13 thoughts on “Israel Places Bounty on Heads of African Refugees – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You fail to note that all of these bounty hunters must have an undergraduate degree (see ad above).
    The demos against this heinous act contain posters with such slogans as פליט לא מגרש פליט (refugees do not expel refugees / with no apologies to the slogans from the Gaza disengagement in 2005) and גירוש = מוות (deportation = death) and “thou shalt not deport”. Our current Prime Minister does what all politicians do when about to go on the ropes, start populiust scapegoating and start wars …

    1. @ gefilte: And you think a bounty hunter has to be an illerate, uneducated boob? What makes an undergraduate degree all of a sudden transform someone into a cultured, refined elegant human being who wouldn’t capture refugees and send them to their doom?

      Your PM has been scapegoating, starting wars and promoting assassination of his opponents since the start of his career. This behavior didn’t start yesterday, my friend.

    1. @ Nim: First, I didn’t “translate” the ad. Second, it isn’t incorrect. Third, you better read the comment rules promptly before you publish another comment here because you don’t make claims without supporting evidence, which you haven’t done here. Watch your step…

  2. “Rwanda would receive $5,000 per head. If it accepted all 40,000 that would mean a payment of $200-million, an extraordinary sum.”

    If, on arrival, those 40,000 refugees each gets stripped of their $3500, that would be another $140 million. So, if Rwanda plays its cards well, which should not be too difficult, it will earn a guaranteed bonus of the better part of $ half a billion.

  3. It isn’t a bounty per head like you make it sound but a possible bonus at the end of a period which we don’t even know it’s length.
    And nobody “deputizing” anyone. The people recruited will be full fledged employees who will carry in addition office work etc.

    1. I don’t see much difference from giving parking tickets.
      At this point the only people they look for are those their application was denied (rather than unanswered), who are single and at the ago of work. Those that are clearly improvement seekers rather than refugees.
      But seems like you aren’t interested in facts but in propaganda.

      1. @ Ariel Koren: You clearly know whereof you speak because you are an African refugee and know what happens to them. That’s by way of pointing out you don’t know what you’re talking about. There are sweeps by BOrder Police through refugee neighborhoods where they scoop up refugees, arrest them & imprison them. If you read your own newspapers (credible ones that is) you’d know this.

        As for facts, when you write any would you let us know??

      2. Even Eritreans, whose applications are usually approved in European countries, are rejected by Israel. Your logic is that they are improvement seekers because they are rejected, and that they are rejected because they are improvement seekers. Kafka could have made that up. If every country treated refugees like that, we would need armed to the teeth ‘national homes’ for every category of person.

    2. @ Ariel Koren: Actually, in this context a bonus IS a bounty. The ad clearly indicates that bounty hunters will be provided the bonus on successful completion of the job. What does that mean? That bounty hunters who don’t catch enough refugees will get the bonus? Of course not. Catch refugees & you’ll get the bonus: hence, a bounty. And the length of the job is clearly indicated as well. I think it’s two years if i recall. Possibly 18 months, by which time they should’ve captured all the refugees and put ’em on a boat back to ‘darkest Africa.’

  4. One thing that strikes me as that despite Israel’s harsh (not to say cruel) treatment of these refugees is that refugees from Africa continue to seek out Israel as their country of choice in escaping from injustice, tyranny and persecution, passing through Egypt on the way and not seeking to get to any of Israel’s neighbours as a place of refuge.

    And whilst Israel’s economic prosperity might be a minor factor, it cannot surely be the main factor. These people are genuine refugees and not economic migrants. And it would belittle their desperate flight for freedom to attribute their choice of Israel to economics. They are seeking freedom and they choose Israel. And having got there, they wish to stay there. Israel may not be perfect (not even for its own citizens), but it is a country of choice from among many other countries in the region. This tells us much about Israel – and about Israel’s neighbours.

    1. What an interesting thought. What neighboring countries were you thinking of, apart from Egypt? Lebanon and Jordan, of course, have each already taken in millions of refugees from Syria, who, under these circumstances (poor countries, staggering numbers of refugees), naturally have to fend for themselves. With such competition in the labor market, what chance for survival would Africans, who do not speak Arabic have? Even if you flee for your life, survival in your exile does play a role, and does not mean you are merely an improvement seeker, as you said. But to suggest that they chose Israel because of its FREEDOMS? Tut tut, you will have to come up with something better.

      How many refugees from Syria has Israel taken in again, Neil Douglas? Was it one million, or two? In Jordan, Syrian refugees now make up more than 20% of the population. (That is, as you may know, on top of the huge part of their population that was expelled from the beacon of freedom Israel.)

      You said that the refugees going to Israel said something about Israel and about its neighbors. Well it does: The neighbors have opened their doors to more refugees than would ever be allowed in, in Europe, and Israel lets NO ONE in! That indeed tells you something about Israel and it neighbors.

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