3 thoughts on “Trump’s Key ‘Fixer’ with European Alt-Right Loves Israel, Hates Jews – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Lombardi hosted a meeting at Trump’s Margo-a-Lago club of the North Atlantic League, which he told the gathered guests is fighting to defend “Judeo-Christian civilization.”

    How can a guy who is ‘fighting to defend Judeo-Christian civilization’, also hate Jews?
    Fair question?

    “By the end of the campaign, Lombardi said he was curating some 500 online groups that were run by a network of volunteers.”

    Politico didn’t say Lombardi established 500 fake profiles, you did. How did you make the determination that they were fake?

    1. @ Ilene: So you ignore the fact that Lombardi exploits a classic anti-Semitic trope blaming the Rothschilds for all the world’s ills, all while quoting from a flagrantly anti-Semitic website. And that doesn’t indicate either stupidity or anti-Semitism (or both) on Lombardi’s part? So no, NOT a fair question.

      Anyone who “curates” 500 Facebook sites is engaged in flim-flam. They’re virtually all fake, I’m certain. If they were legitimate why would Lombardi need to have anything to do with them at all?

      1. [comment deleted: you’ve repeated yourself without offering anything new. And I’m tired & bored with this argument. Read the comment rules and adhere to them. You are done in this thread. If you wish to comment you may do so in other threads.]

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