13 thoughts on “Israeli Con Man Who Ripped Off, Raped Women Claiming He Commanded Mossad Assassination Squad, Avoids Sex Charge at Its Behest – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It’s a slippery slope when obtaining sex by deceit is considered rape.

    The women all willingly slept with this scoundrel who claimed he was a Mossad agent recruiting them.

    The con part is easy. Is consensual sex, when the consent is given on the basis of false premises, rape?

    If someone falsely presents himself as a wealthy individual, and engages in consensual sex, is that rape?

    If someone says they are good in the sack, but are actually quite lousy, is that rape?

    1. @ lepxii: You don’t understand the circumstances. He physically forced them to have sex using violence. That’s rape under any definition.

      And yes, if you entice someone to have sex with you with a promise you can’t or won’t deliver, that is rape.

      Your hypothetical is lame. Claiming that you’re a sex god is far different than claiming you are a Mossad recruiter and offering a job in Israeli intelligence.

  2. Richard – I saw the full channel 12 piece.

    My understanding (from channel 12) was that he didn’t force them physically. He was extremely manipulative and over a period of several weeks/months he conned them into believing they were being recruiting as agents for the Mossad. As part of the recruitment process they were supposed to “open up sexually” – this started with sharing fantasies, sexual histories, and continued (after they got invested into the process) sleeping with him.

    1. @ lepxii: Your “understanding” is wrong:

      קיים איתן יחסי מין באלימות ובניגוד לרצונן.

      This is in the Mako article. You may have seen the TV report but you clearly missed a key element of it.

      Why do Israeli men (at least ones like you) always defend rapists? Hmmm…just askin’

  3. Richard – he was violent. Even very violent. Look at minutes 10-11 in the video (simulated captive scenario, pulling from hair on bed).

    However the alleged rape was “עבירות מין במרמה” – not via violence – the victims consented to sex, violent sex, because of the con.

    1. @ Lepxii: “AGAINST THEIR WILL?” Do you not understand Hebrew??? Why is it that idiot Israeli males like you think there are six women in the world that a serial rapist can persuade to have rough consensual sex with them?

      That was your last comment in this thread. You’re annoying me.

  4. This is the state you find yourself in when and where Security is the overriding religion, the security apparatus is the Chief Rabbinate&Sanhedrin combined and its agents are the new rabbi’s.

    1. @ Dina Schaiek: Are you really comparing six rape victims of a serial predator, with a 20-year-old model having a consensual affair with a wealthy powerful married man? Have you no decency or sense?

      I protect rape victims. I seek justice for them. I don’t expose them.

  5. Not criticising the reporting, but this whole story is illogical. Why would Mossad go to all this public trouble and embarrassment of trying to cover it up when they could just ‘suicide’ him (Epstein style)?

    1. @ economasterful: Please don’t publish stupid conspiracy theories. If you’re trying to claim Epstein was murdered by the Mossad you’re gonna peddle that one somewhere else. This means that if you publish another comment here along these lines it could be your last.

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