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  1. Sorry to say this – but you’re becoming reckless.
    1. Either your “source” is right or it’s not right, but you should qualify your conclusions.
    2. Absolutely, unequivocally, not all Israelis “ would not bat an eye at such a massacre. They have become inured to the suffering they inflict on their Arab neighbors.” That’s like attributing Trump’s craziness to ALL Americans.
    3. Israel has feed humanitarian aid to Arab nations (as well as non-Arab Muslim nations) in the past. Besides aid to Syrians and Palestinians, Israel offered aid, through the Red Cross, to civilians from Iraq and Iran during the 2017 earthquake – as one example.

    However, the BIG question is “why hasn’t (yet?) Hezbolla brained Israel if the evidence is so clear cut?” Hezbollah could deflect a lot of anger if it could blame Israel.

    1. That’s like attributing Trump’s craziness to ALL Americans

      Indeed, if Americans had elected Trump president for over a decade I would attribute his craziness to all Americans–or at least the idiots who voted for him. But we’ve only elected him for one term, and he’ll barely last that long.

      As for humanitarian aid: you didn’t read my post. Israel has not offered aid to “Syrians.” It offered aid to anti-Assadist militias fighting in Syria. It never offered aid to Lebanon. And your claim that it offered aid to Palestinians is not only laughable, it’s obscene. What sort of aid has it offered? Bombs? Tank rounds? F-16 missiles?

      As for Hezbollah, again you didn’t read the post: Hezbollah cannot blame Israel because it will have to admit that it negligently stored its weapons in a building next door to a warehouse storing ammonium nitrate. It will have to admit its own culpability for the disaster (along with Israel’s).

      Try harder… But no more comments in this thread.

  2. The circumstantial evidence is extremely lacking at best, it really doesn’t suggest anything at all.
    I would consider the fact that Israel hasn’t done air strikes in Lebanon during daytime for decades as much stronger evidence to the contrary.

    1. @ Oded: Israel certainly has struck Lebanese targets in two wars in this century. What it hasn’t done is attacked Beirut in several decades. Until this week, when it did. To make a point to Hezb that it was willing to escalate the war of words that’s been going on for weeks. I’m not claiming Israel attacked Beirut by air. Review what I wrote and try again.

  3. I’m still on the fence on this one. There were indeed two separate explosions, the first I attributed to “fireworks” triggering the second massive blast of stockpiled 2700 ton ammonium nitrate. However, by reviewing the initial blast, that was more likely munitions shooting into the air. Israel never makes such a miscalculation, if they knew what’s inside the Hezbollah munitions depot, they would have known about the six years storage of the ammonium nitrate. [https://www.cnet.com/how-to/beirut-explosion-how-ammonium-nitrate-caused-deadly-blast-in-lebanon/]

    If it’s true what your source provided, the ICC can stay in session a bit longer. The date two days ahead of the decision by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the Rafiq Hariri assassination would not be a coincidence. A verdict after 15 years?

  4. I think Hezbollah could get away with blaming Israel. Hezbollah absolving Israel to save it’s own face leaves the blame where? (I am not understanding this)

    There is enough blame including of disregard, negligence, tolerance (rationalization about the need to store in such qualities in the first place) to go around here. This was or should have been seen as disaster waiting to happen. Stupidity enough to go around as well, especially in Israel if it was an act of the Israeli agents.

    Who would live, work or walk near such a known powder keg?

    But it would seem we need more evidence to believe Israel did this.

  5. I believe that this was an accident. We should wait for the Lebanese authorities to clarify more about the accident.
    Hezbollah militia wish they could accuse Israel for this attack.
    They cannot find any proof to accuse Israel of rocketing Beirut port.
    That is why the accident is due to the negligence of highly explosive nitrate amonium inside the port.

  6. I’m no expert, but the primary explosion seems to have been caused by fireworks, and not rockets.
    The video clearly shows small explosions in the air as well as on the ground at the primary site.

    I find it hard to believe that Israel would blow up a Hezbollah ammo dump full of low-grade weapons, in the middle of rush hour Beirut. That hasn’t been Israel’s modus operandi.

    Regarding Trump, Pentagon officials speaking anonymously to Reuters, have said that Trump is wrong. No attack.


    I think your ‘source’, is blowing smoke.

  7. Thank You Richard,

    I was suspecting Israel and waiting for some proof. I don’t think Israel made a mistake, it was deliberate.Israel did this to blame the resistance (Hezbollah), because they have been trying to destroy Hezbollah.

    I wouldn’t be surprised, is Israeli agents posed as Hezbollah to stockpile the material in Beirut. Can you please find proof of this too. Ask your agent. I am sure of this.

    Thank you Sir.

  8. I am amazed how we create conspiracy theory around every incompetence.. This whole tragedy is the result of systemic corruption in the lebanese Goverment over decadeS. We blame america, Israel,..etc but also if thats true it means that the whole nation are for sale or puppets! Lebanon has been bleeding for decades, missing basic infrastructure of modern society, defaulted on its debts and has been run by militias and ingraining division in the name of religion in simple aspect of life. I hope this tragedy make them reflect and clean house , energy better directed for better future. I do think the article will be a good Hollywood movie.

  9. Just a long, fact free slander. The government of Lebanon and Hezbollah both have stated it wasn’t Israel, but you have a secret anonymous source that knows better. Trump’s generals have also disagreed with you and Trump.

    You and Trump, clowns together.

  10. I think this claim is shamefully irresponsible, but let’s come back to this in a week and see how your “confidential highly-informed Israeli source” fared. My money is on this claim turning out to be absolute and complete rubbish.

  11. Thank you Richard. This is plausible and very convincing and checks with reality where Israel has been carrying out a bombing campaign for months now in Iran, Iraq, Syria an now Lebanon. It has been emboldened by the fact that none of the countries it has sabotaged/bombed have retaliated despite massive losses and open provocations, and the fact that it can count on Trump to be in their corner. This time the Apartheid state has gone too far it seems although I am not holding my breath for anyone to do something about it. The murderous state will continue to wreak havoc in the Middle East until its dismantlement, as there is no chance of it ever being peaceful.

  12. This sounds convincing. I would add that Israel likely knew of the ammonium nitrate–legal proceedings were probably public knowledge. It knew that blame would fall on Hezbollah and Lebanese government for negligence, having weapons depots, keeping explosive material there for that long etc. etc. The thing that convinces me is how the mainstream narratives were being shaped. Within one hour of the explosion the accidental ammonium nitrate explosion theory was circulating and Israel was issuing unasked for denials. By the time I woke up in the morning, it was all Hezbollah’s fault. Tel Aviv’s City Hall has now lit up with the Lebanese flag and the Israel offers aid to Lebanon is in screaming headlines. Haaretz was writing about how this would get rid of Hezbollah. That blast would have been difficult to orchestrate on purpose never mind by accident. I was shaken to the core.

  13. LeBeck International security and intelligence – Michael Horowitz [Location: Brisbane Australia]

    Sole source for a crucial video reporting from the waterfront with assumed firefighters yesterday … moments before a devastating blast … there would be no survivors, so how did this video get online on time?? How solid is this evidence b @MoA?

  14. Nobody informed him that Hezbollah operatives have been caught in the UK, Germany, Cyprus, and elsewhere with their explosive of choice, ammonium nitrate? And it really does look on the Lebanese videos like the fire spread from the millions of exploding bullets to the AN, setting it off.

  15. I was out by accident yesterday, so waiting in the car the radio was on Radio 4. France 24 correspondent who lives in Beirut describing the first thing that happened, a fighter jet flying very low and was very loud. Go online and see if the recording still available.

  16. Leila Molana-Allen – Middle East correspondent for France News 24 was interviewed on BBC radio 4 shortly after the explosion. She lives in Beirut and spoke of “an incredibly loud jet pass overhead…very low, and as that happened there was a blinding flash” as the explosion occurred. When asked by the BBC interviewer (Evan Davies) if she was associating the blast with the plane that came in, she said “at the moment I feel that we must…”
    This interview certainly lends credibility to the report of an attack.

  17. When I was a child, Lebanon was a mostly Catholic country and was considered “the Pearl of the Middle East”. So, I will wait for the confirmation to decide who is responsible but, ultimately, if Lebanon had not been oppressed to begin with, this would not have happened now. Humankind is the problem, not just Israelis, Trump or Netanyahu.

  18. The claim concerning the involvement of Israel in the explosion in Beirut’s port does not base on any fact. The author invent a groundless story In order to point the finger toward Israel. Shame to see such person called himself a journalist.

  19. It’s not a Hezbollah munitions depo and the ammonium nitrate was seized from a Russian years earlier. That’s why people that controlled the port are now under house arrest but it will be impossible for the government of Lebanon to argue they were unaware it existed based upon grave concerns on the part of many.

  20. cant stop laughing, please someone send me an ambulance with oxygen
    this is a comment from a jerusalem post “reader”
    This was a tactical nuke, or is it just a coincidence that a very large radiation spike was detected the same day in Sicily…
    where do these guys get their weeds, need some to help me with my back pain .
    richard, please accept my tap on knuckles, i do not believe the local dumpkoffs were in on it.
    most of nasrallah’s toys for boys come via safe syria/iraq/iran conduit or via air from damascus.
    i just dont see anything getting by boat that could be sunk at sea as it happened in past,
    also i dont see lebannon defenders placing their toys in a christian neighborhood where it is obviouusly hard to secure.
    so for once i believe that some idiots started a chain reaction that caused a mini hiroshima.
    any bomb placed would have left obvious residual shrapnel easily identified, remember that even in the twin towers they were are to have enough material to make a final statement that the buildings fell because the steel melted because no one had anticipated the high temperatures that planes fuel ignited. that was the final statement, the building could have not fallen had the steel held
    so l cant believe that bibi would have been so callous as to attack a friendly beirut area.

  21. If you threaten to murder someone and they are murdered that week you have incriminated yourself, particularly if you have killed many times before. Also, think about it, these explosive chemicals sat in the warehouse for years with no mishaps. Suddenly, in the midst of new conflict between israel and Hezbollah it goes kaboom, within days of israeli threats. Chances are pretty good that israeli agents did this. And little side note, the way israel advertises its offers of help and brags about them as well are in poor taste.

  22. Richard, is it possible that your source is attempting to harm your credibility? The claim is quote extraordinary (not saying this negatively) and it appears that no other source is reporting this. Are you able to provide any other indications that this is true outside the circumstantial evidence in the above post?

  23. Port Authority, tenders and ownership …

    China’s Belt & Road ended in Beirut Port as Sunni investment flows into terror hotbed Tripoli.

  24. Anyone with a brain knows Israel was behind this, so T did the right thing to expose them indirectly. Ex NSA asset Jim Stone nailed them right away as did ex spy Spookd in his Twitter account.

  25. No, of course I wouldnt accept help from such a country. I would rather let my children, my mother, my sister and my father die instead of taking help even from an enemy. Congrats! With your thinking the world will never change. One has to forgive and try to take opportunities for a new start, otherwise Germany e.g. would stioll be in its ruins of 1945 … but maybe that is what you want, to not give your children any hope for a better playe. I am not saying Israel didnt do anything wrong. But if you only look backwards full of hate nothing will ever change. Besides which sources are that that have given u that insight information … it sounds a bit at odd, did u also investigate whether maybe hezbollah or lebanese gvt did smth wrong and did not care for their people.

  26. Stop posting disinformation. You know full well that the explosion was caused by 2750improperly stored tons of ammonium nitrate in a warehouse at the port. This deadly load has been there for 6 years, after being removed from an impounded Russian ship, in spite of multiple letters to the Lebanese government by port officials. This is carelessness on the part of the Lebanese govt on an epic scale and has nothing to do with Israel. Delete your stupid post and apologise.

  27. You are simply deluded from hatred.
    There is overwhelming evidence that Israel is not behind these devastating explosions, yet you continue to make your inflammatory claims, claims which are baseless whilst they foment antisemitism.

    And of course Israel offered and indeed provided mazing humanitarian aid to Syrians fleeing the conflict on Israel’s Golan border. Either you have never heard of ‘Operation Good Neighbour’ which only furthers the general perception that you are simply clueless, or you are maliciously choosing to lie, which is also what you are known for.

    Overall, your credentials are beyond a joke.
    Shame on you for being a peddler of such malicious and hateful rhetoric

    1. @ Clive:

      There is overwhelming evidence that Israel is not behind these devastating explosions

      The only evidence offered to support your claim is easily refuted which I’ve done in four different posts. Not to mention that multiple media sources and officials in Lebanon and Israel have conceded the accuracy of key elements of my report.

      As for Israeli humanitarianism: indeed, those 3,000 Lebanese murdered in 2 wars, the 20 year occupation, not to mention the facilitation of the Sabra Shatilla massacre by Ariel Sharon–all profoundly humanitarian.

  28. Obviously not seen the original explosion which occurred less than a minute before the big blast. The warehouse was on fire BEFORE any explosions. No bombs. No attack. You guys are as bad as trump for spreading hatred and fear.

  29. Welders has worked on the warehouse that day, and a fire later broke out.

    A fire appears to have triggered the explosion of the ammonium nitrate in Beirut.

    Lebanese broadcaster LBCI and Reuters news agency cited sources as saying the fire was started by welding work being carried out on a hole in Warehouse 12.
    The port’s general manager, Hassan Koraytem, confirmed that maintenance was conducted on the door of the warehouse before the explosion.

    “We were asked to fix a door of the warehouse by State Security and we did that at noon, but what occurred in the afternoon I have no idea,” CNN quoted him as telling OTV.


    It seems that Israel did not bomb Beirut.

  30. This is a lot to base on your secret friend.
    Here’s what’s not a matter of fantasy. Ammonium nitrate is used for making very nasty and powerful bombs. One of the biggest terrorist attacks in the US, the Oklahoma City bombing, was fueled by this. More locally, this is used by Assad’s henchmen in Syria and Iraq. I guess I should be shocked that you cover up this fact. But I’m not.
    Then there is the embarrassing fact that Hezbollah refused to pin this on the Israelis. Because … it would invite retribution? How? You can’t do better than that?
    As for Trump’s claim that it was an act of terror and his chief of staff Mark Meadows’ covering for him, resorting to this is a real sign of desperation.Trump is delusional. It is much more likely that he heard the words “Lebanon” and “explosion” and drew his own conclusions, or heard the idea of its having been an attack and what’s left of his mind just seized on that.
    The president of Lebanon put it very simply: massive amounts of a high explosive were stored in an unsecure location for 16 years. Lebanon is in a state of total anarchy and there is no Lebanese OSHA to check the the wiring on the buildings. It was only a matter of time.
    Well, this will sure get you clicks.

    1. @ Evan: Ammonium nitrate has been used in terror attacks and has exploded numerous times. But it has never exploded spontaneously; without an ignition source. It is stable until this happens. The ignition source was the Hezbollah weapons explosion as supported by Lebanese intelligence sources and former CIA analyst Robert Baer, among others.

      hen there is the embarrassing fact that Hezbollah refused to pin this on the Israelis. Because

      Because Hezb played a secondary role in the destruction of half of Beirut and cannot admit that to its followers and the rest of Lebanon. As for embarrassing, not to me. To Hezbollah it’s embarrassing. To Israel it’s embarrassing. TO me, not at all.

      As for Trump, you might want to argue with the Asia Times Middle East correspondent who spoke to Lebanese intelligence sources who told her that Trump was right. So who do we trust more? You nebech or a Lebanese intel source? Gee, a tough one. I’ll go with the Lebanese on this one.

      The president of Lebanon put it very simply

      Hardly, the following day the Pres. of Lebanon said that foreign actors may have caused the disaster. He changed his tune when presented with evidence. You’re presented with evidence and dig yourself deeper in a hole.

  31. With all my loath to demagogic and dangerous Bibi and Trump, I am even more furious about people who are willing to spread hatred of such scale as you are doing here, Doing so just based on someone ‘confidential highly-informed Israeli source told me’, without bothering to double check, cross information sources.

    You are betraying your profession,you are spreading lies in the sake of your agenda and abusing your reputation. Even though I might agree with much of your criticism, Here I saw that your main goal is being hate katalysator.,.warmonger, and to call your site ‘tikun olam’… shame!
    The middle east needs the world to act as mediators not amplifiers of hate.

    1. @ yonatan: After forty years of inflicting sheer misery on Lebanon, occupying it for 20 years, invading it twice, destroying its port once (and now a 2nd time), you have the unmitigated gall of calling ME a warmonger?

  32. The war crime falls on hizbollah and his allies who stored and approve The storage of these explosives in a high condensed populated civil area…

  33. Without proper sources allegations are lies.
    Past confirmed history proves that Israel always tries to inflict the least number of civilian casualties and could not have even thought of bombing the warehouse as the storage of Ammonium Nitrate was a well known fact by all and no secret to anyone.
    There was no firework factory.
    Hezbollah is in control of the country and carries a major responsibility of the explosion, if not sole responsibility!

    1. @ Dori: Journalism 101: an anonymous source is a “proper” source.

      Past confirmed history proves that Israel always tries to inflict the least number of civilian casualties

      Did you read that in Herzl’s Fairy Tales??

  34. Boy, you dont know much about Hezbollah, judging by your above statements about it.
    Hezbollah have never used that port neither for smuggling arms nor for storing them.
    Hezbollah w’d never cover anything up. You should know that. Its imtegrity is beyond doubt……
    Just wait for what the leader of Hexbollah w’d say about the whole thing.
    Maybe, you just made up the whole story, simply because israel knows very well the dire consequences of such an alleged attack.
    Why w’d any israeli official leak the above alleged secrets to you by the way?
    Get real….
    We’ll see. Only time will tell….

  35. Probably wasn’t very nice of Hezbollah to position a weapons depot adjacent to the ammonia nitrate storage facility. Did they not know or did they not care?

  36. From what I have read Iran was storing missiles at this port and were working on a chemical to make their rockets more deadly. If this is true than Israel had a motive to protect it’s citizens from future attacks. I am surprised how fast Lebanon’s Government came to the conclusion the explosion was a result of poor fertilizer store, not buying that. This is all opinion and I have no ill feelings for either side.

    1. @ Wayne Bishop:

      I am surprised how fast Lebanon’s Government came to the conclusion the explosion was a result of poor fertilizer store

      Read my latest post. Lebanon’s president says it has not ruled out the involvement of “foreign actors” in the incident.

  37. @Kay Lawrence

    No Kay and Wing.

    France 24 reporter did not say she heard/saw “a fighter jet flying very low”, or even “an incredibly loud jet pass overhead”.

    France 24 reporter Leila Molana-Allen said that the blast sounded like “a jet breaking the sound barrier”.


    Richard. You demand cites, yet these commenters fabricate unsubstantiated quotes, from journalists no less.

    Why is it MY job to fact check your readers?

    I feel like Hercules in the Augean stables.

    1. @ Limey:

      Why is it MY job to fact check your readers?

      Trust me, it isn’t your job to do anything here. Unless you’ve been appointed to perform some hasbara function here, which is entirely possible. No one needs you to do anything here. So feel free to desist at any time.

      I have never said planes attacked Beirut, Israeli or otherwise. That suffices as far as I’m concerned.

      Don’t post again in this thread.

  38. [comment deleted: I do not permit the publication of anti-Semitic or Islamophobic statements. I also do not permit the publication of patently false, prejudicial statements of the sort you make.]

  39. with all due respect to whoever wrote this article assuming newsworthiness, why would the Lebanese government be refusing an international investigation?

  40. Le nitrate d’ammonium est neutre et ses lieux de stockage sont innombrables dans les fermes , industries (il sert notamment d’exhausteur de chaleur dans les fours) on peut donc ne pas se méfier d la présence d’une tel stock. Comme comburant associé à un carburant (pétrolier) il peut devenir un explosif puissant à l’issue d’un choc.
    Il est donc très important de s’intéresser aux conditions de stockage (y avait il des carburants mal conditionnés à proximité ?) et à l’environnement du stockage (stockage d’armement ? De produits d’artificiers…
    Les fumées à divers moments du processus sont sans doute un bon indicateur.
    L’idée de l’usage d’une bombe ne me paraît pas plausible (ou alors de très faible intensité) alors qu’un engin incendiaire suffirait dans un dépôt de munitions…
    Une info non recoupée a indiqué la présence d’une sur-présence des milices du Hezbollah juste après l’événement mais ce ne fut pas confirmé par la suite… Donc possible acte organisé mais cela demande vérification approfondie…. Les états suivront ils ce chemein ? J’en doute…

  41. How did warehouse #9 get demolished?? It was fully protected by the grain silo’s which were standing tall although with extensive damage!!

    There was an account of USAF staging espionage Mission ahead of surprise attack …

    Hypersonic Missiles Are Unstoppable. And They’re Starting a New Global Arms Race


    Destroying warehouse #9 raises many questions … see crater of 140 mtr in hard rock (!) where AN was stored in warehouse #12.

    Infographics @BBC News

    ‘National pride is at stake.’ Russia, China, United States race to build hypersonic weapons

  42. Kinetic Energy Weapons

    A single rod accelerated to Mach-10 releases the energy equivalent to 10 MOABs (300 ton TNT) detonaties at a single point.

    Meteor Explodes Over Central Russia Triggering Destructive Sonic Blast


    From multiple sensors using multiple technologies, a best initial estimate of the total energy of the event is about 300 kilotons of TNT-equivalent.

  43. There were (2) different types of explosions! One with a red cloud (fireworks), the other a while later was a mushroom cloud witht a huge sonic/pressure wave. There is infrared video on Veterans Today that is pretty convincing that it was a missle attack of 6KT Delilah (non-dirty) missle complements of Pisrael! See Real Jew News folks! Quit doubting/denying yourself the TRUTH!+

  44. Interesting to see (2) explosions! The picture above conveniently combines both to give it that”clever” (one in the same look) for easy disimination. I would say that the hole in the ground is the result of a force from above. It’s physics really! I have seen many ATG bombs make the same crater in Vietnam, but no ammo depots that were destroyed leave that tell tale sign. In a court of law – resonable doubt <OR> I would say – Reasonable suspicion.. Eeey.. ;?)

  45. Its still so sad that people are still carrying on the mass killings, this seriously needs to stop, we are all the same, we are all neighbors we all need to get along, will this ever happen, I seriously hope that Beirut will recover

  46. I am heartened to see such criticism of the author from his jewish followers.
    Seems to add more credibility from my perspective. Let’s see if they change their minds as more evidence comes to light…I wonder how many knew this? “The New Chinese operated Port is meant to be a Game Changer for the Israeli Economy, but why is no-one here talking about it?” https://www.beltandroad.news/2020/06/26/new-chinese-operated-haifa-port-a-game-changer-for-israeli-economy/

  47. Hey Richard: Do you not even realize how misguided your purported corroborating “circumstantial evidence” is and how it actually creates an inference that is the direct opposite of what you’re trying to prove? You say that when “Israel has undertaken a successful terror attack … it will … refuse to comment,” but that with this incident, “Israel immediately denied responsibility.” So, according to your brilliant logic, if Israel did commit this “terror attack,” it would have refused to comment, but instead, as you point out, in this instance, it “immediately denied responsibility.” Are you so clouded in the fogbank of your own self-hatred that you can’t even see how your “circumstantial evidence” supports an inference that Israel was not involved in the Lebanon explosion, rather than that it was, as you claim?

    1. @ David: You misunderstand my position. Israel could not maintain silence about the attack because though it did hit the intended target, the subsequent explosion caused an unintended disaster. Therefore, it had to deny responsibility explicitly, and thus respond counter to its usual protocol in these circumstances. If it had remained silent it would allow the world to begin to claim that Israel was responsible based on its silence. A public denial made this slightly more difficult (only slightly).

      You are done in this thread.

      You are now moderated. It is a comment rule violation to smear me with the idiotic insults you’re used. “self-hatred” “Kapo” “anti Israel” such stupid insults. Read the comment rules. Do it again and you’ll never comment here again.

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