14 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israeli Blast Destroys Another Hezbollah Weapons Cache…in Southern Lebanon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yes… heaven forfend, the single state that this is but without the wall, equality, when the “other” is a brother, heaven forfend.

    But the game is keeping power and keeping the people in a state of fear while then protecting them from the enemy…on and on.

  2. If your ‘source’ is indeed a government official, isn’t he risking imprisonment? The new Prisoner X?

    Isn’t Shabak aware by now that an Israeli government official is leaking highly classified information to Tikkun Olam?

    BTW, It’s been 45 days since the Beirut explosion, yet there isn’t a scintilla of evidence that Israel bombed a Hezbollah arms depot. No video. No audio. No seismic evidence. Where are the bits of Hezbollah rockets from the depot? Where is the secret underground Hezbollah city under the port?


  3. Another example from European history of an once unthinkable development that became reality. Germany and France waged bitter wars. 1870/‘71,1914/‘18 and 1940/‘45. They were sadly enemies. Today these two nations work closely together to foster European cooperation and shared views of the future.

  4. Can you please explain what beef do Lebanon has with israel?
    Whatever excuse Hizbollah had to attack israel because we were in southern Lebanon has evaporated in 2000 when we withdrew.

    1. @ Jeal R.:

      Can you please explain what beef do Lebanon has with israel?

      OK, if Lebanon has no beef with Israel then they’ve both agreed on a border between them, right? Ah, that’s right, they haven’t. Israel occupies Shebaa Farms. Let me know when Israel announces it’s ready to return it to Lebanon. Then you can talk. If Lebanon has no beef with Israel then Israel holds no Lebanese prisoners in its jails, right? Ah that’s right, there are hundreds of them. When Israel frees those prisoners then you can talk. Not to mention the billions in damages and murdered civilians Israel has inflicted on Lebanon, plus the hundreds murdered during the Israeli bombings in the 1970s. I’d say a few billion in reparations would do the trick.

      You are either a bad hasbarist or a disingenuous one. If you didn’t know about these major outstanding issues, then you are ignorant. If you did and omitted them purposely, then you are disingenuous. Which one is it?

    1. @ MA Wunsch: Well, I’ll make you a deal: Israel can either return it to Lebanon or Syria. You take your pick. Which one will it be?

      If the UN believes it is Syrian then it would seem like Assad would jump at the chance to claim it. But strangely he hasn’t. I’ve never heard of a country awarded a strip of territory and refusing it. Could be that he too is prepared to call it Lebanese. BTW, all the farmers who owned land there are Lebanese and live in Lebanon. Israel has evicted them and prevented them from farming their land. Another neat little bit of ethnic cleansing.

      There are many unresolved issues of Lebanese prisoners either still detained, or who disappeared while in Israeli custody. And Israel also holds the bodies of Lebanese it killed.

  5. Here is a list of countries with territorial disputes. Do all of them have a large gorilla organization with 100,000s rockets at their neighbors?

    Israel went into Lebanon b/c of attacks that came out of its territory. At that point Hezbollah made sense as resistance. Years later, when we withdrew, Hezbollah had no reason to keep its violent arm and you recite their poor excuse as if some land that never belong to them is a good excuse. impressive critical thinking.

    The problem with the far-left is everything done by Israel is blackwashed and anything by it’s enemies is whitewashed.

    1. @ Jeal R.: I’m always amused by hasbarists like you who presume to comment, analyze and criticize Hezbollah behavior pretending to do so from the Hezbollah pt of view. While Hezbollah and its actions may “make no sense” to you, that’s an indicaton of nothing. I wouldn’t expect you to understand virtually anything about Hezbollah, as you’ve amply proven.

      Do all of them have a large gorilla organization with 100,000s rockets at their neighbors

      Are you arguing that there’s a template that all “guerilla [note your spelling error] organizations” must follow to be proper guerilla organizations? Is Hezbollah not a guerilla organization because it doesn’t follow the imaginary rules you’ve established? Got news for you: they come in all shapes and sizes. They come poorly armed. They come bristling with weapons. It depends on circumstances, funding sources, whether they have powerful allies, etc.

      Israel “went into” Lebanon based on a fraud. An ambassdor was shot and Sharon used this as an excuse to do what he intended to do anyway: invade Lebanon and expel the PLO.

      when we withdrew

      You didn’t withdraw. As I mentioned, Israel still occupies Shebaa Farms. Oh and you don’t get to decide the territory “never belonged to them” any more than a settler gets to say that the Occupied Territories “never belonged to Palestinians.”

      Hezbollah had no reason to keep its violent arm

      After multiple Israeli invasions of Lebanon over several decades you don’t understand why Hezbollah would feel the need to provide a defense against Israeli aggression?


      Do not insult me by calling me an extremist in my own blog. I’ll ban you faster than your head can spin.

      everything done by Israel is blackwashed

      If Israel doesn’t want to receive the world’s opprobrium it has a very simple option: resolve the conflicts it causes by peaceful means and compromise to end them. As long as it doesn’t do that it will continue to get the criticism it deserves.

      anything by it’s enemies is whitewashed

      I have never whitewashed any Israeli enemy. Do I wish Hezbollah didn’t exist? Sure. Do I relish it attacking Israel with rockets or any other weapon? No. Do I relish seeing Israelis dead from either a terror attack or rocket attack? No.

      But unlike you I understand there are antecedents to this actions: Israeli invasions, thousands of dead Lebanese as a result, terror assassinations, decades-long occupation of Lebanese territory. And repeated Israeli threats to bomb Lebanon back to the Stone Age. These are the cause and Hezbollah is the effect. Without the cause, there is no effect. With it, there is.

      My purpose here is to counter the propaganda offered by your ilk. Your purpose is to white-wash Israel and I won’t permit you to do it. Tant pis, baby.

      You are done in this thread. Do not comment further.

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