15 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israel to Pay Russia Millions for COVID Vaccine for Syrians – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I give your ‘source’ little credence, after his he peddled the libel that Israel bombed Port Beirut last August.

    But assuming that you have another ‘source’ entirely, we can speculate that Bibi is buying Sputnik vaccines in order to bribe Assad to curtail Iranian influence in Syria.

    Ask your ‘source’ whether I’m right.

    1. @ Sepp: why would you think I have only one source? As for doubting this source, you might want to know that both Kan and Galey Tzahal have covered my story and reported that the deal was done as my source described. So doubt the source at your peril.

  2. I missed yr earlier diary … missing link:

    Drama In Netanyahu’s Security Cabinet

    More pieces of the puzzle do fit. As was the case in 2012, the Middle East narrowly escaped an attack on Iran. 

    The Capitol Riot failed president Trump in blocking US Congress accepting the Electoral College votes. Its failure may have prevented an attack on Iran also. Pelosi alert about the nuclear football wasn’t without reason. The Republican party has become treacherous to America, the Constitution and Democracy.

    1. @ Oui
      Sorry, but it’s really tiresome that you use Richard’s blog to promote your own articles, especially when they have no relation whatsoever with the topic of the article that you comment.

  3. If true, I say for once US tax dollars given to Israel ( which has NO need for them) will do some humanitarian good for the people who suffer under the dictatorship of Assad. That too is ironic.

      1. @ TIgger: What nonsense. By the same token you could say Hitler was “voted in” by the German people, very many of whom had a great deal of love for him. So what? Does that justify being a mass murderer?

        1. ‘Mass-murderer’? You’re confusing him with Daesh.

          I was in Syria during the first year of the still ongoing war. It was my fourth visit to the country and as well as travelling around the country in general I spent a couple of weeks in Damascus.
          Everything I’d been told before going, by ‘seasoned travellers’ no less, proved to be absolute rubbish. I mixed with Syrians – locals in both Aleppo and Damascus in particular – and used my eyes and ears. Since then I’ve also followed up other travellers’ stories (and photographs).

          Not only that, I’ve been in online conversation with a serving IDF member who for some odd reason believed I would support what he told me – about the IDF’s regular incursions into southern Syria, All is NOT what you read in your local press.

          1. @ Tigger: You are a promoter of genocide. This is unacceptable in my comment threads. You will not participate further in this thread.

            The mass slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Syrians is documented by independent experts. Of course both sides have committed these atrocities. But as the leader of the regime he is ultimately responsible for those committed by his forces.

            These are confirmed facts. Your anecdotes unsupported by proof of their authenticity mean absolutely nothing.

            If you also reject confirmed reports of Israeli intervention directly into Syria including ground operations by IDF commandos then you are a liar and a fool.

            Again a warning: do not post further in this thread.

  4. Quote: “Israeli voters do not value humanitarian impulses when it comes to frontline states. They value toughness and ruthlessness.”

    Very interesting if any country has “humanitarian impulses” to country that is in state of war with it? Maybe Syrian/Lebanese/Iraqi or even Egyptian citizens have any “humanitarian impulses” to Israelis? What do you think?

    1. @ Benzion: Why should Lebanese have any humanitarian impulses toward Israel, which invaded it twice in this century, killing thousands of civilians; and also occupied its territory for 20 yrs? And given Israel’s long-term attempts to sabotage Assad and cause the country to splinter into cantons, why would Syrian harbor any such impulses toward Israel?

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