6 thoughts on “Israeli Supreme Court Orders Likud Speaker to Reconvene Knesset, Relinquish Power to Blue and White – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So if Edelstein does bow to the court and a new Knesset is sworn in, will the new coalition include the Joint List?

  2. Do you know anything about Israeli law???

    “Israel’s de facto governing Blue and White coalition” – Gantz, to whom I have voted, does not have 61 MK that will vote for him. He does not have coalition agreement with any of the other parties.

    “At that time, the body would vote on a replacement and presumably name Gantz as PM.” – Where does that come from? What are you taking about? BW does not have a coalition yet.

    1. @ Carmel Yativ:

      “Israel’s de facto governing Blue and White coalition”

      Do you know anything about Latin terms common in the English language?? Clearly not. De facto–look it up. It means that there is “in effect” a coalition. It does not mean that in actual fact there is yet such a coalition. Further, there is a center-right bloc of 61 votes. Eventually, they will form a coalition and make Gantz PM. Or there will be a fourth election.

      I have no idea who you voted for and certainly wouldn’t take your word for anything. You clearly want a unity government rather than a minority one (an option I deliberately omitted above). You’re clearly siding with Hendel and Hauser, who hate “Arabs.” So your disdain for me is repaid in kind.

  3. But there is no coalition not in effect and not even in theory. There might be a blocking block but even that is not agreed between the different parties.

    It is amazing you tell me who I voted for or not. Seems like you believe your will can change facts. This is why you omitted the unity government as if your wishes can change the reality.

    Yes, I do want a unity government which will be stable. Leave out the far right and far left and maybe even Lieberman. This is the only road to stability here. You live in your la-la-land with absolute ideals that do not take reality into consideration, just like many other leftists.

    1. @ Carmel yativ: Please don’t make me repeat myself. As I replied to another commenter who made precisely the same claims as you, there IS a center-right bloc. It will form a governing coalition and vote for a new Speaker. I don’t care whether you call it a “coalition” or your father’s Oldsmobile. It’s a de facto coalition functioning as a government. And no thanks to your pals in the Likud.

      A unity government would be no more stable than a minority government. As soon as one party or the other disapproves of what the other is proposing, it will tear apart. Not to mention that such a monstrosity will have no common platform and thus continue the suffocating stasis that has prevailed over the past few decades. “Stability” is a nostrum. There is no value in it in a toxic society like Israel’s.

      I don’t have “absolute ideals.” I have values. You have none. Unless you wish to call suffocation a value.

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