2 thoughts on “Gantz Negotiating to Form Unity Government with Likud – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I find Gideon Levy’s article staggering. Does he really think that Gantz, who is a war criminal in his own right is going to achieve anything by getting into bed with Netanyahu? Clearly Levy is worried by Covid-19 and sees the strongman approach as the best one but he must also know that this is the same government which will cause a mass outbreak in an impoverished Gaza with almost no medical facilities.

    Having despaired of any change Levy is seeking reassurance from his enemies

  2. welcome to Israelistan, it was in said but not written, now it is official
    mr Bibi Trump has turned this officially finally into a banana dictatorship, he has his yesmen entourage who will gladly for a couple of shekels say his words.
    whatever shortage of spine Gantz lack Lapid and Liberman (whose son bibi sought to jail, and that’s why he’ll never return to likud’s fold) will supply, here’s for hoping that they will retake hold of parliament and toss some of bibi’s protection walls he so desire.
    One thing i cannot fathom is that he is such a vulture that for exception of the religious parties he has ALWAYS destroyed all parties that agreed to work with likud, israelis are so venal that they’ll sell their mother for the temporary crumbs bibi throws their way.
    By trashing the new kingmakers (arabs + Liberman) he has assured that he will never have majority ever.
    for no matter how crushed is the opposition they will always manage sufficient seats to deny him his abused chair.
    So for once Gantz and his gang that cant shoot straight will have to find a good psychologist for them to find a way to
    work together.
    Only Liberman can change if he so desires a change of path for israel. no matter how many more elections there may be the result will remain , israelis have been brainwashed for so many years that unless and until they see and feel some other manager they will not change,
    Israel supposed success is looking forward at a 30% unemployment with this situation, let’s see how many of those minimum waged likudniks employees will still blindly support a criminal,

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