10 thoughts on “Abbas Incensed With Kushner, After He Fully Adopts Israeli Talking Points – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Ilene: that’s called standing up for Pahestinian values & interests. It’s called refusing to be an Israeli shill. How inconvenient for you not to have a vassal in Ramallah (at least in this one instance).

      BTW, I wouldn’t have met with Friedman or Kushner if I were Palestinian.

      And Friedman, Kushner & Greenblatt’s settlement support wasn’t “past. ” They support settlements to this day financially , publicly, politically.

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      1. [Comment deleted: comments containing false claims & ones unsupported by credible evidence will not be published.]

        1. Abbas does indeed incite Palestinians to violence, “..videos that included one in which Abbas was recorded as saying, “We incite and the Israelis incite.”


          And yes, Abbas does financially support terrorism buy continuing to pay the salaries of Palestinian terrorists convicted of killing innocent Jews.


          1. @ Ilene: I see. So Seth Klarman’s anti-Muslim rag, TOI, which has published more hoaxes & garbage than I can shake a stick at, is an expert in Arabic language? I have seen absolutely no evidence that the PA incites violence against Israel. I have seen daily, disgusting examples of Israeli Jewish incitement against Palestinians. But curiously, you neglect that. Why would that be? Just a rhetorical question to which we already know the answer.

            Those Palestinians are terrorists to you & Israeli Jews. To Palestinians they’re freedom fighters and legitimate resisters of Israeli oppression. Until you offer them something worthwhile, I don’t choose to call them terrorists. And when you stop honoring Jewish terrorists by cutting off their official social benefits then I’ll stop calling you a friggin’ hypocrite.

            You’re done in this thread.

            I can hear the jet engines roar as Hasbara flight 1001 prepares to land at Ben Gurion. That means I’m growing increasingly tired of your pablum as it grows increasingly obnoxious & offensive. You’re already moderated. Next step is losing your privileges entirely. On your way out (when you do decide to leave), don’t bother to shut the door. They’ll be another hasbaranik coming to take your place here momentarily.

          2. @ Barbar or Ilene as you call yourself now.
            You cut that Times of Israel-article just to fit your BS. Here’s the whole context:
            “and [Trump] showed him videos that included one in which Abbas was recorded as saying “We incite and the Israelis incite”
            Abbas said he then told Trump that the videos only showed selections which had been edited and taken out of context.
            He said he told the US leader: “You have the CIA, ask them to analyse the film clips and you’ll discover that they were taken out of context or fabricated with the aim of inciting against the Palestinians”
            The Israeli manipulations might work with Trump who’s a plain idiot, but your manipulations don’t work with us !

          3. @ Deir Yassin: I have no doubt (in fact I’d be willing to lay even money on it) that the video came directly from MEMRI. Those Breitbart guys in the WH are probably on a first name basis with ex-Israeli intelligence agent Itamar Marcus, who runs that show. MEMRI’s record is quite shabby in terms of doctoring Arabic media clips.

            If I were Abbas & Trump was reduced to showing me video clips, I’d tell him I didn’t come to watch videos with him. I’d leave the meeting immediately & do a Jim Baker: “Here’s my phone number. Give me a call when you’re ready to talk seriously and put away the film clips.”

            And how cute that Ilene dredged this up from TOI, the newspaper that’s All-Likud, All-the Time! This is precisely why I’m on the verge of banning her.

          4. @ Richard
            Yeah, when reading the article I imagined the reactions of the Palestinian team ….. videos from MEMRI or Palestinian Media Watch or whatever (this is the one founded by Itamar Marcus, but they’re all the same).

          5. Deir Yassin: Oops, you’re right. I meant Yigal Carmon of MEMRI, who IS an ex Israeli intelligence agent. Itamar Marcus of PMW is not an ex intelligence agent. But he’s the next worst thing, the scion of the Marcus family that runs the Central Fund for Israel, one of the leading settler charities.

  1. I have trouble imagining what “bring the Palestinians into line” might mean. What do the Palestinians have with which to negotiate? It seems that they are defeated, imprisoned and monitored, that their land can be grabbed at any moment, their livelihoods liquidated etc. etc. How would abject surrender differ from the status quo??

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