13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israeli Media Report Discovery of Hamas Tunnel, But Intelligence Officials Engage in Cover-Up – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I read that Hamas claimed that it was an old tunnel that was used in the previous war.

    In any case I find it neither surprising nor particularly disturbing that Hamas is trying to build tunnels. It’s not happy news for the border settlements or army bases nearby. But Israeli leaders expression of indignation or outrage in misplaced– why is it so alarming or surprising that Hamas would continue to try to improve its military capabilities?

    Undoubtedly Bennett, Leiberman and others will try to get maximum mileage of this to promote their own political agendas. I hope it’s not used as an excuse for a new war.

    1. “It’s not happy news for the border settlements” – the fact you them settlements, is exactly the problem in this conflict and why Israel cannot negotiate with the Palestinians.
      They are part of Israel which is recognized by most countries and the UN but Hamas will not settle for anything less than everything between Jordan and the Mediterranean. Anyone who says differently is either a lair or a fool.

      1. @ Israel: These communities are settlements. There would be no one living in them were it not for the fact that Israel wishes to make a statement about Judaizing the Negev. Therefore it plops people in places they wouldn’t ordinarily choose to live, gives them rich subsidies & cheap housing. So they move there.

        When you agree to return to 67 borders & recognize Jerusalem as capital of 2 states, then I’ll recognize them as legitimate Israeli communities. Let me know when you do. Till you recgonize Palestinian rights I see no reason anyone should recognize your alleged rights.

      2. @Israel: Whoa, slow down, cowboy.
        I used the term ‘settlements’ as a loose translation of “yishuvim”. I was not implying that they are illegal or illegitimate. But you are correct that in these circles people use the term in a derogatory fashion referring to illegal settlements in territories occupied since 1967. And Hamas considers all of Israel as one big illegal settlement.
        The point of my post is that Hamas considers itself as an enemy of Israel and therefore when it does something to improve its military capabilities, this should be viewed not as terrorism or with surprise, just as if Syria or Iran would do the same.

        1. Yehuda – Well, Richard seems to not recognize them as legitimate. Apparently, Israel has limitations on what it can or cannot do with land under it’s sovereignty. Typical!

          1. @ Israel: No, my problem is with you & Israel refusing to recognize Palestine. When you do, let me know. Till then I see no reason why any Palestinian, or anyone for that matter, should recognize Israeli sovereignty. But as soon as Israel does recognize Syrian sovereignty over Golan, Lebanese sovereignty over Shebaa Farms & Palestinian sovereignty, then Israel should expect the same recognition from the world & Arab states. This indeed is promised in the Saudi peace initiative, which Israel has rejected or ignored.

            Of course, if Israel and Palestine combine into a single state, that would also satisfy the issue of mutual recognition of sovereignty.

            So your claim I don’t recognize Israeli sovereignty period, is wrong. It is a conditional statement & has a very specific context. If you omit the context then you are distorting my views & that is a definite No-No.

          2. Israel: No moron. You can’t read. Nor do you have the right to “sum up” my views. But do let me know when you agree to recognize Palestinian sovereignty. Then we can talk about what I recognize or don’t recognize. And if I find you lie or misconstrue my full views, and remove them from the proper context, I’ll ban your ass in a NY minute. You’re about a heartbeat away from being moderated. No further comments from you in this thread. Done here.

  2. You occupy and hold people under siege you should expect tunnels of all kinds – it is the most logical consequence.

    You don’t like it, end the occupation instead of whining.

  3. “There are some tunnels that are offensive in nature. They are designed to permit an attack on Israeli military forces inside Israeli territory (but not used against civilian targets). ”

    Richard , that is just ridiculous . If you think for second that there is some moral distinction going on by hamas to not attack civilian targets, then youve reaally jumped the shark.
    Qassam rockets? Indiscriminate civilian targeting .
    Stabbing attacks? Indiscriminate random civilianS
    Bus bomb attacks? Indiscriminate random civilians
    Yet somehow you believe that these tunnels are only used to attack soldiers , and they wouldn’t massacre an entire kibbutz if they had the chance
    That’s just being naive, or purposefully deceitful

    1. @ MOshe: Israel kills far more Palestinian civilians than Hamas kills Israeli civilians (SIX TIMES as many). But when Hamas builds tunnels into Israel it does not attack civilians. Period.

      You have no proof that Hamas was responsible for the recent bus bomb attack. And Hamas has nothing whatsover to do with stabbling attacks. Those are committed by individual Palestinians having no affiliation with any Palestinian militant groups.

      Comments here must be factual. Not based solely on your opinions. So if you wish to make claims in your comments they must be supported by credible sources or be factual. NOthing you wrote above is factual. Don’t do that again. And read the comment rules carefully.

      1. You have got be kidding me. I don’t even know why I bother comment.
        Nothing anybody says will help you see how bias you are. I don’t think you even believe what you write

        1. @ Moshe:

          I don’t even know why I bother comment.

          THis is about the 10th time I’ve read the exact same comment from others. If you don’t know why you bother, we certainly don’t either. For answers to these questions you need to consult your spiritual or political hasbara advisor.

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