5 thoughts on “National Jewish-Muslim Healing Fund – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, what do you think will happen once the Trump administration produces evidence (whether real or manufactured by the administration) of these actions being a “false flag”?

    1. @ lepxii: If they produce evidence that a country like Iran is behind it, that’s something I might expect. It would gin up added hostility toward Iran. That’s something Iran hardliners might want for various twisted reasons.

      I think it’s almost impossible for Jews to be behind these attacks, unless it’s someone with a very twisted psyche/soul. Personally, I think it’s someone from the alt right & likely a Trump supporter.

      1. Richard, look at who they just implicated for a small part of this –

        Regardless of who is behind the threats (though as they are politically expedient for non alt-right, one might assume…)……. I believe it is politically expedient for the Trump regime to point at certain groups and individuals (I would bet at CAIR or affiliates, or Soros’s global initiatives, not Iran). Regardless of whether they have real or manufactured evidence, such claims would help the Trump regime currently.

        (obviously, starting small with a discredited individuals and moving on…. Is expedient).

        1. @ lepxii: Juan Thompson is a copycat. He didn’t start the chain of events. He only piggy-backed on it due to his own twisted agenda. He had nothing to do with the cemetery desecrations. Nor even with the majority of the JCC threats. As you say, he’s responsible for a very small part of this.

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