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  1. Assuming the worst, and I do not, Gal Gadot was 19 years old when this incident happened.
    Let’s have a frank discussion about your unblemished teens.

    This is one of your uglier hatchet pieces, smearing a 19 year old for one thing she may have done fourteen years ago.

    I bet you feel big after you whittle someone else down. You’re soooooooo moral, Richard.


    1. THIS is a hatchet piece?

      Now I know you are a hasbarist troll who probably lives in Israel and either does this as a hobby or gets a check from somebody much like the mainland Chinese “50 Cent Army” or the Russian IRA “troll factory”, but it hasn’t been working. At all.

    2. No one can defend this. This is absolutely indefensible. Gal Gadot should be removed from the Wonder Woman franchise; there is no justifying this kind of evil. I’m 19 years old, I would never, ever, ever do this to anybody. Her having been 19 years old is no excuse at all, if you are a GOOD PERSON and somebody comes up to you, specifically YOUR COWORKER or even FRIEND to tell you they were raped….you do NOT do this to them! WTF?! Then her behavior lately with refusing to renounce her pay check that she made working with a known predator, I mean just how evil is this woman?!

      I’m sorry but she needs to go. This is WONDER WOMAN we’re talking about, this is like the WORST thing that can happen. Wonder Woman actress is a rapist enabler! How man more women were victimized by that guy because of her actions?! She’s apart of the rape culture! There is nothing to be said that will ever take away what she’s done. Those victims wont stop being victims, she ruined somebody’s life. She can’t be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman would never do this to people!

    3. @Zionaut: I never raped anyone. I never was an accessory after the fact to rape as Gadot was. I never introduced anyone to a friend who raped her. When I finally met someone who was raped I comforted her.

      How dare you insinuate otherwise. Clearly you had a very different upbringing than i.

      And yes, a woman who behaved so abominably 14 yrs ago who now has the chutzpah to say she opposes rape–she is a scummy hypocrite.

    4. אל תדין את חברך עד שתגיע למקומו
      None of us was in her shoes at that moment.

      But even worse, Richard himself have doubt as he writes “If this account is true…” and Eva isn’t exposing her real name so there is no way to know whether this is even true. But that won’t stop the smearing of a possibly innocent guy.

      1. @Eli: Abusing Talmud to justify rape. Now I’ve seen everything.

        Why would you demand a woman who was raped by a close friend of one of the most powerful actresses in Hollywood reveal her name? So she can be doxxed by hasbarists like you and be fired from her job or harassed or get death threats?

        Plus, are you claiming she’s one of the incredibly small number of women who falsely claim rape?

        1. The quote from Talmud wasn’t for the alleged rapist but for 19 years old Gadot who didn’t rape anyone.

          And no, I don’t claim “Ava” is in the minority of liars, I say for all we know she can be a 50 years old man living with his mother.
          It’s not that I need to know her name but someone should. If she served a complaint, at least the judge would know but in this case, sure it can be fabricated. What are the sources? An anonymous Twitter acouunt and an anonymous website?

          1. @Eli: No woman and no man who has had a loved one who was raped would have the heartlessness & abject ignorance to make the claims you have. And yes i have been in (or as close as it’s possible to be w/o being raped myself) the place of someone raped, so i know what I’m talking about.

            Any woman or man who’s known a woman who was raped would know that no one would make a false rape charge. And you are claiming Ava is among the 2% who do. And I am saying you are a heartless, brutal male ignoramus.

            No more comments for you in this thread.

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          2. @Richard

            “And yes i have been in (or as close as it’s possible to be w/o being raped myself) the place of someone raped,”

            Gal Gadot was 19 years old when this allegedly happened, and, as a society, we judge teenagers differently than adults. She wasn’t even old enough to buy a beer 14 years ago, but she’s now being judged as an adult. The fact that she is now taking a courageous and public stance on sexual abuse in Hollywood proves that she is now a mature adult.

            Since she’s Israeli, the whip comes down.
            Since she supports her the country’s military, the whip comes down.
            Since she may have said something rude about the Arabs 14 years ago, the whip comes down.

            Richard. Did you do anything wrong when you were 19 old? Can you share now?

          3. @ Zionauts:

            as a society, we judge teenagers differently than adults.

            NO, actually we don’t. 19 year olds ARE adults. They are, or should be responsible adults. Not to mention that Gal Gadot at 19 purported to know the ropes of Milan and purported to be knowledgeable about the male predators prowling the fashion world there. One problem: she didn’t realize her own friend’s boyfriend was one of them. That should require some humility on Gadot’s part, some realization that she thoroughly misjudged someone she had trusted and to whom she’d introduced her roommate. But that didn’t happen because Gadot was & is a selfish, mean-spirited, heartless person (as are you).

            She wasn’t even old enough to buy a beer 14 years ago

            NOnsense, in Milan she couldn’t bought any drink or drug she wished at her age.

            The fact that she is now taking a courageous and public stance on sexual abuse in Hollywood proves that she is now a mature adult.

            No, it actually proves she’s a f(&king hypocrite who refuses to acknowledge her past cruelty toward a rape victim.

            ichard. Did you do anything wrong when you were 19 old?

            This proves there’s a hasbara central directing your comment content. A supposedly separate commenter posted almost exactly the same lame question to me. You didn’t even bother to read my response that time. I am about to ban you.

            Here’s the answer I offered to the earlier moron. My answer is that not only at 19, but at no other time in my life have I ever introduced any woman to any friend who raped her. Never. But I have known women who were raped and I have behaved toward them with 1000% more understanding that Gal Gadot or you have shown.

            You disgust me. Annoy me one more time for any reason & you’re history. Comment again in this thread & you’re history. Oh, but I know you can come back like a bad penny as any commenter you like. You guys sprout like poisonous mushrooms after a rain.

            Oh & by the way, did you stop to think that Gal might’ve introduced her earlier 15 year old roommate to HER rapist? A pleasant thought.

  2. And hope curious that in her short article ‘Ava’ found the time and words to mention Gadot’s take on the Palestinian issue. Isn’t that just too easy?

    1. @ Eli: Gee, I guess rape victims have to live according to your terms, have your own political views (or better yet none), and write about their rape the way you think they should. Do you know how preposterous & chauvinist you sound?

      That woman can do and say what she wants about her own suffering. If you don’t like it or agree with it you can go to hell.

      And don’t comment again in this thread.

  3. Setting aside Israel, Palestine, the IDF and all that jazz. This is a completely anonymous account which you haven’t even been able to verify with the accuser. You keep on citing statistics that most accusations are true but we don’t even know that there is a real woman behind the accusation. For all we know, this was written by a 53 year old man living in Wyoming. One thing that should set off your alarm bells is the lack of a photo. I would expect her to have a photo with Gadot and to share it with her image blurred out to at least establish she was in Milan with Gadot.

    I also think it’s pretty obvious why medium would not allow anonymous accusations against a private individual on their platform.

    1. @ Josh:

      Setting aside Israel, Palestine, the IDF and all that jazz.

      No, let’s not. Because you and I know the only reason you wrote the rest of your comment is precisely because of Israel, Palestine, the IDF, etc.

      When you’re raped or your wife or sister or daughter are raped (God forbid) and then decide they’re going to offer a public account of their suffering, call me because I want to read back to you your heartless comments which deign to decide on behalf of a rape victim how she should tell her story to the world. I got one word for ya buddy (actually more than one): you don’t get to decide for her. She does. She can identify herself. She can remain anonymous. She can call herself whatever she wants or nothing at all.

      Nor do you get to determine whether her story is right or fair or credible or anything. And any man who pretends he’s a rape victim as you theorize is either insane or very f(7cked up. There aren’t many of those around, so I’m afraid so your theory is asinine.

      I once blurred out a picture of a rape victim and some asshole like you came along and figured out who it was based on that picture. So no, she doesn’t owe you a picture or anything.

      I’m getting tired of the feeble hasbara from you & your ilk, so don’t comment further in this thread.

  4. All these guys thinking this accusation was written by a 50 year old man living with his mother tells me they are 20 year olds living with their mothers!
    Gadot is your average young Israeli. Fed lies from infancy, it is not strange that she thinks “weareright”. This incident just shows that she also happens to be a nasty person. (You really have to be nasty to pull this off.)

  5. Gal Gadot was 19 at the time, didn’t she do her mandatory service? Would that not have put her in the service at the time?

    1. @ Thomas: Good question. She won Miss Israel a few months earlier & competed in Miss Universe. So I’m guessing they gave her a temporary deferment. I know that she did eventually serve.

      Wouldn’t be hilarious if they counted her beauty pageant competitions as part of her (military) service to the nation??

  6. I am heartened by your objective approach to this sensitive topic. Your identification of Hasbara makes me envious, as I have fallen into their convoluted well of misdirection and misinformation, casting pearls before swine, before I gave up…but not before feeling mentally exhausted and soiled by my subsequent profanity. It’s refreshing to see how you addressed the facts while dismissing the misdirection.

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