5 thoughts on “Rwanda Denies “Secret Deal” with Israel to Take Expelled African Refugees – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Great reporting. I think here, you are correct. The corroborative information is solid re: Kagame. Israel is opening an embassy in Rwanda and the quid pro quo sounds likely. These back-end dealings, however, are a furnace of enmity for the deal-makers by people involved and witnessing what is happening. It deteriorates the credibility of the deal-makers, and so, the benefit appears short term, tactical and not long-term and strategical.

    The only issue I’ll stake as well is how Israel seems to negotiate “the right of return” or “forced return” of refugees to Rwanda, but rejects adamantly the internationally recognized right of return of Palestinians.

    By definition, to refuse the indigenous their right of return is to posture as a colonialist enterprise. Israel’s “Leviathan”, the occupation, the existence of “settlers”, and more undoubtedly re-affirm that Israel bears a colonialist identity, one that consists of land theft, the re-terming of the identity of the occupied country, etc., based on various pretexts that Israel’s supporters also often try to blockade from scrutiny because an examination of those “justifications” de-legitimizes the moral advertisements of Zionism.

    There are no “secret deals” made to restore Palestine. Rather, the “secret deals” involve expelling Palestinians to Jordan and Egypt and eviscerating Palestine from existence.


  2. It seems to me Israel is missing a chance for developing some complementary lines of business here.

    After all, it’s a documented fact that Israelis are leaders in the international illegal organ trade.

  3. It’d be interesting to compare the language in the above Twitter posts to other posts made by the government of Rwanda.

    My guess is that the language would be noticeably different, and my guess is that Israel herself probably wrote the above posts. They’re just too pitch-perfect.

    I could be wrong. It’s just a thought.

      1. “After all, it’s a documented fact that Israelis are leaders in the international illegal organ trade.”
        don’t things need proof on this blog?

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