9 thoughts on “Canadian Investor Buys Secret Stake in Major Bank Owned by Israeli Oligarch – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This list of oligarchs has been out of date for a long time.
    Some of them are on their way to jail or were declared bankrupted.
    A source from 7 years ago is hardly a source.

    1. @ Shahar: for us to believe that anything significant had changed in reference to 18 families we’d have to believe Israel has fundamentally altered its oligarchic financial system permitting control of vast amounts of wealth in a tiny sliver of the population. As this hasn’t happened, your complaint is irrelevant. Nor did I give a “list.” I merely mentioned there were 18. If you wish to dispute the number you’re welcome to provide support for your claim.

      And just because an oligarch goes to prison doesn’t mean he stops being an oligarch. Unless you’re claiming that the prison sentence also strips all of his assets. Are you claiming that?

      1. No. What I’m ‘claiming’ is Dankner, Ziser and Fishman are bankrupted and that Dankner is probably facing jail time.

        1. @Shachar: some oligarchs go & others take their place. Does it make a substantial, or even any difference regarding the larger & more important issue, which is the fundamental feudal, vulture capitalism nature of Israel’s economic system?

  2. A case now before the US Supreme Court, Jesner v Arab Bank ( https://www.justsecurity.org/45509/jesner-guide-blogosphere/ ) might make quite a difference to Hapoalim Bank. This case will establish whether alines (non-USA citiaens) may sue corporations in USA courts for violations of (I suppose inter alia) international human rights laws. Imagine Palestinians who are not USA citizens suing (among others) Hapoalim Bank for supporting the (international law-violating) occupation.

    Well, perhaps the US S/C will rule that corporations cannot be sued. We must wait to see.

    1. “Imagine Palestinians who are not USA citizens suing (among others) Hapoalim Bank for supporting the (international law-violating) occupation”.

      Even if SCOTUS allows aliens to sue corporations, Palestinian plaintiffs would have to surmount several hurdles in order to have their day in Court. They would have to prove Article III ‘standing’, and they would have to overcome the ‘political question’ defense.

  3. As a retired UC prof I am interested where I can object if my retirement money is invested in backing the theft of WB Palestinian land? This sounds explosive. Perhaps I could do my part in combating Israeli apartheid.

    1. There is a link in my post to the UCRP website. Look there for a link to communicate directly with the staff. You might also communicate to the board of directors of the Fund or the UC Board of Regents.

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