13 thoughts on “Expanding Fight Against Iran, Israel Opens New Military Front in Iraq – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Whenever you write about Iran it is hard to determine whether you think they are the good guys in this story who are bothered by haters or is Iran a bully that everyone should be scared of.
    You move between the two consistantly.

    1. @Judy Green: Clearly you don’t have a clue what my views are about Iran. Your account above shows that. Thankfully, most of my readers here and at MEE do.

      I don’t think Iran is doing anything different than Israel would do in the same circumstances. I’m a pragmatic realist. There are no good guys here. Israel least of all.

  2. You readers understand you? You say that based on what? You collected statistics?
    You defiantly cannot say that based on their comments since there are almost none.

    1. @Judy Green: please don’t be dense. Or disingenuous.

      I have 100,000 comments on this blog. And you say I gave “none?” Are you daft? I have 1000 subscribers and 500,000 visitors every year. If they didn’t understand what I wrote they wouldn’t be here.

  3. Pragmatic?
    How come when Iran is on the offense, building army bases and recruiting proxies all over the Middle East, it is pragmatic, but when Israel is on the defense, trying to slow Iran down, it is evil?
    And please, Israel involvement in Syria in minimal (and pragmatic). What do you have to show? A few thousands patients, many are civilians, or a few unidentified boxes? We are taking caravans of trucks. Comparing that to Iran’s bases and thousands of fighters is a joke.

  4. 100,000 comments?? Let’s break them down –

    30% are your own answers you people, usually those you disagreed with.
    40% are people who disagreed with you and made counter arguments, 10% out of those you censored or deleted because you did like the content.
    30% are from a dozen of elite groupies who cheer for whatever you write or just use you as a platform for their own ideas (Qui?).

    1. @ Judy Green: Your take on my comment threads quite contradicts the usual hasbarist attack. for that I give you some credit. They almost universally decry my “censorship” of their speech and argue that no one here disagrees with me because I’m a cruel unfair censor.

      But you considerately rebut them by acknowleding that “40%” of commenters disagree with me. Then you claim 10% of commenters have been “censored or deleted.” Those aren’t the correct terms which are ‘moderated’ or ‘banned.’ But that would mean that 10,000 comments have ended in moderation or banning. Which is ridiculous. Though I haven’t researched the figures, I’m guessing I’ve moderated or banned perhaps 500 people. But more likely 300-400. You also have to take into account that many commenters who are banned create new identities, comment once again, and are banned again. I know this because one of them bragged about it publicly here.

      That would mean that over the course of 16 years, I’ve banned perhaps 350-400 people. Less than 30 per year. Or less than 2% of the total number of individual commenters (estimating that number at about 25,000, though this again is a guestimate and could be higher).

      Would you care to compare that to the number of Israeli news articles which are censored or have judicial gag orders imposed on them?

      As for my own comments, they are about 20% of all comments here. Not 30% of you claimed.

      All of this bores me to tears. You are now moderated. That means if you want to publish snark or half-truths or make shit up as you have here, you won’t be published.

  5. Iran is a proud nation

    Israel is playing with fire

    If Iran only says We all are marters and Hezbollah and more muslims not only shia but also others go join the party and they begin to figth on land with 6 million troops at the end they can reach Tel Aviv with 1 million troops and WHAT THEN ???


    1. @Mehrour: Really? You’re starting to sound like Al Ahram in the days leading up the 1967 War. This isn’t a holy war and millions of Muslims aren’t going to start marching on Tel Aviv, regardless of what you claim. So give it a rest.

  6. Israel hasn’t opened up a new front, she’s taken the Israel-Iran Cold War to Iran’s border with Iraq, same as Iran took the Israel-Iran Cold War to Israel’s border with Syria.
    Tit for tat.

    Israel’s overflight and bombing of IRGC camps in Iraq must have been done with United States blessing.
    An allowance that is probable ‘pay back’ for Iran’s downing of a United States drone over international waters.

    Question: Where is the Iraqi government’s response to Israel’s violating her sovereignty?

    Do you suppose that maybe Iraq’s fragile government is getting a little tired of Iran’s presence in Iraq and is allowing for a little ‘push back’?

    1. @ Crimson Kimono: Welcome to the latest Hasbara arrival from Ben Gurion. Read the comment rules fella. I have a feeling you’re gonna need ’em. And follow ’em.

      Do you suppose that maybe Iraq’s fragile government is getting a little tired of Iran’s presence in Iraq and is allowing for a little ‘push back’?

      Do you suppose Bashar al Assad’s “fragile government” in the midst of its worst onslaught from ISIS got “a little tired or Iran’s presence and “allowed for a little [Israeli] pushback?” Your claim is preposterous on its face and you know it. You’re peddling a sack of shit.

      Iraq is majority Shia. Iran has had a major influence in Iraq, especially among the majority Shia for decades, if not centuries. Do I think a majority Shia government has problems with an Iranian presence on its territory? Do I think Israel has a problem with U.S. weapons and military presence in Israel? Nah, I don’t. And the more Israel intervenes in Iraq the more it will bring Iran and Iraq together in a fight against a mutual menace.

      But this has a positive outcomes as far as Bibi is concerned. He’s created a new Arab enemy he can frighten the Israeli electorate with; thus sending them into his arms to protect him from the Arab bogeyman. The strategy has worked beautifully for him so far.

  7. The war criminal, Bashar Assad, was in a death match with the Syrian people, before ISIS even metastasized.
    The weakened Assad is now a shamed and pathetic an Iranian vassal.

    BTW, most of the casualties fighting ISIS in Iraq have been Kurdish, not IRGC. American and coalition air campaign drove back ISIS in Syria, not an Iranian air campaign.

    And there’s no love lost between Iraq and Israel.
    Iraq has been trying to destroy Israel since the 40’s. She sent her armies to destroy Israel in 1948 and 1967 and Saddam Hussein’s fired his missiles into the heart of Tel Aviv in 1991 during the Gulf War.

    Iran’s goal is to ‘divide and conquer’ the Arab world and to rebuild it in the image of the Fatimid Caliphate. She is using Arab proxies to accomplish this, and she is using far away Israel as a rallying point.

    In the Orwellian Iranian playbook, Israel is “Emanuel Goldstein”, a fake enemy and fake threat that Big Brother Khamenei uses to stir the masses, recruit devotees, and justify Iranian expansionism.

    Iran will fight Israel ‘to the last Arab’!

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