11 thoughts on “The Fraud That is Israeli Justice: Palestinian Minor Sentenced to 12 Years for Knife Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Ahmed’s cousin, who participated in the attack was deliberately struck by an Israeli driver and as he attempted to flee the scene.”
    I’ve read this elsewhere yesterday (maybe in Haaretz) but it’s not correct, it was Ahmed who was struck by an Israeli driver, that’s when we see him lying on the ground with his legs apparently broken in that video that went viral. Ahmed’s cousin, 15-years old Hassan was killed by Israeli police officers in the middle of the street when he approched them. You can see his killing in the end of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcqzXSGHPqA
    Abbas mistakenly claimed Ahmed and not his cousin was killed at the time, Israeli media (and of course Bibi) made lots of noice about his error (that Abbas admitted right away), but they apparently mix up the two boys too.

  2. The two Jewish boys who murdered the cabbie, also robbed an elderly woman while the two were out on furlough; adding five years to their 16 year sentences.

    I guess some people cannot be rehabilitated.

  3. When I was a guard at K’tsiot prison (Jeffrey Goldberg’s alma mater), I would do guard duty and walk the perimeter of the prisoner enclosure (essentially, it was a huge open-air football-field-sized area surrounded by barbed wire). Now and then I would look inside and would see men of all ages cramped together in tents. I also saw boys there. They couldn’t have been older than 15.

    Since time immemorial Israel has been treating Palestinians as less than human, meaning Palestinian children don’t get to enjoy any of the rights a Jewish child does. To Israel, a Palestinian minor is simply a potential terrorist, nothing more nothing less.

    This boy will probably be thrown in K’tsiot (or another military prison) and run the full gauntlet of Israeli inhumanity and injustice.

    1. Ahmed, and his cousin, stabbed a pudgy Jewish boy as the boy walked out of candy store. Stabbed him many, many times and put the boy in critical condition. Ignoring the real victim in this case, Richard chooses to insert Ahmed’s hospital bed picture.

      Danny. What would you recommend Israel do with Ahmed?

      Danny. Since you brought up ‘inhumanity and injustice’ in Israeli prisons, did you ever witness any Hamas prisoners torturing and killing Palestinian prisoners in Israel’s jails?

      1. Hold the boy to the same standards Jewish teenagers are held to.

        But in the apartheid state of Israel, that is of course a pipe dream.

        Palestinians are untermenschen.

  4. This guy who called himself a lawyer has deceived you-
    To see what the law in this matter was you just need to take a look at the law itself:
    http://weblaw.haifa.ac.il/he/Research/ResearchCenters/SocietyAndCrime/cls%20legislation/%D7%97%D7%95%D7%A7%20%D7%94%D7%A0%D7%95%D7%A2%D7%A8%20%D7%A9%D7%A4%D7%99%D7%98%D7%94,%20%D7%A2%D7%A0%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%94%20%D7%95%D7%93%D7%A8%D7%9B%D7%99%20%D7%98%D7%99%D7%A4%D7%95%D7%9C.pdf. and no, this document does not include the law after the recent change but rather the law that existed at the time of the crime. The last correction it refers to is 2010.

    You wrote: “in fact, under the law at the time of his crime, a minor could not be sentenced to prison at all for the offense he committed”

    However, the law clearly states (page 25) that “קטין שבשעת גזירת דינו טרם מלאו לו ארבע עשרה שנה, לא יוטל עליו מאסרן”
    And for those who don’t read Hebrew: you couldn’t give a prison sentence to a minor who wasn’t yet 18 before the sentence was given (not before the time of the crime). This is why the boy’s lawyers at first thought to immediately admit the charges to speed the trial and end it before the boy turn 14 and this way to avoid a prison sentence. http://news.walla.co.il/item/2898197

    Also you wrote that a minor can not be sent to an adult prison. Here the lawyer guy again misled you. The law states that you can put a minor in a regular prison (prison for adults) as long as the minors in the prison are in a separate section of the prison (Page 21): “לא יוחזק קטין במאסר אלא בבית סוהר נפרד לקטינים, או באגף בבית סוהר כללי,
    ובלבד שאותו אגף יהיה מופרד לחלוטין, ייועד לקטינים בלבד ולא יהיו גישה או קשר ראיה בינו
    לבין אגפיו האחרים של בית הסוהר או שוכניו.”

    And lets not forget that this boy and his cousin attempted to murder 2 Israeli’s with knives, one of the victims was himself only a young boy. These 2 were severely wounded and lucky to be alive. For 2 attempted murders that ended with severe injuries I think 12 years is not much even if the perpetrator is a boy. The 2 boys that murdered the taxi driver? they should have got a life sentence which is in reality about 20 years in Israel. Not much more than the 16 years they did get but still.

    1. @ Amico: Your memory fails you. One of the Israeli victims was lightly injured, one seriously injured. It is highly unlikely that a 13 yr old boy with a knife would be able to do serious damage to an adult Israeli. Israeli Jews who stab people get a far shorter sentence than the 12 yrs Manasra received, which further proves the racism inherent in this system Israel calls “justice.”

      It’s curious that you, who isn’t a lawyer determines that 12 years is “not much.” According to whom? Do you think it is not much to the 20% of the Israeli population that is Palestinian? Or is it not much according to the majority Jewish population which believes the Palestinian citizens are second or third class citizens & should stay that way?

      1. [comment deleted: you repeated the substance of an earlier comment you wrote, which violates the comment rules. every comment must make a new statement or argument. Do not repeat previous arguments.]

  5. Dear mr. Silverstein. Do you happen to know in which prison Ahmed Manasra is locked away? I would like to send him a card as a token he is not forgotten. After the holidays season I will contact Amnesty [Dutch] to start a writing action.

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