23 thoughts on “Israel Lied About How it Discovered Gaza Tunnel – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. IJ was responsible for the tunnel,

    Islamic Jihad is an Iranian proxy. What were Hamasniks doing in an Iranian proxy tunnel?

    1. @ zio-nauts:

      What were Hamasniks doing in an Iranian proxy tunnel?

      Trying to save the lives of their countrymen. You forget that the instincts of a Jew to save their own are the same as those of a Palestinian. You’re a shameful representative of the human race.

      As for being an “Iranian proxy,” that’s rich. For the past five years Iran has entirely shut off the spigot to Gaza, Islamic Jihad as well as Hamas. Only in the past two months have relations resumed. Yet you mouth moronic hasbara memes like a drunken sailor. And if IJ is an Iranian proxy, Israel is a U.S. proxy. If IJ’s tunnels are Iranian proxy tunnels then all those brand spanking new flying Holocaust F-35s are U.S. proxy war planes.

      Or perhaps it’s the other way around and Israel isn’t a U.S. proxy. Instead, it’s the Israeli tail wagging the U.S. dog.

      1. “You’re a shameful representative of the human race.”

        You believe Hamas at face value. I seriously doubt their claim, which beggars belief. Why do my reasonable doubts make me “shameful”?

    1. @ Zionaut: That’s precisely what I wrote in the post. I said this tunnel was possibly meant to capture an IDF soldier. Don’t you bother reading the entire post before you comment? Or perhaps you’re a machine learning algorithm and not human at all. Cardinal rule of commenting here: read the entire post. And don’t repeat what I’ve already written (which you did here).

      And further, HAMAS tunnels are almost entirely defensive in nature. IJ is not Hamas, though you & your jackass Likudnik friends don’t distinguish between them.

  2. “And further, HAMAS tunnels are almost entirely defensive in nature”
    This statement is a total joke. They are meant to capture and/or kill civilians, women and children.
    And why would they have the end of the tunnel 1.25 from a civilian outpost?
    I don’t think you ever took what is says in the Torah seriously.

    1. @ marty:

      This statement is a total joke.

      Afraid the joke’s on you. And once again, like all good hasbaraniks, you don’t bother to read the post on which you’re commenting. This tunnel was not built by Hamas. It was built by Islamic Jihad. They are not the same. Nor has any Israeli civilian been killed or captured via the use of any Gaza tunnel. Other than that, you’re golden.

      Nor do I have a clue what the Torah has to do with anything other than that you’re showing your Orthodox nationalist political-Zionist colors.

      1. The same thing either way. Hamas lets IJ build tunnel for purposes of war therefore Hamas=IJ idealistically.
        The new military head of Hamas, Anwar. has explicitly stated he wants to drive every Jew/Israeli out of Israel. That is basically a declaration of war and intent to commit genocide.
        You have a redundant error calling anyone who writes something pro-Israel a ‘hasbarist’ which can only be true in the sense of the Hebrew word to ‘explain’ which implies no professional status but only an individual’s attempt to explain his/her point if view.
        But if you wish to ‘name’ everybody this then the logical inference is that you are also an ‘hasbarist’ contra Israel/Zionism.

        1. @marty: Lord protect us from the hasbara crowd determined to”teach” us about things-Zion.

          When Begin brought the Altalena filled with weapons to create an Irgun army to compete with the Palmach did Ben Gurion “let” Begin do it? No more did Hamas “let” IJ build the tunnel.

          As for the so called “intent to commit genocide,” I may “intend” to corner the market in widgets. That doesn’t mean I’m going to do it. Israel has already murdered tens of thousands of Palestinians since 1948. That is mass murder. What have Palestinians done in actuality by comparison? It’s like the difference between an atom bomb and a hand grenade. How is Hamas going to exterminate 7 million Israelis whp posses 200 nuclear weapons? With sling shots?

          And as for the Hebrew vocabulary lesson, spare me. “Hasbara” is hasbara. Everyone knows that, in both English & Hebrew, regardless. I don’t need any schooling from you in Hebrew. In a different context, l’hazbir may mean “to explain.” But in others it means “pro Israel propaganda.” And it means this whether you say it in
          Israel or in this blog. And you, haboob, are a hasbarist.

          1. Do you actually know the history of Altalena????
            Your comment suggests you don’t otherwise you just st handed it to him

          2. @ Eli: Do you actually know that your snarky attitude marks you as a hasbarist???? I don’t write about things I don’t know. Since I wrote about the Altalena, there’s your answer.

          3. [comment deleted: read the comment rules. Comments must be substantive (not cross-talk) & deal directly with the topic of the post.]

      2. It exhausts the patience, doesn’t it? So many Israeli’s sound as uninformed as if they were under Nazi occupation, with only the occasional smuggled in resistance newspaper, or blurry radio transmission from London to inform them. There is no excuse for their ignorance. “Wir haben es nicht gewusst” was ten times more believable than this present-day show of ignorance.

    1. @ Ed Fortis: No, there is no contradiction whatsoever. A Shabak spy told them about the existence of the tunnel. Then this gear was used to pinpoint its specific location on the Israeli side. The spy knew where the tunnel began, but not where it ended.

        1. @ marty: a source is proof, not hearsay. And my source has proven his reliability over scores of different reports which proved demonstrably true when later confirmed by Israeli news reports.

          I could say the same about the Ynet story. Based on an anonymous source the reporter doesn’t even allude to. At least I told you my source is an Israeli Security figure. Ynet told you nothing about its source. It could be the reporter’s bubbeh as far as you know.

      1. If there is no contradiction , why do you insist the IDF lies?
        Finding the tunnel inside Israel isn’t an easy task and new technology was used.

  3. @Marty…”genocide” by Hamas ??? Meantime Israel is the one who commits real genocide against the true original population of Palestine in the westbank. It’s mostly done under a cover of night, in darkness. This is how israel feels more comfortable, and less chance of a foreign reporters to be there during their violent assaults on people who live in fear for 50 years.

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