1 thought on “Friedman Interview Raises Specter of Dual Loyalty – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In effect it’s always been, on the Israeli right’s part at least, about stalling for time while the two state solution becomes impossible. So it’s theater. Who is buying this anymore? Henry Siegman had it right years ago. Whatever unjust plan they come up with will be rejected by the Palestinians and then it’s failure blamed on them.
    What’s different now, or seems to be, is the blatant lying or call it the alternate universe that Trump and his people live in.
    I think Kerry was sincere, as the others prior even though this”peace process” was being used to stall for more time all along.
    What really upset me this past election season here was that so many Jews, apparently the more religious (anyway those in my own family), voted for Trump for the sole reason that they thought he would be good for Israel.
    Talk about dual loyalty!

    The Saudi’s are complicit too–don’t you think? I don’t get it re their regard ( or disregard) for the Palestinians.
    I tuned out of this…perk up every now and then. The direction is the same.

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