13 thoughts on “BREAKING: IDF General, Meir Kahane’s Nephew, Stole Army Weapons, Vehicles, Household Goods – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Recently while working out in the gym in downtown Tel Aviv, a man came in with a כהנא חי׳ t-shirt on (Kahane Chai/Lives), I told him that this was no place for his racist views, then felt like a hypocrite because no place in Israel is any place for that kind of horrible scurrilous racism — but increasingly I notice that the itch is being scratched and just like in “Trump USA” and “Brexit Britain” people feel they have a carte-blanche for being able to say what should be kept to themselves and/or changed.

    1. @ gefilte: That’s pretty shocking in Tel Aviv. I might expect it in a settlement or in Jerusalem. But not cosmopolitan T.A. I don’t think Brexit compares to Kahane Chai. But Trump’s slogans & policies certainly do.

      1. Re: Brexit Britain, the rise in racism, xenophobia, antiislamic and antisemitic behaviour is on the rise with incidents increasing manyfold following their referendum last year.

    1. @ Alanh: I strongly doubt it. Israeli lawyers have argued that you can. But I think they’re full of shit. Even if you were charged with a crime (again unlikely), the likelihood they’re going to prosecute you is infinitesimal. If they do, please let me know. I’ll shame the hell out of them.

  2. Actually the gag is “standard” in this case, and is also partially to supposedly protect the defendant’s privacy (which is silly – since everybody gets around the gag, and the gag really increased interest). His name will got out officially in a month or so (max).

    The alleged crimes are far from serious – private momentos and minor equipment hoarding…. The motivation here is quite different – this is a ***HIT JOB*** on Kipa wearing officers – part of a series – e.g. Ofek Buchris – which are motivated by the top brass (which is very much, still, old school Mapai – one of the last holdouts) trying to avoid having hardcore Gush Emunim advance to Aluf level (General).

    1. @ lepxii: The gag ended a few hrs after I sent Dover Tzahal an inquiry asking whether Kahane remained the leader of the Golan accident inquiry. I intended that to be a subtle reference to the theft inquiry. They got the hint & lifted the gag very soon after that.

      The crimes are indeed serious. The SUV he appropriate is alone worth $40-50,000. The military equipment also is valuable.

      The claim by an Orthodox Jew that the investigation is a hit job against Orthodox officers is laughable since virtually the entire officer corps is now Orthodox (no not the entire corps, but a substantial majority is, as proven by sociological research published in major Israeli media). So why would a predominantly ORthodox officer corps plot against a fellow Orthodox Jew? It makes no sense.

      As for the claim the “top brass” are Mapai (a party that died 50 yrs ago), again ridiculous. Virtually no recent senior IDF officers have joined anything but the Likud or far right ranks as candidates. Not for lack of trying. The centrist (former Labor) parties have tried to recruit them and they’ve failed to to respond. SO there goes another conspiracy theory.

      Buchris engaged in sexual crimes. Your attempt to minimize his crimes is offensive. When an Orthodox officer rapes a woman it’s not a crime, but when a secular officer does it is???

      THis comment is below even your usual mediocre level of hasbara.

  3. Mr. Silverstein, you refer to the general as “the infamous Meir Kahane”. So I assume he’s known for other illicit activities as well. Are you aware of the the Kurdish crimeboss Baybasin Huseyin who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Netherlands for (amongst numerous other things) ordering a hit on a person in the US for which he employed an Israeli general named Mayer Dahan. The spelling might be different because his name was obtained through wiretaps. Have you heard anything about this?

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