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  1. It is likely that the Israeli Right’s continuous references to Nazism will ultimately backfire. Those in a glass house should not throw stones. The similarities between that brand of state terrorism and the Israeli variety are becoming clearer by the day. Professor Leibowitz, who coined the term “Judeo-Nazis”, saw these similarities way back:


    Sir Gerald Kaufman noted that the fact that the Nazis had killed his grandmother did not imply a right for the IDF to kill Palestinian grandmothers and he called Tipi Livni’s answer to a question about the slaughter in Gaza the answer of a Nazi:


    Professor Zygmunt Bauman compared the fence cordoning off the West Bank to the walls around the Warsaw ghetto and stated among other things that Israel “took advantage of the Holocaust to legitimize unconscionable acts”


    What are Israeli reactions to criticism along these lines from abroad? Tony Judt found the right word for it: “autistic”. He said that particularly in relation to Israeli reactions to criticism of its raid on the Ghaza flotilla but it can serve just as well to characterise the attitude of the Israeli Right in general:

    “The characterization that comes to mind is “autistic.” Israel behaved in a way that suggests it is no longer fully able to estimate, assess or understand the way other people think about it.”

    1. I relied on my memory in talking about Sir Gerald Kaufman’s speech – always a hazardous thing to do. Actually he called the answer of the spokeswoman of the IDF to a question about those killed in Gaza (that about half of them were “militants”) the answer of a Nazi. Sir Gerald supposed that Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw-ghetto could also have been called “militants”. He criticised Tipi Livni for stating that Israel could not negotiate with Hamas because they were “terrorists”. He recalled that Livni’s father was chief operations officer of the Irgun, the organisation that organised the blowing up of the King David Hotel in which more than 90 people were killed. “Israel was born of Jews’ terrorism” Sir Gerald said. In this context he also reminded people of Abba Eban’s saying that you make peace by talking to your enemies.

    2. Interesting that you mention Tony Judt and his reference to autistic behavior. I don’t know much about autism and am thankful for Tony Judt but I think there is insight to be gained from Judith Herman’s “Trauma and Recovery”, if you view the situation as illness, societal illness. This is so if you relate this to the Jewish collective experience,not all of us of course, but a certain reaction, widespread enough, that has been perpetuated nurtured and tolerated, passed on through the generations, one of perpetual victimhood. This lack of healing turns into sickness, is sickness. It’s a repetition or re-dramatization of past trauma, self inflicting ( collectively) again and again with the same hurt. It breeds, even loves this, this insecurity,these deep seated feelings of worthlessness. And in the process it makes victims similarly. The abused, abuses. And so on.

      I don’t see how this communal sickness changes. It seems to be growing. The US is an enabler, very much so.

  2. Talking about Kristallnacht, here’s a Tweet from the French section of the Jewish Defense League (which is not illegal in France, their flags are seen at every pro-Israeli ralley, also the ones that are officially labeled “demonstration against anti-semitism”, often attended by high ranking politicians, the Prime Minister Valls etc):
    Demonstration Jerusalem
    In this moment we’re entering Arab shops in order to sack them one after another.
    Get out !”
    I just went throught their Twitter, apparently it has been deleted since.

      1. Nope, the Jewish Defense League is not a fringe group, though it’s officially banned in Israel, Kahanists are well represented among the settlers, and as I said, not only are they present at every pro-Israeli ralley in France, they also constitute the backbone of different groups that try to provoke at every pro-Palestinian demonstration or event.
        But that’s not the point: just as Kristallnacht didn’t just happen in a vacuum but after years of escalation of anti-Jewish speech, so we’re seeing a more and more genocidal tone among the right-wing freaks in Israel.
        But then again: I think we all know your job here.

    1. ” Ejected from the building after they hectored him to the extent that they even followed him into a public restroom.”

      He slandered the pair of them idiotically in calling them “anti-Semitic” and David Sheen a “self-hating Jew”.

      He ran away like the gutless coward he is (similar to you, of course– which is why you find common cause with him) when they called him out on his slanderous and patently ridiculous, idiotic remarks.

      ” Being followed into a restroom by that pair would make me very nervous.”

      Because you’re a gutless coward and a loony who finds common ground with anyone who screams “self-hating Jew! Anti-Semitism!” at any Jew who has the temerity to stand up for Palestinian rights?

      Dispense with the shameless hyperbole on your end.

      1. Comment Rule #1. “. insults, baiting, vulgarity, harassment or abuse is not tolerated. Comments which question anyone’s mental health are not permitted”

        Kyle Renner has insulted me by calling me a coward, and has questioned my mental health by calling me ‘a loony’.

        Richard. Please inform Kyle that he has violated the blog’s comment rules.

        1. @Hopper: It is not your job to tell me how to enforce the comment rules. You seem to have missed the rule saying that readers and commenters do not edit this blog and should not arrogate such privileges to themselves.

          Not to mention that he called you those names after you gay-baited two activists, which was shameful. Try being decent & respectful & you won’t be called a gutless coward.

          I do not believe you are a coward or loony. But I do believe you are misguided, sometimes a tiresome propagandist-apologist, & fact- challenged. And homophobic.

          1. To be honest I just called him that because of his idiocy and his sycophancy towards a politician engaging in slander, in accusing David Sheen and Max Blumenthal of “anti-Semitism” and otherwise being “self hating Jews”.

    2. @Hopper: Saying you’d be afraid to be followed into a restroom by them is a nasty homophobic slur. As any hasbarist worth his shekels knows, Sheen & Blumenthal are both gay. You implied that they are also sexual predators who would attempt a bathroom molestation/ hookup.

      I couldn’t care less how you respond to my comment. I put you on notice that homophobia or baseless insinuations that others may engage in sexual misconduct is not permitted here.

          1. The German members of parliament who invited Blumenthal and Sheen to the Bundestag (four women: Inge Höher, Annette Groth, Heike Hänsel and Claudia Haydt) are, I understand, all members of “Die Linke” (The Left) i.e. the party of the hero of “toilet-gate”: Gregor Gysi. Two of them (Höher and Groth) had first hand experience with Israeli brutality since they were on the Gaza flotilla.

            The history of the German left is extremely convoluted. But I gather that “Die Linke”‘s reluctance to criticise Israel has mainly to do with its aspiration to be a junior partner in a possible future coalition with the SPD and the Greens. “Die Linke”s part origin in the East German SED and Gysi’s supposed participation in Stasi- activities make it all the more eager to appear to be acceptable to the “main stream” as far as Israel is concerned.

  3. Tonight MK Haneen Zoabi will give a presentation:

    The Legal System in Israel: Legalization of Racism
    Location: CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 WV Amsterdam | 09-11-2015 – Starts at 20.00 hrs |

    See also facebook #event

    Thx for coverage .. much appreciated!

    1. What campaign is that? Is it the one resisting the theft of their land and patrimony, the one resisting the Judaization of East Jerusalem? If this campaign is “murderous,” how much more deadly is the Israeli assault on Palestinians, the one continuing the program of 1947-49? The resistance of Palestinians is far more heroic and meaningful than the celebrated French Resistance during WWII. Palestinians have set the bar on resisting foreign imperialists.

        1. @gilead: Sorry bub but you don’t give hekshers to Palestinians about what is kosher & treif. When they need a posek from Reb Gilead they’ll know where to find you. In the meantime, when you stop murdering 73 yr old Grannies on their way to lunch maybe they’ll stop stabbing 80 yr old Jewish Grannies. Do you think a Jewish Granny’s blood is redder than a Palestinian Granny’s?

          BTW, in the interest of improving yr English, “stubbing” & “stabbing” are 2 quite different activities.

          1. @ Reb Gilead:

            Killing or stabbing old people is wrong.

            Killing or stabbing old people, young people, children, civilians is wrong. But you, curiously, didn’t condemn the murder of the Palestinian Granny. Only when I pointed out the hypocrisy of your position did you make a mealy-mouthed attempt to be even-handed. Which isn’t really being even-handed, since Israel kills six times more Palestinian old people and children than Palestinians kill Israelis. It’d be nice to see from you six times the condemnation of Israel compared to Palestine.

  4. As to a coming Kristallnacht, I defer to people far more expert than I.

    On a rather different point, a point of giving in or refusing to give in to propagandists: I ‘m sick and tired of hearing the State of Israel referred to as the “Jewish State”. (I don’t really understand how a state can reasonably be said to be “Jewish”. Did it have a Jewish mother?)

    But if people want to refer to Israel with a nickname (as apparently they do) and also for people who wish to paraphrase the “Jewish state” moniker, I suggest an alternative moniker like “The State North-East of Egypt” or “The State at 31° North and 35° East”.

    That way, when some twit (let’s say, Ms. XYZ) says, “Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of the Jewish state”, one can paraphrase that as “Ms. XYZ has referred to Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of the State North-East of Egypt” — thereby calling attention to Ms XYZ’s coyishness (or worse) in refusing to simply refer to Israel when that’s what she meant.

  5. As to a name for Israel: when you give the term “robber state on the Mediterranean” as a cross word puzzle clue it wouldn’t give too much of a problem.

  6. Richard your spamfilter seems to lead its own life. Sometimes things get through, at other times they don’t – even if one uses the same computer. I sent a post almost a day ago and it still seems to stick in the jaws of your filter.

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