21 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of Keith Ellison? The Israel Lobby – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Calling Israel’s Occupation of Hebron “apartheid” isn’t anti-Israel at all.”

    When 800 religious Jews, who occupy 3% of the Hebron, are surrounded by 100,000 Hebron Arabs, how does that equal ‘apartheid’?

    1. @ Fenster: It’s 25,000 Palestinians, not 10,000. Those 800 force all 25,000 to live in fear from the hundreds of soldiers who guard them. The main shopping street for local natives is locked shut. Palestinian homes are stolen.by settlers. Land is stolen fraudulently by settlers.

      Do not post more than three times in any 24 hr period. And do not post again in this thread.

  2. I wrote a (long) comment to Barbarian, but twice it disappeared, once when I left the page to find a recent youtube-video from Hebron showing how Jewish settlers prevented Internationals from passing through the street with Israeli soldiers just watching, and Anat Cohen telling an Icelandic lady to take her language and go to Auschwitz, and the second time I don’t know why it disappeared so I’m giving up.
    As I said; there are plenty of videos on the net showing the state of Apartheid in Hebron but I guess a troll does what a troll has to do: trolling

    1. @Deir Yassin: My apologies. That’s annoying. I use a form recovery plugin called Lazarus which has saved my neck & comments that were lost, many times, allowing me to restore them. Let me know if you’re interested in reading about it.

    1. “I ask again. Where is the apartheid?”

      The apartheid is an entire city of 150,000 Palestinians being kept under a strict military rule that limits their movement in their own city for the benefit of 800 Jews who are free to move wherever they wish in the city, and whose presence in the city is illegal under international law.

      Got it?

      1. @Dannyboy

        I got it that you don’t know what the heck your talking about.
        80% of Hebron is under the control of the PA. %20 is under control of Israel.
        150.000 Palestinians live under control of the PA and 35,000 Palestinians and 800 Jews live under control of Israel. No Jew, I repeat no Jew, is allowed entry into the (80%) PA controlled section of Hebron.

        Maybe you should back out of this.

        1. That cancerous tumor you call a settlement in Hebron places limits on ALL Hebronite Palestinians, not just those living near it. The Jews living illegally in Hebron control access to the Ibrahimi mosque, which many Hebronite Palestinians frequent on a daily basis (and are frequently denied access to). Also, Hebron’s main market has been shut down for more than a decade.

          Time for the cancerous tumor known as the Jewish settlement in Hebron to be cut out!

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  3. I suggest, in the strongest possible terms, that Richard immediately delete Danny’s comment about Dershowitz.
    Nobody wants a libel suit here, do they?

    1. @Fenster: I didn’t ask for your advice. Don’t offer unless asked. A commenter is permitted to have an opinion about the charges levelled against Dershowitz & express themselves here. I have not expressed an opinion on them myself nor will I.

      The next time you offer unsolicited advice you may be moderated.

  4. “Keith Ellison, whose candidacy is supported by Bernie Sanders, is the future of the Democratic Party. ”

    I detect a lot of wishful thinking here. If you are correct, which is a huge IF, then the Democratic party will become irrelevant faster than you imagine. Most Americans don’t buy the extreme leftist narrative about Israel and other issues. Besides, they have more important things to worry about. Not everything is about Israel.
    Witness the current election results….

    1. @Yehuda: How telling that a far right pro Israel ultra nationalist tells us that progressive politics supported by tens of millions of Americans is “irrelevant.” I guess all those Bernie voters would beg to differ. Not to mention that virtually every poll on the question finds Bernie would’ve done fat better than Hillary & acually beaten Trump.

      You probably thought Obama was a flash in the pan when he was a no-name U.S. senator just-announced for president.

      1. “You probably thought Obama was a flash in the pan when he was a no-name U.S. senator just-announced for president.”

        Wrong. I voted for him, and I have supported most of what he has done. He is a centrist, which means he was too right wing for you.

        1. @ Yehuda: Obama a “centrist?” You’re mad. The only thing he was centrist about was Israel. And drone killings. No centrist creates a national health care law or enacts Dodd-Frank. Or recognizes gay marriage. Or does away with Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell. Or refuses to intervene in Syria or bomb Iran.

          If Obama was centrist then Hillary was right wing. Then what is the GOP? National Socialists? That’s why you’re crazy. And you’re done in this thread.

  5. [comment deleted: Powerline? Really? You want to quote that piece of right-wing garbage here? I don’t think so. Not to mention I wouldn’t trust anything it said about anyone on the left even if it claimed to be quoting them.]

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