4 thoughts on “Israeli Stabbed in Terror Attack, But Police Gag Order Prohibited Reporting It – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Maybe a terrorist incident, maybe not.
    Initially, it was reported as brawl.

    A suspect, an illegal from Jenin, was arrested last Thursday.


    BTW, Mahmoud Nawajaa was released, after two weeks of detention.
    Apparently, he had not been tortured.


    1. @Scarabian: Did you even bother to read my post? I clearly said the first report by police (which was a lie) said there had been dispute. But my source, who is far better informed than you, said it was a terror attack, which it was. Do not contradict my source unless you actually have credible evidence to support such a claim. In other words, an earlier report claiming there was a dispute when my source reveals that this report is untrue–is not evidence. Do not post any comment till you have read my entire post and any links in it. That avoids you repeating nonsense as you do regularly.

      As for your claim regarding Nawajaa, do not insert your opinion into comments unless supported by evidence. You have no evidence he was not tortured or abused and the link you supplied offers no support for your claim.

  2. All details have been released now.
    A resident of Jenin as the perpetrator and three helpers all arrested last night

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