14 thoughts on “Gantz Caves, Agrees to Likud Conditions to Form Unity Government – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The one-state solution is the only viable one.”

    They tried that already, under the Mandate, and it didn’t turn out too well, did it?

    1. @ Lemontree: So let’s see how many differences there were between the Mandate and the current situation:

      1. Two peoples living under a colonial power.
      2. Two peoples without agency to run their own affairs.
      3. two peoples without political bodies of their own.

      Today, there are two peoples who each have the capability to run their own affairs either in one state or two. But since one of them refuses to permit the other to have their state, both could join together in a single state. Unless of course the extremists on the Israeli side decide to destroy the one state option via terror attacks aided by those within the security and military apparatus who support them.

      So if anyone or anything torpedoes one state it will be the Israeli terrorist extremists. And certainly when they commit mass murder against Palestinians, the latter will retaliate. But if there are enough of good will and enough power in the central government to restrain such terror, one state is eminently practicable.

  2. I still think the only 1 state solution for Israel/Palestine should be based on Carlo Strenger’s ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Strenger )proposal to divide Israel up into Cantons like Switzerland and the United states. Basically really strong local government and a weak federal government. I call it the two states one country solution (maybe even bring in Jordan as they already have trilateral agreements on things like water security and power) https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-divide-israel-into-cantons-1.5340868

    1. @ qwijjjibow: Strenger’s proposal is a very bad one. It is essentially a bi-national state in which the Palestinians would be able to control only their own affairs and have little or no control over whatever national entity or power exists.

  3. I think you misread Ross’s tweet.
    He mentions one state solution as something that cannot happen and so can’t be the “ Palestinian counteroffer or key Arab leaders weighing in to stop it”.

    Do you believe Saudi and Iran can become one state? Thinking that can happen in israel is naive and/or stupid.

    1. @ Carmel yativ: No, cut out the bullshit. You know, if you can read, that Ross is clearly saying that annexation will kill 2 states unless the Arab states weigh in to stop it [annexation]. Not a one state solution. Where ever did you learn to read?

      Israelis and Palestinians have far more in common than Saudi Arabia Arabia and Iran. For one thing they live together in the same country and have for centuries. Even those in the Territories live next door to Israelis and their economy is integrated substantially into Israel’s. For another thing, no Iranian has ever owned land in, and lived in Saudi Arabia for generations. Nor has the reverse happened. Finally, Shiites and Sunni have had tension and conflict over many centuries, whereas until 100 years ago, Palestinians and Jews lived together reasonably civilly.

      If this is the best the hasbara brigade can come up with against a one state solution, you guys are really in the dregs.

      You are done in this thread.

  4. Another one bites the dust, and another one gone, – OH SO DEAD on. – not a single member who joined this disgrace will survive, not one. 36 ministers. whoa, more ministers than unemployed, yippee nuttin for the poor but more money for useless bureaucrats. do these morons ever think a thing will get done with the criminal in charge, dream on babe. environment, transport haha, and now that the so precious leviathan gushing oil is worthless where will Israel pump the billions it needs for hospitals that litzman just erased cuz not enough haredis are there.
    heard the joke about litman giving israell MRI machines instead of hospital beds. Israel has more MRI equipment per thousand people than ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. beds not so much,
    Congrats to Liberman, and mostly Yaalon HE LEARNED WHO BIBI IS,
    still seems that some of the “special” laws may hit a wall at Supreme Court which may unravel this unholy chain,

  5. Richard, thanks to Trump , Palestine is forgotten, gone from the world stage. The better to continue the apartheid. There will never be one state, 2 states or whatever, Israel will annex everything in due time and no one will bat an eye. With nationalism being the dominant theology in addition to oil being pumped back in instead of out no one has the time or will to come to Palestine rescue. There’s just NOTHING TO BE GAINED so why bother. Sorry arabs you fought a galant and sometime not so gallant fight but your 5 minutes is gone.
    There is NO GROUP of Israelis extremists anymore, it is pervasive across the populace, once the death issue is gone then no one even in this country , except for arabs, cares about one country 2 countries issue, so 90’s passe. move on there’s nothing to see here.
    sorry that’s what I hear day in day out in dealing with regular folks

  6. ” Israel has more MRI equipment per thousand people than ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. beds not so much,”

    A few months ago I was with someone in the ER with a torn ‘meniscus’. got X-rayed, ultra-sound for DVT there were not even the standard symptoms and then I noticed the MRI facility. Asked the orthoped Dr. why the person didn’t get a MRI for meniscus and he told me “they” don’t allow. Go figure.

  7. Avram. The equipment is there except the kupot holim are so broke that it takes multiple doctorS authorizationS in order to pay the 6000 nis cost per use. Yup 6000 per. So Litzman bought them from the kupot holim money.
    BTW no need for mri to repair meniscus most docs do it blindfolded unless major severe damages

  8. It will take longer than we have for justice to prevail in this situation. Gordon and Malley’s challenge to Biden to say some thing strong before annexation (in Foreign Policy) will tell us about Biden’s spine though. He will shrink from saying anything that he feels would jeopardize him in November .Like now.Biden already says he will be a transitional president. Weak, or pivotal. Transition to what? So Ganz caves, Biden will cave, and the people in Israel want this. In the meantime Trump and Netanyahu will try to get away with whatever they can to keep themselves in power.


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