forced to flee like the South Vietnamese ruling class, into the loving arms of the State Department. So they will just go in circles forever as long as the US makes jet fighters.

    1. [comment deleted: comments must be on-topic and directly related to the post topic. Do not introduce extraneous topics or material as you did here.]

  2. What is this weird idea that if 880 rockets have been fired to urban areas during first 3 days then we can just multiply it by 3 in order to get estimation for 9 days? Everybody who has been here during this operation knows that the most intensive – by far – rocket fire occurred during first 3 days. After that things calmed down. And more than that, Iron Dome has difficulty when dealing with lots of rockets fired simultaneously. So its success rate grows substantially when dealing with single rockets. So entire calculation is wrong. It is pretty clear that the author doesn’t really want to understand true numbers but speaks from ideological position and want to prove his point in any way including weird assumptions.

  3. לא פלא שהכותב הוא לשעבר. מהנדס מערכות לשעבר ועיתונאי לשעבר, שאת מרכולתו מצליח למכור רק אצל בעלי האתר בזה . אפשר לחשוב שיש פה איזו שהיא הדלפה מסעירה..

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