5 thoughts on “Trump Throws Iran Nuclear Deal Back into Congress’ Lap, Will Senate Torpedo It? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Good piece. Thank you. I don’t see how the other countries that are a part of this Iran deal can maintain it if the US violates it by imposing sanctions and Iran then makes good on it’s threat to resume it’s nuclear program. I think Iran has said that if the US leaves, it will kill the deal. I may be wrong about that but still how does this deal survive without the US?

    1. @ Potter: No, I don’t think the U.S. ending its participation in the deal would kill it. But it will severely strain relations with our allies, who want to remain in it. Is the U.S. prepared to slap sanctions on our allies when they defy us & conduct commercial relations with Iran? I don’t know how we could enforce that without harming our own economy & driving our allies even farther away than they already are.

  2. ‘…Nonetheless, it appears more likely Congress will do what Trump did: step up to the brink and blink…’

    I’m not as optimistic as you are. For one, it’s very noticeable that while the media promptly attacks almost anything Trump does, there’s a sudden and very conspicuous lessening in the volume of abuse whenever it’s a matter of a move against Iran. Rather comically, the criticism suddenly becomes at most reasoned and measured, and more usually, absent entirely.

    I think we’re still being frog-marched into a war with Iran. Regardless of what the polls say now, all it’ll take is a staged bomb outrage or two and an orchestrated media response, and we’ll be there.

    …and boy, will ‘there’ turn out to be a bad place to be. We’ll be sorree…

    Not that that will do our victims much good.

  3. It was probably not known when the article was written but Trump found the perfect way to stick it to the Iranians. If the missiles aren’t part of the agreement than putting sanctions b/c of them doesn’t violate the agreement as are sanctions for assisting Hizbullah.

    A lot can be said about Trump but this is one smart and sweet move.

    1. @ Eli: No buddy. You’re no Albert Einstein. You can’t initiate new sanctions that fall outside the scope of the original deal. Neither the P5 allies nor Iran will accept it & it will destroy the deal & result in total opprobrium for the U.S. But hey, let Trump do his worst & you can join him in Hell, which is where he’s headed (either literally or figuratively).

      The notion that Donald Trump is smart or does anything smart is beyond ridiculous.

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