52 thoughts on “Tennessee Terror Attack May Be Linked to Gaza War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Though nothing in his upbringing or his life in America appears to have led him to radicalization.. ”

    And what about the reports that his father was a wife beater and a child abuser.
    That Abdulazeez abused drugs and alcohol. That he’d lost a good job after failing a drug test.
    That he’d been arrested for DUI and had a court date at the end of the month.

    By all definitions, a troubled young man.

    Blame that on Israel?

    1. Yeah, there are also reports that his father used to kill and eat white children after raping them.
      Stick with FACTS and until then curb you flights of fantasy, even though hits against Muslims are very tempting.

  2. I was wondering what takes you so long to link a terrorist act with Israel.
    Someone said he was anger with gaza war and mr. Silverstein jumps on the opportunity to slam Israel somehow.
    btw- what are you doing when you’re angry? goes out and kill people with the gun you own? (for moments of anger probably) – I prefer to do some other stuff (even though i’m israeli), I understand you don’t justify such act, but the subtext is that the killer is actually the victim.

    1. Come on! Israelis kill Palestinians as and when the mood suits them and there is no accountability, “Israel is investigating” is all that we hear.
      Israel is a most evil regime and the sooner that regime changes to accept ALL three faiths as equals, the better. In the meantime there will be attacks against Israelis and misguided ones against Jews and even some crazy ones against Westerners seen as supporting Israels brutalities.

      1. Jafar – Israel is the only place in Western Asia where members of “Three Faiths” can worship … can you tell me where else in Western Asia can any faith other than Islam worship and anywhere in the world does Islam view ANY other faith as equal ?

        1. Michael – How can you possibly claim there is religious equality in Israel? There is no separation of church and state. Numerous laws privilege Jewish Israelis over non-Jewish Israelis. Muslims and Christians are frequently prevented from worshipping in their holy places and the Israeli government and police fail to investigate crimes against Muslims and Christians.

        2. There is no religious equality or freedom in Israel. Nor does it view non Jewish religions as “equal.” Not even non Orthodox Jews can worship freely if they’re women, let alone Christians or Muslums. Did you forget the Jewish arson attack on the Church of Loaves & Fishes? Did you forget the regular restrictions on Muslim worship on Haram al Sharif? Did you know that the government must approve all clergy appointments & regularly rejects Muslim clerics but not Jewish? Freedom of worship? Not really. Please don’t try this feeble hasbara s%÷t again here.

          1. Did you know that the government must approve all clergy appointments & regularly rejects Muslim clerics but not Jewish?

            I did not – because it does not.

            Did you forget the regular restrictions on Muslim worship on Haram al Sharif?

            Did you forget that Jewish worship on Temple Mount is banned?

            Did you forget the Jewish arson attack on the Church of Loaves & Fishes?

            Did you forget your entire post about suspect being arrested in this event?

            Freedom of worship? Not complete, just much greater than any other country in this “neck of the woods”

          2. @ michael:

            I did not – because it does not.

            You just made a major mistake. You don’t question my claims here unless you can back them up because I can back up every claim I make. That means when you make a false claim you put yourself in great jeopardy here. I do not suffer fools or blowhards gladly.

            This Ynet article notes that Israel refused to accept the appointment of a Greek Orthodox bishop. This article notes the Shin Bet interviews all appointees to be Muslim religious leaders & may reject any candidate.

            You are either ignorant or a liar. Which is it? If you were ignorant, you will now concede you were wrong if you wish to continue commenting here.

            Did you forget that Jewish worship on Temple Mount is banned?

            You said all three religions are equal in Israel. I’ve just proven to you that they are not. Jewish worship is banned on the Haram al Sharif because it is the 3rd most holy site in Islam and there are two mosques there. Jewish worship is permitted at the Kotel and there is no reason any Jew should not be satisifed with this option unless they wish to ignite a religious holy war.

            Did you forget your entire post about suspect being arrested in this event?

            Arresting a Jewish terrorist means nothing in Israel, as I wrote, because they either aren’t charged, aren’t tried, aren’t convicted–and if all those things do happen, they get pardoned or their sentences commuted.

            Freedom of worship? Not complete, just much greater than any other country in this “neck of the woods”

            So now you’ve gone from championing the idea of Israel allowing equal worship for three religions to admitting religious freedom isn’t “complete.” But your claim that such freedom is “much greater” than any other country is the region is, of course, hogwash. There are Christian and Jewish communities in Iran and Turkey that enjoy freedoms on a par with minority religions in Israel, if not greater.

            If you don’t know much about a subject and pretend you do, we will expose your ignorance here. So do be careful about spouting nonsense as you have.

          3. Regarding the bishop’s approval process, I was not aware of this – I will research it further.

            Regarding equality of the three beliefs – Jafar demands the Israel recognize equality – I claimed “freedom of worship” and asked where in the Islamic world are the three beliefs treated as equal.

            The fiction of the “third most holy site in Islam” has been plowed into the ground (Ansar Madinat Beit el Maqdis is even an Islamist proof that the holiness of the site stems from its Jewish origins). Why should the muslims not be satisfied with the thousands of other holy palces they have taken over? No one is requesting the muslims leave – banning Jewish prayer on the most holy of Jewish religious sites is a distict exmaple of Muslim discrimination against Jews.

            Regarding religious freedom in Turkey and Iran – the great religious freedom in Turkey and Iran may go a long way into explaining how all non muslim religions in both coutries are on the verge of going extinct. Regarding religious freedom in all other muslim countries – can you tell me how many Jews are allowed into Saudi Arabia every year?

          4. ” You don’t question my claims here unless you can back them up because I can back up every claim I make”

            there is something seriously wrong with writing and publishing this.
            when the author’s opinions and interpretations are not to be gainsaid without drawing threatening responses from the author…… there is something quite, quite wrong.

          5. @dubinsky: There are comment rules here. Gaining the privilege of participating here means respecting them. One of those rules is speaking the truth. If you speak falsely, esp. If the falsehood involves a claim that I am wrong, you damn well better be able to prove it. If you can’t, you’re toast. He was toast from the moment he opened his mouth & I proved it by citing 2 sources supporting my claim. I apologize for nothing. Those are the rules. Truth trumps personal opinion every time.

        3. Countries where Jews, Christians, and Muslims are free to worship in the Middle East: Azerbaijan, Iran, Oman, Syria. Shall I list more? Meanwhile IS terrorist attacks happening in occupied Palestine burn Christian churches with over 1000 years of history, AND if a Palestinian Muslim wants to pray Al-Aqsa, he is denied while an Ashkenazi Jew from Brooklyn who’s family for generations has not even been to the Middle East has free passage because of their “birthright.”

          Doesn’t sound like freedom of worship to me. Not at all.

        4. Michael, If you were a salesman and i a customer, I would accuse you of “Bait-and-Switch”. I am NOT talking about people worshipping in Israel although I can take you on on that topic as well and you would “stand corrected”. I am talking about all three Abrahamic faiths living as EQUALS in Israel and THAT is a fantasy that will never happen as long as Israeli and non-Israeli Jews continue to support Israel’s genocidal atrocities…and before you decide to take on my use of the term “Genocide” with respect to Israel, I urge you to do some homework and read the “UN Convention on the Prevention & Punishment of Genocide”. Crafted, promoted and practically pushed through by a Jew, I might add.

          Eilati answered part of your question, but it might “astound” you (seemingly so naive about Israel and the world) that Iran has seats reserved in its parliament, for Jews.

          I am pretty sure you would also be shocked…SHOCKED…to hear that many Mosques in Israel have been razed to make way for Jews and many Mosques are confiscated by Israel and turned over to Jews who live in them or have things like art galleries in the. Religious equality? You and your friends should stop smoking and snorting bad stuff, it will cause your brain to shrink.

          I am not “demanding” anyhting, I am just saying Israelis and the Blind supporters of Israel should be careful how they seek to portray Israel because some of us know it better.
          Note that I am also not defending any Muslim-majority state because in my opinion, none of them deserve to be defended (if you read my blog you will see me condemn them just as readily as I do Israel, perhaps more harshly). It also betrays your position’s weakness when, instead of showing how Israel is a superior country, ruled by the Master Race, you attack others. A bit like standing in a sewer and trying to look good because you are not as deep inside it as another person…YOU are still in the sewer!

    2. There is no subtext except the one you created from your own prejudiced imagination. He is not a victim. But the tens of thousands of Palestinians killed, injured & orphaned by Israel are. A troubled unstable individual with an exagerrated sense of ib/justice might misconstrue such suffering & believe it was his responsibility to avenge it. There are many Israeli Jews who feel the same way & others who even act on the impulse.

    3. People here seem to confuse religious freedom with religious chaos.

      Even in Seattle, a Jew wearing tefilin, a Muslim with prayer mat or a Christian with a crucifix won’t be welcome in other religion prayer house.
      Temple Mount is more restricted to non-Muslim. Finding the few frictions and imperfections is propaganda.

      1. Eilati: Nonsense. The Kotel is a Jewish religious site in which even Jews are unwelcome unless they adhere to the restrictions imposed by an Orthodox male hierarchy. If they don’t they are cursed, spat on, shoved & arrested. That is far more than “a few imoerfections.”

      2. Well I can talk about Seattle with some authority.
        When I was the Chair of the Islamic School of Seattle, there were some Orthodox Rabbis who wanted to visit it and see how it is run. I took them there without advance notice, they were welcomed most cordially and I still recall how shocked they were that the Islamic School had male and female teachers and students mixed together.
        Just before the school shut down, I received a request from some Jewish alumni (when it was a schul, a LOOONG time ago) for permission to celebrate the schul one more time, I allowed it and I also recall their shock when I said I had no objection to them hanging Israeli flags while they were celebrating inside the school.
        There is a Shia religious center that regularly hosts Orthodox Rabbis.
        Given half the chance, Muslims welcome Jews, the rift appears only when some Jews start to defend what Israel is doing to the Palestinians…Christian AND Muslim.

        I don’t know how well you are acquainted with the “propaganda” of the Temple Mount back when Israelis were excavating under it well over a decade ago. Israeli authorities decided the ground had become too unstable for the homes over and around to be habitable so they removed the owners…who happened to be Arabs. Then Israelis decided to reinforce the evacuated homes…and hand them over to Jews.
        These creative sleights of hand are not a “few frictions and imperfections”, they are far too commonplace and they are not “propaganda” either.

        1. Jafar, drop the hasbara trick and don’t change the subject. I didn’t write about visiting other religions prayer house but actually use it for service for another religion.

          The completely unrelated part about evacuating Arabs from near the temple mount is yet another lie as that area became an archeological site.

          1. @ Eilati: Israel uses “archaeology” in service to ultra-nationalist ideology. There is no such thing as pure archaeology anymore. Excavations in the vicinity of Haram al Sharif are motivated more by political than archaelogical motivations as proven by the “work” being done in Silwan, which is used to ethnically cleanse Palestinian residents.

            You have abused the comment threads today. I am invoking the comment rule limiting you to no more than three comments in any 24 hour period. Do not abuse this rule.

  3. The very same logic can be used for Baruch Goldstein who treated with his own hands people who got hurt by terrorist. It is a slippery slope to take when whitewashing terror or fundamentalism.

    1. Baruch Goldstein was an emergency room physician who refused to treat Palestinian patients, even Israeli Palestinian soldiers serving in the IDF. WHile it’s possible he did at one time treat some Palestinian patient, this clearly was not the norm for him.

      1. Dentist? Where did you get that from?
        Needless to say – physician are not in any way immune to becoming terrorists – Aiman al Zawahiri , Abdel Aziz Rantisi and Mahmud a’ Zahar come to mind.

        1. @ michael: You are right, Goldstein was an emergency room physician. Not, as I said, a dentist.

          Mahmoud al Zahar is a leader of Hamas. He is not a terrorist. He is a political leader. If he is a terrorist then Bogie Yaalon is a terrorist.

          1. A “political leader” of a genocidal terrorist organization is a terrorist.

            Abu Bakr al Bagdadi, Osama bin Laden, Pol Pot and many others were and are “political leaders” of terrorist regimes – ergo terrorists.

          2. Michael what about Icchak Jaziernicki (Yitzhak Shamir) and Menakhem Vol’fovich Begin (Menachem Begin). Both were known terrorist leaders and responsible for bombings and murders of hundreds of civilians.

            Ariel Scheinermann (Ariel Sharon) was personally responsible for slaughtering over 70 civilians, mainly women and children in burning houses (Qibya massacre). Ariel S. the great military leader needed hundreds of soldiers (200-300) to do that “heroic” mass murder. It was only example of that fat pig’s war crimes. If Scheinermann had been a German soldier during WW2 and done what he did during his long carrier he would certainly been executed as a war criminal.

            Moshe Katsav was/is a serial rapist who was the president of Israel. Well he was born in Iran, so it is not Israel’s fault because he is Iranian. (He was 6 years old when moving to Israel).

            One thing is certain, you Israelis have very little reasons to blame others. For terrorism or anything else.

          3. Isn’t it funny to see a hasbarist calling Hamas a “terrorist genocidal organization” ? Your language starts slipping, remember to stay ‘moderate” and ‘balanced”, didn’t you learn that at Hasbara Central’s introduction course

        2. Deir Yassin – just read the Hamas Charter.

          And since your own handle is a based on a fabrication, perhaps you should return to Pallywood 101.

          1. @ Michael

            “Pallywood 1O1” ? The massacre of Deir Yassin based on a fabrication ?
            Why don’t you go **** yourself.
            Sorry, Richard.

            Tamara Erde, a young French-Israeli filmmaker made a documentary about Deir Yassin, (there’s a psychiatric hospital in one of the few remaining buildings, the Kfar Shaul Hospital): it contains testimonies by militia men who participated in the massacre, not only Stern and Irgun, but also Palmach and Haganah. Here’s a short extract, it’s really worth watching, one of the guys from the Haganah is in denial (just like Michael ….), he claims that Jews khave never masscred anyone in history, that they’re above other people morally …. and one of other guys says ‘after what was done during the Holocaust I never thought we could behave like this’.

        3. The biggest terrorist in the M-E is Israel. Hamas can’t even hold a candle to what Israel does with its bombings tanks, soldiers, settlers and all the other crazy Jews who believe they will be annihilated if they don’t annihilate every Arab first.
          Don’t start to name Arab “Terrorists” because there is not s single Israeli political leader who is not a “terrorist”, right from the start. Even the “moderate” Jews who shake their righteous fingers whole in the Knesset are supporters of Israel’s genocide because that is the only way they can assure the “eternal and exclusive” rule of Jews in Israel.

  4. UK’s Cameron will explain linkage to IS terror today …
    Sound Bites to Defeat Terror from Islamic State
    “When people say: ‘It’s because of the involvement in the Iraq war that people are attacking the west,’ we should remind them: 9/11 – the biggest loss of life of British citizens in a terrorist attack – happened before the Iraq war.”

    David Cameron is just as luminous as his predecessor Tony Blair on root causes of terror.

    1. Oui, you are falling in yoour own diealistic fantasy trap.
      Britain was a member of the so-called, “Coalition of the Willing” that attacked Afghanistan and slaughtered people was if there were no tomorrow…a slaughter that continues to this day with the US butchering “suspects and collateral losses” without a thought to their humanity. About 3000 people were killed in 9-11 but the US and its eager “coalition” has slaughtered well over a MILLION people and they are still not satisfied.

      Why did 9-11 happen?
      You may not recall the pesky, proxy war between US and the Soviet Union in Afghanistan where the US had Afghan refugess brainwashed in CIA-financed, Saudi-led Madressas (schools) that created brutal, murderous and intolerant thinkiers who were ideally suited to go off and kill the Godless Commies. They did that very well and were then abandoned by the US as soon as the Soviets left. The Mujahideen were infuriated at the abandonment and were whipped into accepting that all Westerners were just as Godless and unreliable. Then some like-minded people decided to take matters in their hands and…9-11.

      If you want to discover the root causes of “Terror” (can you say Israeli “Freedom Fighters”?), don’t just stop- when it serves your convenience, go to the root. I promise oyu will not like it if you are trying to defend Israel or Western/Communist Powers.

      1. Astounding … I have posted here for quite a while. Should have put up a warning for a slight of sarcasm. Briefly mentioning the “great visionary” David Cameron was just on-topic, so I won’t explain my views here.

          1. The word “luminous” can be used ironically and here, used In referring to those blind visionaries Blair and Cameron, it clearly was. Jaffar should have understood this from Oui’s earlier contributions.

            Incidentally it is worth one’s while to read George Monbiot’s scathing critique in the Guardian of Cameron’s Churchillian claim that the struggle against militant Islam is the most important fight of our generation, or some similar nonsense.

  5. I am surprised that the suggestion that the killings in Tennessee might have to do with the Gaza massacre has been treated here as outlandish by some. Why – it’s all over the internet. Even the Jerusalem Post placed a Reuters report (without a hasbara-ish comment) mentioning that a friend of his remarked that “Abdulazees was upset about the Israel airstrike campaign in Gaza …”.

    The more recent report that his father is (was) a Palestinian makes this all the more credible.

  6. So after Baruch Goldstein was discussed in length I would like to go back to the initial point which everyone have gracefully avoided. This justification can go both ways.

    Baruch Goldstein have treated people who have been attacked by Palestinian terrorists. So his ‘reason’ of murdering people is better than this guy. Slippery slope!

    1. @ Eilati: Baruch Goldstein refused to treat Palestinians in the hospital where he worked. He even refused to treat IDF soldiers who were Israeli Palestinian. So stop with painting him as an exemplary human being. He wasn’t & you’re disgusting for even trying to go there. He was a filty despicable murdering Jewish terrorist, may his memory be erased.

      If you offer any further softening of his acts or life you will be banned from the comment threads.

  7. I never saw a “justification” here – merely an attempt at explanation. i find Goldstein a bit harder to understand. He was a physician bound by the Hippocratic oath to begin with .Also, unless he was blind, deaf and dumb he must have known that his side had been incomparably more adept at killing.

    1. I guess you forgot the happy days when buses exploded in the streets of Jerusalem and tel aviv etc etc
      Justification or understanding, whatever you call it – if one gives an ‘explanation’ w/o condemning the act, the line between the two is extremely blurry.

      If you read anywhere, any type of ‘explanation’ to Goldstein action, you would be furious. Won’t you?

      1. @ Eilati: You’ve claimed I don’t condemn the act when in fact I made crystal clear that in this post that I did not condone this act of terror. Your deliberate refusal to acknowledge that points to bad faith on your part. One thing I require from all commenters is that they act in good faith, do not twist my writing into pretzel logic–which is what you have done. Do NOT mischaracterize my views in future.

        Israel would have no terror attacks at all if it came to terms with the Palestinians. As long as it doesn’t, they will continue.

        There is no possible “explanation” for murdering 29 Palestinian worshippers. Though I’m sure the settlers who dance in the cemetery on Purim to celebrate his acts could think of a few.

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