18 thoughts on “Rabbi Sacks Anti-Corbyn “Crusade” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m sure your readers have been following the Frank Field story. He is quoted in the newspapers , pushing further the anti-semitism slur. I quote the headline from the Daily Telegraph:

    “Frank Field resigns whip warning Corbyn’s leadership is ‘force for anti-Semitism’ as MPs say he won’t be last.”

    He also said in interview that Labour is “increasingly seen as a racist party.” So not only is Corbyn being slurred from the right wing, but also from his own part – ok, the right wing of his own party.

    I have also recently seen Facebook posts saying that the Labour Party is the same as the English Defence League and the British National Party in terms of racism.

    The constant rent-a-quote antics of these people appears to be having an effect on besmirching the name of someone who has actively fought racism all his life – not just made one, probably reluctant, trip to Robben Island.

    So who said words to the effect that if a lie is repeated often enough it is seen as the truth

  2. These attacks on Jeremy Corbyn arise, not because of any remarks he has made about Jews, but because of a statement he made about Palestine: that a Labour government would recognize the State of Palestine. The possibility that a permanent Member State of the UN would recognize Palestine has driven the Israel Lobby into a frenzy of activity where they have joined forces with Corbyn’s political enemies to get rid of him as party leader,

    Jonathan Sacks is well regarded in Britain because of his presence on the BBC radio program “Thought for the day”. He came across as a wise and compassionate man . Now he seems to have lost his marbles, calling Corbyn an “existential threat to British Jews” Very sad.

  3. We need to re-read the Oded Yinon Plan that came out of Israel in 1982. Neocons Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz tucked it into the American Enterprise think tank – to become US foreign policy of the 21st Century. The US has certainly done its share to deconstruct the Middle East for a ‘Greater Israel’ to be born.

  4. Corbyn’s frustrations stem from Israeli criminality and complaints about it. The anti-Semite accusation here is clearly political and leveled by those who know them to be insincere and meant to censor.

    Would Corbyn be able to call a Jewish person a friend if they held — ore or less — anti-Zionist views?

    If so, then he’s not an anti-Semite — plain and simple.

    True anti-Semitism stems from a position of ignorance; Corbyn is not ignorant. He is angry because he knows things right-wingers like Sacks wish he wouldn’t state or act upon publicly.

    1. Seems like being an antisemite takes a lot of work. So many ways to disqualify.
      How come as soon as anyone says anything about Muslims, he or she are blamed of being islamophobs? Double standards?

      1. It’s important to maintain — and not to cheaply diminish — the meaning behind an accusation or label of anti-Semite, especially in benefit of those Jews who are legitimate victims of it and in need of it as one method of rescue/self-defense.

        It is not Islamophobic (or anti-Semitic) to FACTUALLY criticize specific individuals or factions of Muslims (or Jews) SANS any underlying political agenda FOR ACTS that defy international laws and norms.

        For example, it is okay to state that Saudi Arabia’s support of terrorism, in coordination with Israel, in Syria was a criminal offense naturally compelling gross criticism. It is not kosher to state that, in reflection of those acts, all Jews and Muslims are “in” on said criminal conspiracy as an elementary facet of their religion, their ethnicity or their racial affiliations.

        So, if anyone calls you an Islamophobe for saying things like, “Muhammad Bin Salman is massacring fellow Muslims in Yemen indiscriminately,” then they are also falsely accusing you as in the example of Rebbe Sacks vs. MP Corbyn.

        Back to the topic: is Corbyn an anti-Semite? No, I really do not think so. If he is standing up for the human rights of Palestinians, then it is very unlikely that he is going to endanger the human rights of another group to do so. Neither is there any evidence that Corbyn meets the textbook definition of an anti-Semite nor any evidence to show that he has attended Channukah ceremonies, etc., as a mere illusory act.

        The truth of the matter is that the actions of Sack & co. do everything to prejudice the rights of Jews in the UK. The silent majority notices that Corbyn is being called labels incongruent with his basic character. The agenda is tone deaf in the internet era.

  5. I am in the midst of reading Johnatan Sack, To Heal a Fractured World. As I read it I think of the agonizing conflict in Israel and the West Bank. As I am reading this book on the ethics of responsibility I think that some of the far right in Israel should read it. Based on this article/blog perhaps Rabbi Sacks should review his own work.

  6. This is a good piece marred by a couple of mistakes. First, there are around 300,000 Jews who registered as such in the religion section of the last census, though this is probably an underestimate, because not everyone feels comfortable registering. In addition, there is probably an extra 100,000 who would register if ‘Jewish’ fell under both ‘religion’ and ‘ethnic origin’ in the census. The Jewish establishment is resisting this change as it would show there are a lot of people who identify as Jewish who are not religious, and who are not represented by the Board of Deputies. Second, unlike the US, the majority of Jews who are members of a shul are Orthodox (United Synagogues). This majority is further increased if the Chasidic streams of Judaism are included. This is, I believe, very different from the US.

  7. Greetings,

    The issue is Corybn, not Sacks.
    Why allow this diversion?

    Corbyn, in an angry rant, falsely claimed that British MP’s were reading speeches in Parliament written by the Israel Lobby. A demonstrably false statement.


    Similarly Corbyn invented the claim that Israel murdered Egyptian soldiers in Sinai, and blamed the attack on ISIS.

    Corbyn sees Zionist ‘bogeymen’ lurking in the shadows.

    Same as Trump has his Mexican illegals, Corbyn has his Zionists.

    Isn’t it enough that we have Trump? Does the Free World really need another unstable leader?

    1. @ Li Hing Lo: I’d formulate this differently. The issue is Corbyn insofar as he is an independent progressive figure who threatens Israeli consensus that it must continue to dominate Palestine, maintain Occupation and its racist system. Other than that, Corbyn presents no real issue in the sense you claim. And Sacks is a willing tool of Israel and the UK Lobby.

      Actually, the claim that Israel Lobby groups ghostwrite speeches for MPs and lots of other pro-Israel figures is completely true. You’d know that if you read my pieces in which I published Justice Department transcripts of conversations with Israeli diplomats who did precisely this in the U.S. And if they do it here you can be damn sure they do it there. Israelis and the Lobby not only write speeches, they write legislation, they pay for conferences, etc. It’s quite an operation they have going.

      Do not use the Daily Fail as a source for anything here. It’s a Tory scandal sheet and as such has NO credibility.

      I have no idea what you’re talking about regarding Corbyn’s claim regarding killing Israeli soldiers in Sinai. But Israel has indeed done that many different times over the decades. It’s massacred Egyptian POWs during two wars. And it killed 8 Egyptian police or soldiers on Egyptian soil during a terror attack near Eilat. I have no idea what blaming ISIS has to do with any of this. But Israel has made far more preposterous lying claims regarding similar incidents. So anything’s possible.

      So you see, you’re not dealing with the dummy audience you think you are here. We know far more than you apparently do on this and many other topics. Sharpen your game, my friend.

      What intrigues me about you is that you’re living in Taiwan. How does Israel get hasbara trolls working for it in Taiwan?

      1. “Actually, the claim that Israel Lobby groups ghostwrite speeches for MPs and lots of other pro-Israel figures is completely true”

        Great. Please lay your cards on the table and show us the evidence you have that ‘The Lobby’ ghostwrites for MPs in Parliament.
        Notwithstanding the MP’s denials to the contrary, the fact that the Daily Mail reviewed the MP’s speeches and found no shared ‘keywords’, is proof that Corbyn lied about ghostwriting.

        But no matter.

        Regarding Corbyn’s ‘Sinai massacre’ rant.
        Corbyn claimed that Israel was behind the massacre of 16 Egyptian soldiers as they sat down for a festive meal in 2012.
        The reality is, that ISIl of the Sinai carried out the massacre of the Egyptian troops and than
        ISIl commandeered two vehicles and crashed an Israeli checkpoint to engage in a firefight with Israeli troops.
        Does this sound like a ‘false flag’ to you?
        What elements of this attack would cause someone to think Israel was behind it?

        Or maybe there is simpler explanation for Corbyn’s bizarre claims. Maybe Corbyn was just trying to please his paymasters at Iran’s Press TV.

        Being an independent progressive opposed to the Occupation is fine. It’s all of Corbyn’s attendant baggage that raises suspicions of anti-Semitism.
        His blowing kisses at Hamas leaders. His revering dead terrorists. His alleged donations to Holocaust deniers, and, of course his recycled anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews controlling his government. etc, etc.

        1. His blowing kisses at Hamas leaders. His revering dead terrorists. His alleged donations to Holocaust deniers.
          Can you provide links for the first two allegations? (The third is, as you admit, unproven.)

          1. @Elisabeth

            I’d be delighted.


            I say ‘alleged’ donations, because Corbyn admits to ‘probably’ making donations to the pro-Palestine group led by Holocaust denier, Paul Eisen, but it hasn’t been proven that Corbyn knew of Eisen’s Holocaust denials when the donations were made. I don’t see how Corbyn didn’t know, but anyway, Eisen claims that Corbyn ‘opened his check book’ to him.

            So yeah, ‘alleged’.


          2. @ Li Hing Lo: As I already wrote, Torygraph, Daily Fail and other British TOry tabloids are absolutely not credible on this subject and you will not offer them here as proof of anything.

            And as for “allegations” that Corbyn did this or that, it’s all bullshit as far as I’m concerned. If he opened his checkbook let’s see the check. If he made a non-profit donation there should be a UK tax record of it. Produce it. OR shut up.

        2. @ Li Hing Lo: As I told you, I have seen Justice Department transcripts of Israeli diplomats conceded that they ghostwrite such speeches. They also write bills which members of Congress propose in their own names. MJ Rosenberg, who worked for Aipac for 20 years and also was a COngressional aide has also affirmed this phenomenon. I don’t care what Mks have to say on the subject. Of course, no self-respecting human being would admit that they couldn’t string two sentences together on the subject and had to get a Lobby staffer to write for them. Nor do I care what the Daily Fail has to say on this or any other matter.

          I’m laying out some new ground rules for you. If you ever comment here again, you will not offer any British Tory tabloids as evidence to support anything. This includes the Daily Fail and Torygraph, which seem to be your go-to shmattehs.

          I have no interest in getting lost in the weeds over what Corbyn did or didn’t say about the Bedouin attack in Sinai.

          You neglected to do even the most elementary research to find out that I’m a regular interviewee on PressTV. I haven’t received a penny from them for my many interviews. And even if I had or Jeremy Corbyn has, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Israel corrupts scores of international figures paying them handsome fees for appearing at events promoting Brand Israel or to consult or participate in panels exonerating it of war crimes. Anti-Iran terrorists supported by Israel pay our own U.S. politicians millions to speak at their rallies. The Russians have done the same to some of Trump’s top flunkies. Not to mention hasbaroids like you who are often paid for your social media warrior activities. You will not offer such smears here.

          There is something smelly about you. I’ve never had a hasbarist comment here who is native Taiwanese. Either you are not who you claim to be or there is some sort of hoax going on here. As you’ve done nothing to establish your bona fides and you’ve violated a number of comment rules, you are moderated. ONly future comments that respect the rules will be published.

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