11 thoughts on “IDF Beats Palestinian Youth to Death, Then Denies It – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Rimawi’s death is probably the result of a kick to the chest and medical neglect.

    Regarding the forensic centre at Abu Kabir, you said that,”This is the infamous facility whose director used to harvest organs of Palestinians and Israelis and sell them”

    That infamous director has long since been replaced.

    Here’s a link that might help to put things into perspective.

    1. @ Li Hing Lo: After conceding the IDF killed Rimawi I’d like to hear you say that his death was the result of negligent homicide and that the soldier who killed him should be tried for the crime. I’m sure they all wore webcams and recorded video of the killing. It should be easy, until they erase the footage, to determine who did it.

      As for Abu Kabir, Hess was removed in 2013, which is not “long since.” Further, the new director appears to be just as conflicted as Hess was since he appears to offer carte blanche exonerations of all IDF misdeeds. So how is this much of an improvement? I suppose organs aren’t being sold outright, so that’s an improvement. But continuing the validate IDF crimes isn’t much of one.

      As for comparing U.S. police murder data, that is a classic Hasbara 101 dodge. I remind you that is also off-topic and a comment rule violation. You deal with the issue at hand and don’t introduce red herrings.

      But let’s take your dodge at face value and address it. THe article notes 6 women of color were killed in the month the article was published, while in U.S. police custody. Three Palestinians were killed this month in Israeli custody. If we work that out on a basis proportional to population, Israel’s killings would correspond to 160 such killings in the U.S. So while six dead women is six too many, 3 dead Palestinians is 52 times that amount. Next!

      You are done in this thread.

      1. No. Three Palestinians were not killed in the month the article was published.

        Three Palestinians died in custody since the beginning of 2018.

        One of the Palestinians died of a gunshot wound after attacking a soldier,
        the other Palestinian who died, was a 53 year old prisoner who died of a stroke two weeks after being admitted to hospital. The claim that he was beaten to death is sketchy.

        1. @ Li Hing Lo: You seem to have missed that Adameer reports that several hundred Palestinians have died in police or IDF custody over the past few decades. Now try explaining all of their deaths. Contact Adameer and they’ll provide you with individual details.

          As for the first Palestinian death above, I don’t know what “attacking a soldier” means. According to the Israeli definition, that could mean just about anything. As for the second incident, not too many 53 years olds die of a stroke. But many could die of a stroke if they were beaten to within an inch of their life 2 weeks earlier.

          You are done in this thread.

  2. Boys will be boys. The mighty warriors of Zion just got a little over-zealous.

    And how much is a Palestinian life worth anyway? Surely it’s hardly worth noting (as most mainstream media implicitly agrees) if the IDF beats the odd gentile to death.

    Someday, you will need to realize the implications of the stories you repetitively cite. Israel is not some good boy gone bad who just needs to reform and start going to junior college, etc.

    She’s rotten not just to the core, but in her essence, and she needs to go. That’s the only logically and morally defensible position there is.

    1. @ COlin Wright:

      She’s rotten not just to the core, but in her essence, and she needs to go.

      This comes perilously close to eliminationism. I don’t countenance that either from the right or left. No one advocates the elimination either of Israel or Palestine. Elsewhere you’ll find sites to do that. Not here.

  3. ‘Jen’ and ‘Li Hing Lo.’

    The hasbarists have definitely found an exciting new angle. Lots of bright Chinese who will willingly take any position you want on the internet for a surprisingly modest fee.

    …I’ve got some money to spare. At least in theory, two could play at this game.

    …swine. Everything about Israel and Zionism is so relentlessly, consistently vile.

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