13 thoughts on “Israel’s Leading Rapper Incites Hatred Against Israeli Left – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “When I began I was a liberal Zionist who believed in the two-state solution. Those 15 years have wiped out any starry-eyed idealism I had about liberal Zionism; …”

    Out of curiosity, what do you classify yourself now as, having lost your “starry-eyed” idealism after 15 years?

    1. @ Klaas Vaak:

      Out of curiosity, what do you classify yourself now

      I don’t generally. Labels can be very restrictive. They allow people to put you in a box and discount your overall views. I will sometimes say I’m a progressive, or critical Zionist. I’m also perfectly happy with Jeremiah Haber’s “Magnes Zionist” as a label. That means one must make a distinction between the current mainstream versions of Zionism which are racist, intolerant and Arabophobic.

      BTW, I probably should’ve written “naive idealism” rather that “starry-eyed idealism.” I believe in idealism. Just not idealism that doesn’t incorporate all of reality, including the warts, which is the problem with liberal Zionism

      The hasbara brigade here will note that I often use labels to define others, especially those on the alt-Right or Israeli ultra nationalist right. In those cases, it’s quite clear what they are, what they believe. Often they embrace the labels. So I have no problem where someone’s ideology is both clear and well-known.

  2. Richard.. A very brave and honest article. I have never been a Zionist but was always proud of being a Jew. I was proud because we were always on the side of the poor and the benighted. Today I look around and most American Jews are still “social liberals” but when it comes to Israel and US foreign policy they are on the side of war and hate mongers. I now consider myself a a member of the the human race not of any religion. My aunt and two young nephews were murdered in Auschwitz and my uncle was a slave laborer for the Wehrmacht.
    Traveling on that road to war will lead to no good end for the Jews as we are beginning to see in this country. It is time for American Jews to see democracy as the the real home of the Jews .

  3. Leading rapper? Not really.
    Yes he has some fans but he should hire you for PR with this headline.

    1. @ Lior Azar: Perhaps today he is more known for his political firebombs. But in the 90s when he partnered with Subliminal they were extremely popular. And if you think what I wrote about him features him in a flattering light, you should have your head examined.

      1. He is one of the more popular entertainers in Israel. He is Israel in some sense.

        Then maybe you should retract this statement. He is just another guy with his glory days behind him and some fans.

  4. This was refreshingly honest. Netanyahu delivered a speech today about the Jabotinsky 78th anniversary coming up and urged reading into his writings. The makhteret are now in the Knesset. They used to be in jails. This is now Netanyahu’s Israel. His allies have intricate schematics of the Temple Mount and they have plans to blow it to smithereens, which I’m sure will be blamed on anyone but the obvious.

    Even worse? I’m pretty sure they think of Netanyahu as too far to the left as well somehow.

    Even worse? Every time I go to a Jerusalem Post, YNET, TOI, “Stand With Israel” type social media page, or even Ha’aretz, there are commentators who sound straight like they’re Evangelical Christians with even more extreme views about Israel than any Jewish voice I’ve ever heard (outside of the aforementioned) or Trump supporters who like to call me a “Muzzrat” when I post a slightly leftist sounding comment.

    Do your readers know there are many leftists in Israel, but just marginalized at this point? One can throw a pebble and hit someone who will tell you that they consider all universally human and wish to live in peace while acknowledging the occupation’s ills, but also being fearful of the other side. I also thought there was proof that the Palestinians were Jewish once, but I may be mistaken.

    1. @ Peg: What an insipid, stupid comment. Please don’t post comments that make me feel they’re killing my brain cells. I’ve wasted the ten seconds it took me to click on those links and I’ll never get them back again!

        1. @ Peg: You didn’t “trivialize” anything I wrote, though your own views are indeed trivial. I added several paragraphs to make clear & stronger the parallels between the four countries. You can’t trivilaize something when you haven’t even offered a coherent counter-argument.

          I’m going to call off this nonsensical debate. You are done in this thread.

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