6 thoughts on “Hudson Institute Award to Netanyahu Named for Neocon Who Inspired Dr. Strangelove – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thinking the Unthinkable

    In today’s terms “Accepting the Unacceptable” as voiced recently by UK’s new PM Theresa May and use for the British nuclear subs. The US leftist blogs found her remarks as quite “acceptable.”

    From the Vietnam era renownded RAND Corporation, Robert McNamara which led to the Pentagon Papers; the RAND Corp adds fuel to the NATO and Atlantic Council warmongering versus Russia in a reset for a Cold War 2.0 with potential use of nuclear arms.

  2. It was the United States, that threatened to annihilate China with nuclear bombs. It was the United States, who went to the nuclear abyss with the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    It was the Arabs, who triggered the Six Day War when they and their Russian cronies overflew Dimona with super sonic fighter bombers.

    After the Arabs attacked Israel in 1973, and with her back to the wall, Israel’s Golda Meir resisted the nuclear option, while Israel’s sons were dying by the thousands in the Sinai.

    ‘Dr. Strangelove, was an American character, and your efforts to graft that character to Israel and Bibi is inaccurate and perverse.

    Shame on you.


    1. @Trippin’ John: Give it a break. Dr. Strangelove is an American film mercilessly satirizing America’s policy of MAD (mutually assured destruction). It opposes U.S. nuclear policy & use of these weapons. It does so by criticizing a character modeled on Herman Kahn, whose name adorns the award Butcher Bibi is to receive. The analogy is totally fitting. If you don’t like it tell Bibi to sign NPT & agree to make ME a nuclear free zone.

      1. ” If you don’t like it tell Bibi to sign NPT & agree to make ME a nuclear free zone. ”

        That’s the same Nuclear Proliferation Treaty that Iran signed?

        Butcher Bibi? That’s real clever.
        The only thing that gets butchered around here, is Truth.

  3. Hi Richard, terrific article, very informative. Hilarious too! those clowns at hasbara are always up to ridiculous antics.

    On another topic: would you kindly provide me with some links and/or videos to the information that all or most of all love the internet traffic runs through Israel first before it runs via underwater cables at the bottom of the ocean to the rest of the world.

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