4 thoughts on “Is Israel Building a New Reactor at Dimona? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Why would Israel dig tunnels at the nuclear site? Certainly not [to protect from] the climate or the Negev heat.”
    If my memory serves me Dimona goes subterranean for 7 or 8 levels (going back to Vanunu’s revelations) and back then at least one of those levels was for ultra-classified only.
    JFK had apparently demanded Dimona be compliant with then current UN and IAEA requirements.
    Just one of his ‘terrorist’ crimes against inhumanity.

  2. The most likely reason for the new construction, is that Israel is ‘hardening’ the site against a possible Iranian missile attack.

    1. @ Sepp: NOnsense. If that was the case it would not be excavating a multi story hole just next door to the reactor. Who are we to believe? You or Avner Cohen who’s Israel’s premier nuclear expert?

      Though it is possible, as Avner said, that this is a new underground reactor that is designed to produce tritium (which itself is used to increase the explosive power of nuclear warheads i.e. to kill people better), that could be hardened to protect against such an attack.

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