8 thoughts on “Prisoner X3: Sexual Predator Lurking in Prime Minister’s Office – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Prime minister office” here is innuendo for something else (one of the organizations under the PM’s control) – this is well away from the Prime minister and his actual office, and the details here…. Are probably pretty lurid.

  2. ‘… In an effort to throw me off the trail, an ex-Shabak agent serving as a source at the time told me he was an Iranian general. He was, in fact, Ben Zygier…’

    …speaking of which, any theories as to what Zygier actually did or was going to do, and do you believe he actually committed suicide?

    I still wonder if he got the bright idea he’d go public with something he discovered and had some illusions concerning his personal invulnerability. However, any actual information is always appreciated.

    Alternatively, maybe Zygier WAS an Iranian general. This opens up several novel lines of inquiry…

  3. Actually, what’s of considerably more interest than the identity of prisoner X3 is what’s the story with prisoner X2?

    Israel’s shortcomings in the field of sexual political correctness are of some interest — but not really why I do or don’t support Israel. Meh, as the saying goes. I mean, we can go there. By all means. However, why?

    But the guy who was in charge of the Iran desk was put away? Now THAT piques my curiosity.

    Hasbara attempts at redirection notwithstanding, screw (pun not intended) the cabinet rapist. What’s up with Iran desk dude?

  4. This isn’t a ‘Man in the Iron Mask’ languishing 14 years at a ‘black site’.
    Prisoner X2 bargained a reduced sentence with a promise of silence. Bargained an agreement.

    Americans convicted of treason are handed much more severe sentences.

    1. @ Frank: He didn’t “bargain.” You don’t bargain in such cases. The State tells you what it will offer and you either take it or stay in prison for the rest of your life. That’s no choice. He had a secret trial. His attorney couldn’t see much of the evidence against him. He had one hand tied behind his back. It’s a set-up. The system is fixed. Just as you like it. But don’t call this fair and don’t call it a bargain. If anything, it’s a devil’s bargain.

      Americans are generally handed much less severe sentences. Pollard was the lone exception.

    1. Colin: Read the linked post. I also wrote a post about X2’s lawyer, Avigdor Feldman, who wrote a general denunciation of the double legal system which subverts the rights of national security suspects like X2.

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