10 thoughts on “Israel Once Bought Oil from ISIS and Iran, Now It Secretly Buys Oil from Libyan Dictator – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I remember a number of years ago, it was revealed that Libya was buying chicken vaccine from Israel, despite the so-called boycott of Israel.

    There are a number of ways if looking at this. One is that the pragmatism of trade beats ethics. Another is that trade is a starting point to the building of bridges and the breaking down of barriers.

    In the real world, we all buy from undemocratic countries, whether it be from China, Libya or in the past from one party states in Africa.

    As far as Israel buying from ISIS is concerned, I would ask how strong is the evidence?

    1. @,Thomas Holloway: cardinal rule here: before publishing a comment read all the links in the post. Had you done so you wouldn’t have needed to ask about the evidence regarding ISIS oil sales, which is rock- solid.

      Nor does trade in the Middje East lead to political understandings. At least not as far as Israel is concerned.

        1. @ Elena: Read every single link in the post before posting you twit! There is a Globes article as well. Read Haaretz’s coverage. Plus everyone following Middle East oil sales knows about this. Go talk to the people who run Tanker Tracker. They know about it as well. So stop whining about the Kuwaiti paper, do your homework and read everything I did before I wrote this post. Then write a comment. And stop wasting my time.

  2. ‘…Israel is not above betraying its principles to get hold of this much-needed black gold…’

    What Israeli principle would she be betraying by buying oil from ISIS?

    It seems to me that ISIS has been all good news for Israel.

  3. [Comment deleted: you’ve been warned about posting off-topic, which you just did again. You are now moderated. Comments which respect the rules will be approved. Those which don’t, won’t.]

  4. The fact those countries do practical business behind the scenes while excoriating each other in public tells you something doesn’t it. Interesting how only Palestinians die in these conflicts lately.

  5. Why have scorn for Israeli opportunism?

    Every country has opportunistic foreign policy elements
    I also wonder if you have any problem at all with Palestinian opportunism–such as Hamas accepting the support of Iran (who is happy to sacrifice Palestinian blood for its rivalry with Israel) and various other Sunni Jihadi groups, or their working with Turkey, who just use them as a political tools to increase Erdogan’s domestic popularity.

    Tactical relationships are part of international diplomacy, that’s realpolitik
    So its difficult to understand why you find this so surprising.
    Besides, gentle commerce helps promote peace between the sides.

    1. @DrS: I have scorn not just for Israeli opportunism. I have scorn for Israel fueling civil wars in Africa, Asia and elsewhere. I have scorn for the tens of thousands of dead Israel causes both in its own region and around the world. I have scorn for the massively corrupt system of weapons sales and political manipulation engaged in by Israel military-intelligence consultants.

      The opportunism of other states pales in comparison. Especially given Israel’s size relative to theirs.

      gentle commerce helps promote peace between the sides.

      Indeed gentle commerce is just what Israel has in mind when it buys ISIS oil, sells technology to African dictators enabling them to fix crooked elections, provides surveillance technology to Gulf states enabling them to oppress their minority populations.

      You’d be funny if you weren’t so pathetic.

      1. [comment deleted: I’m not interested in book reviews from you. I’m not interested in reviews of Wikipedia articles. All this is off topic and a comment violation.

        I also not interested in your psychological theories about what or why I do things and what I’m thinking. Stick to the post or get lost.]

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