23 thoughts on “Hamas Defector, Sami Atawna, Exposes Location of Second Hamas Tunnel; Israel Lies About Its Discovery – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Very good story. The detail (shooters were 60 feet away from victims) would seem to suggest that the shooters (at least — were other Israelis present, closer?) were not in danger and had no reason (as some would determine “reason”) to shoot the victims.


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  2. Why is Israel ‘shameworthy’ *ring*, for lying, but Hamas is blameless for tunneling into Israel and violating Israel’s territorial sovereignty?

    1. @ Bernie X: Hamas is blameless for tunneling toward Israel because Israel violates Gaza sovereignty at will & thousands of times per decade, if not more. If Israel doesn’t respect borders it deserves no respect for its own. Plain & simple.

  3. This is not lie but providing disinformation. Huge difference.

    On top of that, you offer no proof whatsoever to this theory of yours.

    And… you put his family in danger by blowing off this kind of guts feelings you have.

    I just do see the point.

      1. Reading your piece again, I see my mistake.
        Yet, it is hard to tell where you base info on source and where it is just your wild theories

        1. @ Ginger: What’s truly “wild” is Israeli policy, racism & dysfunction. My “theories” are far more credible & evidence-based than the Israeli reality I report on.

          BTW, often my source will not permit to offer something credited to him. So I must offer it as my own apeculation. So in effect a security source has offered me entirely credible information which you label “wild theories.”

          If my theories were as wild & baseless as you claim you wouldn’t be here.

          1. Often, you connect the dots between information points in a way that can be described as either ridiculous or stupid.

            A good example is the Syrian refugee camp which placed inside Israel with a few keyboard strokes.

            I’m here with my 10th username b/c I enjoy seeing to what length you go to bash Israel. I find it amazing and amusing.

  4. Richard, thanks for this very good impression and excellent blog.

    I just wonder why I never hear about eventual finger prints on the “knives or scissors” around the “attack”.
    It seems to me that it will be pretty hard to falsify those fingerprints with all the attention around . Don’t you?

    1. What is also difficult to understand is, that these knives which IDF and Israeli Police like to present as evidence in their pictures are in most cases clean and without any blood stains. Clean, even the knives were claimed to be used to cut Jews and the holder was shot, often using several bullets which also is bloody. Somehow miraculously the knife always flies over one meter away of the body and is clean and looking brand new. Picture released by the Israeli Police of the knifes in Qalandiya “attack”.

      In this Qalandiya murder case Israeli police refuses to release the video of the events.. WHY, often it is done even any inspection begins. Well we know the answer = it did not happen so as the Israeli side claimed.

      Also it is impossible to understand why Palestinians would so often with a little knife “attack” several of heavily armed soldiers BEHIND concrete barricades several meters away. The possibility of such attack is zero. Israel should carry out revenge attacks on Palestinians, rightist MK says . Hmmmm….

      Israeli Jewish “security” forces, private and public must nowadays have as anew obligatory accessory – one or two “evidence knives”- in their outfit pockets. They obviously also have a gadget which makes the IDF cameras around the check points to go to a “service break” when wanted/needed.

    2. No it is not hard at all, as the investigations into these killings are a total joke. The soldiers or police even put the knives there themselves when none can be found. (Even a huge army knife in the car of an old lady going out to meet her friends for lunch… Absolutely ludicrous.)

      “Israeli soldiers are almost never prosecuted for killings in the occupied Palestinian territory, the Israeli human rights group Yesh Din said yesterday after finding over the past 15 years, no officers were indicted for murder, and only one soldier was convicted of homicide in the case of the killing of a foreign national.

      No soldiers were charged with homicide in the slaying of Palestinians during the period of September 2000 to November 2015. In this time frame Israeli forces KILLED MORE THAN 5,500 Palestinians and ten foreign nationals in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, according to the human rights group B’tselem (this figure excludes casualties from both the 2009 and 2014 wars in Gaza).”

      – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2016/04/israeli-forces-have-killed-over-5500-palestinians-in-the-last-15-years-and-not-one-solider-has-been-prosecuted/#sthash.mHmibAiw.dpuf

      1. Thanks Elisabeth.
        For completeness, I did mean, when there are no fingerprints on the “knives”, these “knives” cannot have been used by the Palestinians, so that means officially that they are false evidence.

  5. “obtained a treasure trove of information” after the capture of Atawna.. If this Shin Bet story were true the main advance in the detection of tunnel technology might in fact be another advance in the technology of torture. – a field in which Israel can boast other firsts.

    1. I thought about that too 🙂 I read some IDF-hasbara parrot, Peter Lerner or one of his clones, saying that the discovery of the tunnel was a combination of different factors, one of them being new technology that he couldn’t reveal ….. ‘torture’ I thought right away.

  6. “But the gag order stands in my way at this time.”
    This seems to be a routine experience; but as far as I know, when police, secret service , and/or prosecutorsinvestigate, they try to keep things under cover, also in Germany……

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