13 thoughts on “Putin Calls Out Netanyahu for Exploiting Purim Story to Disparage Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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        1. @Richard

          Obviously you didn’t read the link I provided.

          The authoritative Anchor Bible series is scholarly, not Orthodox. Emeritus Professor Carey Moore cites Herodotus and contradicts that ancient historian.

          Yamaguchi’s, ‘Persia and the Bible’, is scholarly, not Orthodox.
          Emeritus Professor Edwin Yamaguchi cites to Gordis, Wright, Shea, Talmon and Claus Schedl.

          Kitchen’s, ‘On the Reliability of the Old Testament’, is scholarly, not Orthodox.
          Professor Emeritus of Egyptology, Kenneth Kitchens cites and contradicts O. Leuze.


          1. @ Seamus: Torah Musings, the site to which you linked, is not the Anchor Bible series. It is Orthodox as I said. A fact you ignored in your comment. That site acknowledges that there are disagreements among sources about the historicity of the Esther story. However, your source doesn’t refer to any scholar who disputes this claim. And there are many. Why would that be? Because the source is Orthodox and doesn’t dispute the historicity. How terribly inconvenient to grapple with any scholar who disputes your views, right?

            Further, as I said it doesn’t matter a whit whether the source is historical or mythical. That’s not the point at all. What a Persian did or didn’t do to a Jew 2500 years ago has as much relevance as whether Moses wore sandals or flip flops when he parted (or didn’t part) the Red Sea.

            You are done in this thread.

          2. Not meaning to be rude, but if there was an attempt by the Persian court to kill all the Jews then one would expect that this is a notable event both from the Persian *and* the Jewish point of view.

            But if the only sources of this story are…. Jewish texts…. then I’d be rather sceptical of it being a true event.

            The Persians didn’t keep records, Seamus?

          3. Yeah Right, it is exactly because of the total lack of historical attestation, and other reasons that the story is believed to be a myth. There are other arguments: Persian kings of that period married women only from the seven leading families of Persia, therefore the king’s marriage to Esther would have been impossible. The protagonists all have the names of pagan gods: Ishtar/Astarte (Esther) and her consort Marduk (Mordecai), who sacrificed to the god Hammon, or Amon (Haman). Then there is the date for Purim: Adar 14, which was “Marduk’s day”, Marduk, being the creator god of Babylonian myth. The whole thing is a reworking of pagan myths, as are some other bible stories.

            It is disturbing to find this myth so often quoted by Jews who insist on believing that there is an an age old incurable hatred against Jews in the genes of non-Jews. (And then they bring in the Amalekites too of course, who also ‘hated Jews simply for being Jews’ (those anti-semites!).

            This allows Jews, in their mind, to use all means to ‘defend’ themselves against the always aggressive non-Jews, even pre-emptive attacks, and pre-emptive mass murder, as in the Purim story.

            And now the prime minister of Israel actually quotes this story as a basis for contemporary policy….What can you say to such utter stupidity.

  1. Richard: “Both have a military presence there (in Israel’s case it is more covert)”

    Well, considering that the IDF has been encamped on Syrian territory for nearly 50 years now, I’d have to say that Israel’s belligerency w.r.t. Syria is Rather Less Than Covert.

    I know that’s not what you meant, but to forget that the Israelis have invaded and are occupying Syrian territory – and that they actually claim that they have *conquered* that territory by force of arms – is to drink the Zionist Kool Aid.

  2. “If Israel were to determine its foreign policy according to which nations historically did the most damage to the Jewish people…”

    Its funny – that a distortion of Netanyahu words. He doesn’t just go to history to find ancient enemies but looks around to see he endanger Israel nowadays. Then he mentions the same nation tried to do it before. Bubbeh meises or not, Germany does not endanger Israel now.

    This is what MEMO writes – “At an ideological level, the Islamic Republic is committed to Israel’s destruction”

    This is an article from yesterday not 2,500 years ago

    1. Bubbeh meises or not, Germany does not endanger Israel now.

      Nor does Iran. Certainly not directly.

      That’s a clever reference from MEMO. Very clever of you to ferret out a quote from a progressive publication to bolster your distortions about Iran. Slummin’ through the anti-Zionist media demimonde, are you?

      First, the author of that article doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Iran is NOT committed to Israel’s destruction. Second, even if Iran wished, it couldn’t destroy Israel. As far as I’m concerned Iran’s “ideology” (which the reporter has falsified anyway) can say the moon is made of green cheese. That doesn’t make it so. Third, I wasn’t aware that journalists were now determining the foreign policy of entire nations. If I say that the U.S. is ideologically committed to white supremacy because Trump advisors are members of the alt-right, does that make it so?

      1. [comment deleted: No, no. We’re not going to get into an argument about whether Iran wants to destroy Israel. Unless you want to get into an argument about Israel wanting to destroy Iran.]

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