3 thoughts on “Kerry Says Iran Withdrawing Forces from Syria, But is It? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am also skeptical of the report. It makes no sense at all the Iran would back down after taking some losses. If they are in fact withdrawing forces it could be for other reasons not mentioned– perhaps after coordinating with the Russians, the ground forces are no longer necessary. Perhaps it portends an Iranian-Russian “victory” in Syria, in the context of Obama’s passive policy in the region.
    But it certainly has nothing at all to do with Iranian desire to improve relations with the US. If anything, their anti-western rhetoric and provocations have increased since the nuclear agreement. Their generous cash-for-martyrdom offer to Palestinians, and ballistic missile tests are the most recent examples.

    1. Ground forces????? Well what do you think Iran could achieve militarily with its enormous army of 2,500 soldiers now in Syria? USA needed almost 10,000 soldiers and a aircraft carrier group to invade Grenada. In Iraq USA has now troops of 4,850 soldiers + 7,000 contractors. At the best USA and the coalition had in Iraq over 300,000 soldiers. And they did achieve what? The death of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of a hugely rich country. The Jewish super soldier Ariel Sharon needed 300 men for the Qibya massacre when “heroically” killing those tens of women and children. ETC.

      Iranian forces in Syria are most certainly working as trainers and advisers, in logistics operations and some few spying Israeli military and telecommunication. With such small amount of troops they have no significant military power in the civil war battles or are a real military threat for IDF and Israel. Israel uses often more men (and women) in their search operations for some few missing “terrorists” in the West Bank than Iran has forces in the large country named Syria.

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