8 thoughts on “Convicted Israeli Sex Trafficker’s Company Files $400,000 Libel Suit Against Journalist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard – to my understanding the company (Urban – which is owned by the person you are mentioning) didn’t yet win the suit.

    The trial itself is in the early stages – it went through some pre-trial motions (and wasn’t thrown out), but the company has not won yet and no damages were assessed.

    Obviously facing a 1.6 MNIS potential damages is quite the definition of SLAPP.

    Shpurer’s friends did raise quite a bit of money + pledges (of 560 NIS each) to cover the fine. The amount of pledges currently exceeds the damages requested (and not yet granted). See the pledge run here –

  2. I read this expose in Hebrew. It is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever read.

    Only in Israel can scum like Digmi rise to the top and become a member of Israel’s business elite. He has full immunity and protection from the police, which to my mind confirms that he has LOTS of dirt about crooked cops who patronized his brothels.

    Great work, Richard! Keep exposing dirty Israeli secrets that the state is working so hard to cover up.

  3. @Richard

    ” who was once accused of raping his daughter. ”

    What you’d earlier said was the the Judge was investigated for either raping his daughter, or fondling his daughter. You’ve omitted the, alternate, fondling claim.

  4. Danny… Only in Israel? Really? That there are criminals in Israel also? What a shock
    I didn’t even bother reading through the details as it doesn’t even matter. Whether it’s correct or not, Richard is just looking for negative stories about Israel.
    Every country in the world has bad apples, corrupt judges, bribery etc etc etc. Israel is no special pumpkin, people are people. There are good people and bad people. However when you run a blog whose sole purpose is pointing out the negative of a place, then that’s all you see.
    I live in Canada, and if I wanted to , I could cherry pick stories to make this place look like the most awful place in the world.
    And Richard really, what’s the point? You have plenty of negative things about your own country you can focus on if you’d like..

    1. @Moshe: Boo-hoo!! Poor old Moish afraid Israel is so fragile it’ll keel over & die from undue exposure of its sins.

      BTW, this blog offers repeated criticism of U.S. foreign & domestic policy. Read more, carp less.

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