12 thoughts on “Twitter Warns It May Censor Tweet at Behest of Israeli Attorney General – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. An incredibly ineffective and late response from Israeli authorities (probably at the behest of the judge himself?) – a timely removal of this content would be one thing (all be it with all the problems of censorship) – but poking the subject two and half months later? They’re just increasing the dissemination (and -corroborating- the information as true, as if it was false presumably it wouldn’t violate the gag (possible libel in the false case, but…)). Quite moronic.

    I don’t know what Twitter’s policy is, but I do know that Google, in similar instances, censors in a regional manner – thus if some information in censored say in Spain (to the EU’s idiotic “right to be forgotten” law for instance, or any number of local laws) – then a search performed in Spain (by IP address – an anon proxy will bypass this of course) will not show the information while a search in the US will. Thus Google will comply in terms of publishing the information on a local basis (at least in some instances).

    1. Not sure the “right to be forgotten” can be compared to Israeli gags. It went as far and requiring Google to change search results while in Richard’s case, the request is to remove the source.

      It would be an interesting for Israel to block this blog all together. After all, it is Richard’s sport to break those claiming “I felt Israelis had a right to know…”

      Please don’t take his hobby away

        1. Haredi ISIS??? That is a new low for you!
          Yes, those group are just the same! Using women as sex slaves, killing 1000’s in the name of religion.

          When Hamas is called ISIS, you protest (and I agree with you) but somehow it is OK to write it about Jews.I guess the Spanish Inquisition was right about the Jewish people!

          1. @ Danny: I typed on my smartphone “ISPs” & my “brilliant” auto-speller changed that to “ISIS,” which is NOT what I intended.

            I don’t compare Haredim to ISIS. But I do compare some sects of Haredim to Taliban.

  2. How do we “here” let Israeli Officialdom know that we live elsewhere where different standards prevail and we are not subject to Israeli law., but nice try??

  3. I wonder if Richard has ever banned people and blocked content that appears on his Twitter account.

    You betcha!

    1. @Trippin’ Jon: what an idiotic statement. I am an individual user, not Twitter. Of course infuv8fual users can block other indiv8d6als. That’s the way Twitter works. It permits individuals to block other individuals.

      What Twitter proposes is to permit a government to censor the tweet of a user who has not broken Twitter TOS, nor any U.S. law.

  4. “For the past year, the Israeli police have been investigating charges against Israeli magistrate judge, Shamai Becker. He is accused of–depending on which source you consult–raping or fondling the breasts of his 14 year-old daughter.”

    Pls consider the correct use of the term “paedophile” …

    “Paedophilia is a sexual preference for sexual activity with
    prepubescent children, typically under the age of 11.

    [Written by Justice DiTomaso of the Superior Court of Justice in R. v Byers]

    I’ll add my voice in support of your article that fundamentalism in religion adds to the woes of women and girls from abuse by authoritarian and paternalistic elders. A true problem across the globe.

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